Tai Cheng, Week 1

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Yes, I did download a checkmark symbol and manually add it to every circle. I enjoy checking things off, don’t judge me.

Back in January I mentioned I had officially given up on P90X3 and was moving on to Tai Cheng. Well I have. And I finished Week 1! I started it, did the first few days, then got iced in and did NOTHING for a week, then finished it all in one night. And now I’m back on track! I did Week 2, Day 1 last night. It’s super low-intensity. Like…you don’t even break a sweat. Like…you don’t really move all that much. At least not yet. And I’m 99% sure you never will.

I took a Tai Chi class in college and, yeah – this is the exact same thing. He’s teaching it differently than the college instructor did, but that’s about it. At MTSU the sweet lady barely spoke English. She had a CD that she would play and we started at the beginning of the routine and slowly worked our way through it over the course of the semester. Our final exam was performing it in groups from start to finish without any instruction.

Dude in the videos is incorporating the “Neural Reboot” which is a really low-intensity flexibility training sort of thing. Then all last week we just worked on static positions – muscle memory and all that. Now we’re working on combining moves. The ones we did last night were the first two at the start of the routine (or I guess they call it a “Sequence”) from when I was in school. It looks like all this week we’ll do combos, and then combine them all into Sequence 1 next week.

Looking ahead, after Sequence 1 we spend two weeks learning the moves/combos for Sequence 2, then do that sequence for a week. Repeat that same process for Sequence 3. Week 10 we combine Sequences 1 and 2, Week 11 is Sequences 2 and 3, and then then last two weeks are doing all three Sequences. #party

There are also four Neural Reboots, so I’ll be interested to see what he does differently later on. I don’t move on to Neural Reboot 2 until we start on Sequence 2, though. I’m gonna be patient and not look ahead. 8}

I will say…even though it’s not super intense, I don’t think it’s a waste of time. The instructor – Wait, seriously? His NAME is Dr. Cheng? Is that why it’s Tai Cheng, instead of Tai Chi? Well. Anyway, he really takes the time to get you to focus on proper technique and posture. Since we’re taking it so slow, we do the same move over and over (and over and over and over) so you really get the moves down and can focus on technique. And I for real need to work on my posture. Plus, it helps get me into a working out routine without the misery of working out…maybe after I complete this I can more easily pick up a more challenging work out!

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