29 Tune-Up

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I swear, all I’m missing is a visit to my OB/GYN! (which, actually, I’m probably past-due on…)

I got a pedicure with my sister on Friday. I got a hair cut yesterday. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. Thursday I’m going to the chiropractor for a massage and an adjustment. And I’m doing yoga on Sunday! Oh, and I’m seeing a therapist next Thursday. Therapy Thursday! lolol

I started trying to do a 30 Day Arm Workout, but my body seriously revolted. I feel like I’ve written about this? I got shingles, then ended up in the ER, then got a sinus/ear infection? And before you comment, yes – I know doing 5 push-ups didn’t cause shingles, but still. Some people wear the same t-shirt to watch their favorite team’s games…I’m a bit terrified that if I work out again I’ll end up in a coma. But! I’m thinking August 1 is gonna be a good reboot. Fingers crossed I don’t die. ;)

Another fun thing I’m *attempting* to do…take a French class in the fall! I’m going to audit it, anyway. So that’s cool. Go me!