The Sims 4, Complaints

I’m sorry I’m writing about this again…

So now that I have some hours of Sims 4 playing under my belt, I feel like I can accurately complain about certain aspects of it.

  1. Generations. I didn’t notice this right away, but they don’t have a family tree anymore. I would say something about this being what’s wrong with the world today – people only care about what’s happening right. now. and don’t care about the past at all – but I think that’s a bit too deep to go into right now. I really miss this aspect of the game. I Googled it (in case I just couldn’t find the generations info) and someone was guessing they would probably include a “Generations” or “Family” expansion pack as a way to pry more money from our wallets.
  2. Multi-tasking. I know I said this was one of the cool things about the game in my first post but there is one teensy annoying thing about it. When they’re all having their lively little group chat, the constant standing/sitting/moving seats/standing action is infuriating. They can’t just freaking sit down for dinner as a family without everyone getting up and changing seats every 30 seconds. Oh, another thing – if I tell them to pee, then read a book, they’ll go 9 miles out of their way to get the book first because they can do both at the same time. It’s kind of amusing to see someone drinking/reading/taking selfies while pooping, but they spend such a short amount of time on the toilet I don’t think that feature is really worth it.
  3. Hot tubs. I couldn’t care less about missing pools, but I do miss the hot tubs. It was a great way to raise your “fun” meter while also interacting with other sims and possibly getting a little frisky. Speaking of:
  4. “Woohoo”. The only place I’ve found that sims can get their freak on is in bed. Kind of boring. They can now do it in the same room with other sims, which is convenient, I guess. But it’s probably because their “woohoo” is so lackluster no one notices it’s going on. I get that teenagers play this game, but come on.
  5. Toddlers. I reaaaaaaally miss toddlers. Jumping straight from baby to child is so jarring now that I’m used to the toddler buffer from Sims 3. But honestly it’s not that big of a deal. I’d just like to have it come back.
  6. Age distinctions. None of my teenagers have started relationships because I can’t freaking tell sims apart. Teenagers, young adults, and adults have a lot of the same clothing options and don’t change all that much physically as they age up.
  7. Open world. I don’t really want a massive open world like in Sims 3. My computer couldn’t handle all that noise. But the worlds are divided up into neighborhoods, so I thought you would at least be able to visit another lot in the same neighborhood without having to reload…and I was wrong. There are open areas you can walk to, like a field behind my sims’ house that has some picnic tables and grills in it. It’s not an official “lot” but you can still walk over and interact with neighborhood sims. And you can walk up to a house/lot in the neighborhood and click “visit”…but then load screen. *womp womp* I also hate not being able to jump back and forth between traveling sims and still-at-home sims as easily as you could in Sims 3. Sorry, I don’t trust them to be left to their own devices. Maybe that’s a personal issue I need to work out with a therapist, though.
  8. Gardening. As far as I can tell, plants never die. So I have approx. a billion of each type of plant I’ve ever planted, with no end in sight. I guess you can sell the produce for supplemental income? Recipes also always cost money, even with the produce. And I don’t know how to find everything. Like recipes call for potatoes, but I’ve yet to see a potato plant. Splicing/grafting two different plants was cool. I keep meaning to create one monstrous plant that has a bit of everything on it.

I’m sure there are more that I can’t think of right now. Usually when I’m playing the game I go “Ah! This is so annoying! I need to add it to my Things that are annoying about Sims 4” blog post!” but never remember it after I turn the game off. So anyway, I think they just expect gameplay to be different with this one than how it was with Sims 3. Or at least different than how I played Sims 3. Instead of fleshing out large families maybe I should just focus on a single sim meeting all his/her life goals. Or maybe try to see all the different ways to kill off a sim. Hmm…

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