Wilson Family Thanksgiving

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So this year Mr. T volunteered our house as the location for the Wilson Family Thanksgiving. It’s been at his grandmother’s house since the dawn of time, but since she moved into an apartment things have gotten a bit…snug. So this year he commandeered the festivities and we all ate here. It was supposedly a potluck, but he guessed correctly that not many people would bring food (his grandmother was the only one) so we spent all day yesterday cooking. WE COOKED SO MUCH FOOD. Apparently his step-mom and brothers had just had food somewhere, so they weren’t hungry. And his step-mom is a vegetarian…oops. His dad had the flu or some such thing, and one uncle’s family didn’t show at all. But we had about eight people here. And of course I forgot to take pictures. Even after I TOLD MYSELF I would remember this year – for my family yearbook!! Oh, well. I guess we’re still pretending like Mr. T’s family doesn’t exist, then. >.< I did snap a few after everyone had left, though:

Wilson Family Thanksgiving | The Wilson BuzzAren’t we adorable?

Wilson Family Thanksgiving | The Wilson BuzzMr. T did the dishes!! <3

Wilson Family Thanksgiving | The Wilson BuzzThere was some light animal abuse near the end of the night…

As for our menu…

Mr. T’s grandmother brought:

  • sweet potatoes
  • potato casserole
  • cheese cake
  • pecan pie

I did take pictures of some of the things we’d cooked, but not all of them. It got kind of frantic at the end. lol! But the real food bloggers took much better photos than I ever could, so you can click on the links to see true food perfection. 8P Here is a shot of all our leftovers, though!

Wilson Family Thanksgiving | The Wilson Buzz

Feliz Navidad

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For the first time in our entire marriage, Mr. T let me start putting Christmas decorations up early. Fun fact: Last year was the first year we actually tried to work together to decorate and it almost resulted in a divorce. (Only a slight exaggeration there.) So this year I put together all but the very top of the tree, because I couldn’t reach it. Then I let him take over. Seriously – blood was nearly shed over the proper way to fluff out the branches. It was nutso. Things got tense. We’re so weird. Anyway, we still don’t have any lights on it, so I’m not sure I’d consider it “Christmas decorations” yet…it’s really more of a giant pine tree in our living room. But Mr. T’s family is coming over to OUR house for Thanksgiving dinner, so I guess I have to get something done by then… >.<

Feliz Navidad | The Wilson BuzzFeliz Navidad, Beeches…

Thanksgiving Plans

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Mr. T has Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off. I have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off (and will probably get to leave work early on Wednesday). So, yeah – barely any overlap. So it goes… We’re working on an Indiegogo campaign for the gallery (I’ll post more soon), so Mr. T should be spending Tuesday shooting the video for that. Wednesday he’s going to rent a carpet cleaner and we’re going to clean all the carpet in the house. Can I tell you that I am so. excited. about this?! I told him he can clean all the rest of the carpet in the house (I’m nice like that), but he needs to save at least the living room for me. I am going to get so much satisfaction out of cleaning that carpet!! And then…

*drum roll*

We’re going to put the tree up!! I’ve put it up alone every year so far so this year we’re putting it up pre-Thanksgiving (a Mr. T no-no) because I want it to be a group effort, darnit! Ugh, I’m so excited about Christmas!! Mama N gave us her old 7′ tree, so that’s going to replace our tiny little 4′ pre-lit beauty we’ve been using. Of course, we don’t heave nearly enough decorations to cover it, and I don’t want to go out and spend $$$ to fill it this year. So we’re going to make due with a bare-bones tree (maybe DIY ornaments?!) and the day after Christmas we’re going to go pick up a bunch of sale stuff. 8}

Thursday is the only day we both have off…and I’m not sure what we’re going to do. I know mentioned before that we might have a Thanksgiving for Two sort of year… It’s not looking like that’s going to happen. Which is totally cool! We have dinner alone all the time, and Thanksgiving is a time for family. We’re probably going to have lunch with Grandmas Wilson and dinner with my sister’s in-laws. My brother-in-law is taking their oldest son camping or some such nonsense (it’s too cold for that noise!) so she might appreciate the company.

I have Friday off and maybe (hopefully) will get work done in the closet/bedroom. ONE DAY I WILL FINISH A PROJECT. Saturday I’m going to my hometown for Thanksgiving with my family and a birthday party for my nephew. I’ll stay over Saturday night and come back at some point on Sunday. One of the only Sundays all year I would be able to attend a service and I’m going to be out of town!! *shakes fist at sky*

I’m so excited that it’s finally the holiday season!

Thanksgiving for Two

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So…Thanksgiving this year… I have Thursday and Friday off, Mr. T only has Thursday off. My family is getting together on Saturday to do Thanksgiving. No clue about Mr. T’s family. If they aren’t doing anything on Thanksgiving day…I’d still like to have a Thanksgiving dinner!

I stumbled across this article from BuzzFeed: 24 Perfect Thanksgiving Recipes For Two. They aren’t all my cup of tea, but there are some potential winners in there…

Herb Roasted Turkey Thighs

Thanksgiving for Two | The Wilson Buzz

Buttermilk Biscuits with Maple & Sea Salt

Thanksgiving for Two | The Wilson Buzz

Creamy Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Thanksgiving for Two | The Wilson Buzz

To keep things simple I’d probably just do canned green beans. Mr. T has his favorite brand that nothing else ever comes close to besting, anyway, so that will make my life easier. I don’t think we’d need anything else. When there are a lot of people bringing a lot of different foods I tend to get little tastes of lots of things…when it’s just two people eating I hate to make a lot because so much gets wasted. I hate leftovers. I’ll eat them! But I don’t have to like it. 8P

Oh, and dessert… Honestly, I’d say frozen cobbler and ice cream. Easy peasy, AND delicious!