Things I Hate About DIY Blogs

Do you capitalize “about” in a title?

Anyway, just a quick run down of things I hate in blogs – mainly DIY ones.

  1. Perfectly styled and unrealistic “home tours”. ESPECIALLY around Christmas.
  2. Perfectly styled and unrealistic anything to do with kids. Birthday parties, bedrooms, crafts…
  3. All these flipping recap posts (yes, that’s what triggered this).
  4. Revealing that the redonk expensive thing you just did was donated by the company.
  5. Quitting your blog because of whatever reasons. >.>

That’s all I can think of right now. I just “mark as read” -ed a dozen posts that were all links back to the same blog. I think I’m just bitter, but those irritate me. As do the Christmas home tours. Your post isn’t real life! It’s definitely not my real life, but I know it isn’t yours, either. The only thing more irritating than that is when they post “real life” pictures that are STILL barely messy. “Enough with the staged pictures – here’s a shot of my real life!” *cue photo with 6 toys on the floor* Gag me. And the posts where some SAHM spends hours and hours coordinating every minute detail of her kid’s party into a theme… Cake, ice cream, potato chips, presents. Chill the flip out, Pinterest!! Then there are the posts where the person is blogging about this amazing thing they’ve done – textured accent wall, tiled anything, new floors, building furniture, or a million other things… I’m like “Well that’s awesome, let me go to the website! SWEET JESUS, it cost that much?!” And then I notice at the bottom of the post “I was not paid for this post, but I was given all the supplies for free.” Good God – they just “paid you” thousands of dollars. This is 110% bitterness, too. No one reads my blog, and I will never get free things like brand new faux wood tile flooring for my entire flipping house as a way for a company to promote themselves. It’s a free country and I am definitely going to judge you for getting things I want. *pout* But even the stuff they don’t get for free is so crazy expensive…maybe I’m just cheap. But the thing that stands out the most to me is one post… Oh magic, I found my exact post on FB from way back in May when this incident happened. No, I haven’t let it go yet.

DIY Bloggers vs Me

“I didn’t want to choose anything too fancy because there were already so many great focal points in this space, not to mention the budget was running pretty low. So I found these simple, yet adequate fixtures at my local home depot and decided to spice them up just a tiny bit.”

Follow it up with a screenshot to a $50 lamp. They bought four of them.

Honey, when my budget is “running pretty low” that means I have $50 TOTAL (usually even less, tbh) to spend on lamps and we’re going to Goodwill for a make it werk Tim Gunn moment. My ENTIRE budget is probably not far from your “simple, yet adequate” solution for just the lighting.

Which is probably why my house looks like it does…

And the thing I hate the most is when a blogger quits. It usually happens once a blog has gotten astronomically huge and I guess they start to feel the pressure of performing for their audience or something. Their whole life revolves around the blog and it’s soul-crushing and they need an escape. Again – this is probably only because a handful of people read my blog infrequently – I think that’s just silly. I obviously can’t relate to that, but why do people put so much pressure on getting posts out on a schedule? Do people seriously go to the actual website to check? “The Wilson Buzz posts every Thursday by 10:00am, so I’m going to check it at 10:30 and if they’re late I’m never going to see the post!” Is that reality? Because I use Feedly and have no flipping clue when the blogs I follow post. I guess it’s different if you’re trying to make a living off your blog, but what’s the big deal in just posting when you feel like it? I’ll post a billion times in one day, then not post for two weeks. If I’m really clever I’ll space out the posts that I write all in one day over the span of several days, so it’s not so feast or famine. But honestly…I post for ME, not for my readers (thank God – or I’d be posting for no one). I guess I view a blog like a journal. A very public, potentially life-ruining journal.

Now I’m going to schedule this for a few days out, just so I know I’ll have at least one post next week. 8P

2 thoughts on “Things I Hate About DIY Blogs

  1. Did you read my mind? Well, I’m not quite like you, in that, I don’t run blog (tried and failed… many times :P). I miss times when the post said that it was “for budget,” it WAS for budget. Not anymore. :-/
    For me, I do go to Salvation Army and Goodwill, but now I search a free-cycle place in my area where I get pretty much everything for free except clothing. I live in Detroit, and you’d be surprised how far people can get creative with “trash.” ;) Of course, they don’t have blog or Pinterest. I wish they did though.

    • I kept journals for nearly a decade, so vomiting out my feelings into text comes natural to me. ;) Of course, once I started blogging I stopped journaling. It got kind of redundant… You should start up blogging! Again! lol

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