Nursery Colors!

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So there are only 70 days until my due date (thanks, Wolfram Alpha). If you consider my due date March 31, that is. I get a few extra days if we go with the initial due date of April 4. But I guess a kid can come like 3-4 weeks early and it’s nbd. You’re pretty much ready to go around 37 weeks. This is terrifying to me. January is practically over. Then we have February – JUST THE SHORTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR – and after that we’re officially in The Month. Basically I could go into labor at any point in March, right? Is that what we’re saying? AT ANY POINT IN MARCH? I have a baby shower planned for March 6. I think that’s still in the “safe” window, at least. I had thought about doing it on the 13th. But I could have a baby on the 13th, couldn’t I? COULDN’T I?!

Anyway, all that to say I think it’s time we start on the nursery. 8P Mr. T started ripping the carpet up in the bonus room. Which, unfortunately (but not surprisingly) revealed some sub floor damage. What exactly that means…I dunno. But there you go. We need to fix that, I guess. How? Ugh. Call the landlord!! We also need to finish ripping up that carpet. And organizing all the junk in that room. Then – and THEN – we can move Anthony in there. *cue the music* Then it’s nursery time… *cut the music*

I made Mr. T meet me at Home Depot last night so we could pick up paint swatches. I briefly explained to you what I want to do paint-wise. Mr. T thought it was a solid plan. But maybe he just wanted to get dinner so he’d agree to anything. Either way we have a plan. I was super excited, so I snapped a picture of the swatches as soon as I got home. But it was nighttime, our living room doesn’t have the best lighting, and I was using my phone. So the colors came out kind of janky. WHOOPS.

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson BuzzAgain, the colors will be mainly gray & yellow, with some brown spots in the yellow. Giraffes, and all that. ;) The gray wall will have some type of mural on it. If you want to get a better feel for the colors, they are:

Screenshots from the websites:

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz

I think it’ll look nice, don’t you?

And now that we have the colors picked out, I can take my swatches to Hobby Lobby and start picking out fabric!! I have so many things I want to sew…after I learn how to sew…

I did see some fabric while I was walking around the ol’ HL last week. I even snapped a few pictures!

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz

The green doesn’t match our color scheme, but I think it’s super adorable. Maybe I could use it to sew something else I have pinned for future babies. I have two boards for that – clothes, and not clothes. ;) I don’t really know what fabric works best for what application, or any other aspect of sewing. So I need a lot of help.

Nursery – Planning

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Now that LBW is officially known, I can officially start working on planning the nursery! There isn’t much I can do until we clear out the roommate(s), but there are a few things I can probably start on…

Firstly, here is my Pinterest board. If you couldn’t piece it together, the colors are yellow & gray, and the theme is giraffes & rainclouds. I want three walls to be gray, and one wall to be yellow. That’s the one where the crib will go. I want Mr. T to paint a mural on that wall of three giraffes looking down into the crib. I think. I know where I want the rocking chair and book slings to go. We’re going to have a changing table, only because my sister has one she’s giving us. Sure, a dresser is more practical, but the changing table is free. She’s also giving us a crib and rocking chair. I’m not 100% sure on when all that will happen, but since we don’t really have anywhere to store anything…no rush! I know I want to build some shelves. (Or have Mr. T build some shelves.) And I want a corner net to store stuffed animals in. Other than that, it’s just small art projects that I guess I really could start on sooner…even if the room is occupied. And I actually have started on one! I’m hoping to finish it today.

So…some of my art projects.

I’m really hoping to get at least one of these patterns for Christmas:

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz
Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz
Nursery - Planning | The Wilson BuzzWant to take bets on if I’ll even get one finished before LBW makes an appearance? I can’t imagine I’ll get three done…but maybe! >.<

This is the project I’ve already started on. It’s framed pages from a children’s book. And it got expensive fast. Freaking frames, man…they ain’t cheap! Look for a blog post about this one soon.

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz

I’m not going to link a ton of images, because it gets really tedious and who knows which projects I’ll actually start/complete?? You can check out the board. I try to keep it updated by deleting things I’ve lost interest in. There are lots of random cloud things. Several different mobiles…no clue which one(s) we’ll go with. LBW might have lots of things to stare up at. lol! Several prints to purchase or attempt to recreate, oh and I want to try to make something like this for the ultrasound picture:

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson BuzzSo many plans…so little time. There are only 113 days until my due date! That’s 3 months, 22 days. 16 weeks, 1 day. 80 weekdays. (Thank you, Wolfram Alpha.) If you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotten quite nervous and now need to go poop.

Time to Decide

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Okay, Mr. T and I went to Lowe’s and got samples of the three colors we’d narrowed it down to. I’m not sure that was a properly constructed sentence… Anyway. It hasn’t really helped me decide. Help?

Time to Decide | The Wilson Buzz Time to Decide | The Wilson Buzz

I’m really leaning toward green. Or maybe blue. Or possibly even the red. But probably the green. Or blue. The red’s okay… Basically I can’t decide. What are your thoughts?

My Least-Favorite Part

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Actually, this post won’t be covering my least-favorite part…my true least-favorite part is the actual painting. This part is pretty fun! Deciding the paint color!! I went to Lowe’s alone and got approx a billion paint chips (slight exaggeration), then pinned them all up in the future nook to see how they’d look. The lighting kind of sucks right now, and so does my camera (aka: phone), so I’m going to take the time to hunt down better photo examples of each one of these. JUST FOR YOU. But first, my crappy pictures:

blues reds greens
My Least-Favorite Part | The Wilson Buzz My Least-Favorite Part | The Wilson Buzz My Least-Favorite Part | The Wilson Buzz

Impossible to see anything, right? I’m REALLY hoping it’s a combination of my cell phone camera (it’s been a week or two since I actually looked at these chips irl – been busy) and the bad lighting making them look so dark. In the harsh lights of Lowe’s I thought some of the lighter shades would actually be TOO light for what I was going for – now I’m afraid they’ll all make it look like an abysmal cave… But we’ll see. Once we narrow it down to maybe 2-3 colors I’ll buy some samples. And I’ll take the cover off the overhead light.

Anyway – below are all the samples pulled from various websites that I definitely did not waste an extremely long time getting set up. APPRECIATE THIS, PEOPLE.


Hampton SurfPitch Cobalt

Dark NightAzalea LeafBlue Bayberry


Hotel St. Francis Sangre de ChristoAncient Burgundy


Thyme GreenCastle StoneJasper

Thalo NightDeep River Green

I think I like all the Valspar colors the best. They’re more of a moody gray like what I was envisioning. Kind of look like the feeling of a storm rolling in – or am I crazy? You get what I’m saying? I’m totally loco, aren’t I?

All along I’ve just been wanting to paint the walls a solid color – badabing, badaboom – done. But when I had Mr. T look at all the samples, he wanted to use a red, green, and blue, then throw in a white stripe somewhere… I dunno. I’m more of a KISS kind of person, and he likes to try to make things fancy. But our track record for finishing projects is – and I’m gonna use this word twice in one post, which is unprecedented – abysmal. Having to measure, and tape, and switch out paints…I’m getting tired just thinking about it. Plus most of the walls will be covered with shelves/books so you won’t really see the paint, anyway. I’m going to check back in with Mr. T once more again before I publish this post…it’s been too long since we discussed it for me to feel confident hitting “publish” and leave you with all these unanswered questions!!

Much time has passed since I wrote the first part of this post. I talked Mr. T down from his elaborate four-color plan, so we’re going to paint the walls one solid color. We’ve narrowed it down to one of each to get a sample of:

Thalo NightHotel St. Francis Sangre de ChristoHampton Surf

I’ll report back when we have paint on the walls. Until then…do you have a favorite?

Two…Three Weeks?

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^^ That’s how long I have to wait before I can spend any $$ on the reading nook. Other than paint samples, maybe…they’re only like $3 each. 8}

If you’ll recall, the chair that I was so excited about:

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzWell it doesn’t fit.

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzStupid tiny closet doors…


I’ve found an alternate:

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzIt’s currently $78 at Walmart. And hopefully stays that way for another two…three weeks?

Oh you’re going to love this…you ready?

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzI assure you that was not worth the effort it took to transfer it from my phone to this website. Yeesh.

That is my janky attempt at showing the floor plan for the reading nook, using the Scribble app on my phone. Do you happen to know the standard width of shelves? We had no clue. TO GOOGLE! #themoreyouknow Get all that? The 32″ square is the chair. Kind of a monster, but I think it will be cozy. Other things I want to include in the reading nook (that I will not be trying to export from Scribble) are:

  • footstool (this will depend on how the chair fits once we get it)
  • table (probably going to have to be a shelf of some kind, due to chair)
  • lamp (maybe not so much of a lamp, seeing as we no long have a table)
  • fan (definitely a must, to keep things cool)
  • magazine rack of some kind to hang on the wall
  • bookmark container (jar, perhaps? or small basket)
  • blanket
  • pillow
  • shelves

I can’t believe I actually put “shelves” on that list. OF COURSE WE NEED SHELVES. Such a boob.

Anyway, I went to Lowe’s today and picked up somewhere around 12 paint chips. I took pictures, but I think I should spread that out into another post? Because I also need to tell you about the lamps I saw, and the brackets for the shelves. Such an exciting post for you today!

Okay, so the brackets.

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson Buzz
Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson Buzz
Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson Buzz
Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson Buzz

I think I like the bronze ropey ones better. I guess it might depend on which paint color we go with. But I think I want to go with the ropey ones. I found these lights, too!

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzI think they’d look pretty snazzy, right?

This has gone on too long, and it is late, and I am tired. GOOD NIGHT.

Shelve You Later

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That title doesn’t even kind of make sense, does it? TOO BAD.

This is the post where I ramble about shelves for a bit. You ready for this? TOO BAD.

(I was assuming your answer was “no”, fyi. And if it was yes, well I’m still rambling and not talking about shelves, so it kind of works for you, too! Victory!)

Right, so – anyway. Shelves. For the reading nook. That I am SO excited about. There really aren’t many pins on my Reading Nook Pinterest board, so I don’t know why I was surprised I didn’t have many shelf ideas saved, even though I’ve seen a million DIYs over the years. I’m just bad at thinking ahead, probably. Plus I see lots of really cool DIY things – I can’t pin them all!!

Corner Shelves! | deucecitieshenhouse.comThese were the only shelves I had pinned. And Mr. T doubted the sturdiness of them. But I faintly remembered a couple more sets of shelves that I had thought were pretty nifty. I just had to find them…


Renovated Living Room | Manhattan Nest I found this one, but it’s really just those cheap brackets fancied up with solid wood boards instead of the dinky pressed plywood or whatever the kits come with. Is it weird that I’m considering this for our living room, but want really sexy, fancy shelves for my tiny reading nook tucked away in a closet in our bonus room? Don’t question me!


The Pantry is Done! | Manhattan Nest This is just another sort of standard shelving system. Wall brackets with planks. It’s actually the same blog as the one above it. Manhattan Nest. I love that man. His blog is hilarious and informative. Two things I strive to be and yet fail at miserably. Again, not really what I have in mind for this room.


DIY Solid Wood Wall-to-Wall Shelves | Chris Loves Julia Awww, yisss… Now DAT IS WHAT I AM TALKIN’ A-BOUT! My only concern is that these are semi-pros with experience and tools and Mr. T and I are bumbling fools… So maybe something between this one and the previous ones? We’ll figure something out. Or think we have, suck it up, give up halfway, and cry about how awful our house is and we are as people. I need a drink already…

I think next on the agenda is going to Lowe’s and picking up some paint samples and lumber! Maybe just paint samples…we should probably paint before we install shelves, right?

Okay, I’ve thought about it a bit more, and I think the disconnect with shelves #2 and #3 are the colors in the rooms. The rooms are really bright and sleek, but if we stained the wood a darker tone and painted the walls a deep color…maybe some flat black brackets would be pretty sexy. Hmm…

Oh, and the title is supposed to be like “Smell you later” from Ace Ventura, in case that wasn’t clear.

Spare Bedroom Colors

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Because I’m incapable of finishing anything, I’m going to ignore my Morning Person assignments and continue to push off the last 2-3 January Cure projects and talk about the spare bedroom!!

Let’s discuss colors.

The walls are yellow. And I don’t want to paint. So they’re staying yellow. I want the furniture to be versatile, so I’m painting it white. And by “the furniture” I really just mean the bed. Everything else is cheap crap that was either bought at Walmart ages ago or given to us for free. I posted a colors question on Facebook (thankfully as many people follow me there as here, so no one saw it) and I was WAY off on the bedspread color. For some reason I thought we’d bought purple. We did not. We bought gray. I can’t find a picture of it. But now I kind of wish we’d gotten purple… *slap – snap out of it!

Spare Bedroom - Colors | The Wilson BuzzIt was night, we don’t have good lighting, and I used my phone to take the picture. But there’s the wall color.

I’ve now moved on to thinking about sheets. And colors. The question is…what colors/patterns do I want to use? As I’ve mentioned before, I want to use the same fabric make a roller curtain and cover the shades on our lamps. I also want to get new sheets that sort of follow the color scheme. Would it be easier to get the sheets and then find the fabric, or should I do it the other way around? Decisions, decisions…

I’m thinking pale green, and maybe a deep purple. Now that I accidentally thought our bedspread was purple the idea has been growing on me. Oh, magic! I went to Benjamin Moore to find a purple and got this color palette!

What do you think? I’m honestly not even sure how close to our bedroom yellow that swatch actually is, but whatever. You get the idea. Purple, green, and yellow. Yay, or nay? And should I find sheets or fabric first? Where would I even go to look for either? #mama

Spare Bedroom – Befores

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Shut up, spell check, “befores” is TOTALLY a word. It means there will be several “before” pictures in this post! No, I’m not going to say “Before Pictures” in the title – too many words! People hate words! People only want pictures! THEY WANT BEFORES…

Room Layout:

Spare Bedroom - Befores | The Wilson BuzzThis is the view when you first walk into the room from the hallway. YES IT’S MESSY. But no furniture! That should make it easier to organize, right?? This door opens slant-ways for whatever reason. We’re just fancy like that.

Spare Bedroom - Befores | The Wilson BuzzSo if you step into the room and put your back against the wall to your right, this is what you see. That window looks out over the backyard. This is Option #1 for dresser placement (to the left of the window, obvs).

Spare Bedroom - Befores | The Wilson BuzzContinuing along the walls, you can now see the door leading to the hallway (and Chairman’s butt), and the closet door. Option #2 for dresser placement is between the two doors. I’m leaning more toward this option…

Spare Bedroom - Befores | The Wilson BuzzNow we’re against the wall against the back yard. You can see the hallway to the right. The other bedroom (future nursery) is that door you can just barely see, and the bathroom is to the left, between the two bedrooms. Oh, and in the corner is the chair I want to go into the reading nook. Anyway, this is the wall I want to put the guest book wall art gallery thing.

Spare Bedroom - Befores | The Wilson BuzzAnd finally, the wall that goes against the side of the house. This is where I want to put the bed.


Spare Bedroom - Befores | The Wilson BuzzThis is the bed. I didn’t bother to make it, and there is a cup on top of it. You’ll survive. It’s metal, and was painted green back when we lived on East Street, to match our paint job there. Oh, fun fact – that was during the great cicada plague that comes every seven (or was that the fourteen?) years. Mr. T actually brought a freshly-spawned cicada into the house with the frame! It was very traumatizing!! You can see the lamps to either side of it. Do you want a close-up? I THINK YOU WANT A CLOSE-UP.

Spare Bedroom - Befores | The Wilson BuzzHere is a close-up of the lamp, turned on, sitting on top of the dinky Walmart nightstand I bought ages and ages ago. Please disregard the pillow on the floor.

Spare Bedroom - Befores | The Wilson BuzzAnd HERE is a close-up of the other lamp, with the base light turned on. I had to switch lamps because the bulb in the first one is burned out. It’s red because Mama N had used them as part of her Christmas decor, not because we like to murder people and need mood lighting to do it. Although…

Spare Bedroom - Befores | The Wilson BuzzHere is the lovely dresser. See why I want to paint it? It’s just particle board, and was given to us for free by some poor sap. It wasn’t well-made to begin with, and age has done nothing to improve it. I definitely think painting it, if nothing else, won’t make it any worse.

Spare Bedroom – Ideas

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Obviously the first thing I should decide is some sort of color scheme. The walls are yellow, and I have zero desire to paint them any time soon. I have enough unfinished paint projects, thankyouverymuch. I would like for it to be bright and cheery, but also kind of neutral so the pieces can be reused throughout the house later, or easily sold in a yard sale once we’re done with them. Maybe blues or greens? Even though that’s what I’ve used on my last two (unfinished) projects… Of course, then I could use leftover paint without buying more!

What we currently have to use, furniture-wise (I don’t plan on making any purchases for this…we don’t have a lot of guests):

  • our old bed frame, which was painted green back when we lived on East Street and could definitely use a fresh coat of paint…maybe white?
  • two end tables/night stands and some matching shelves that I bought at Walmart ages ago…they’re cheap, but have held up pretty well. Some of the paper has peeled up thanks to spilled liquids…maybe it could be glued down and painted?
  • an old dresser that used to be in Mr. T’s room – again, pretty cheaply made, but maybe could be painted to match everything else.
  • a couple of old lamps Mama N gave us

Anyway, you know I hate actually working on projects. It’s much more fun to plan and then feel dissatisfied at the state of our house, all the while not actually doing anything to improve our lives! *high five* So here is my Pinterest board of some pretty simple ideas for the space. Like I said, the room is currently a sort of blah yellow color. I think I want to keep the furniture white, except maybe the dresser, and bring in more color with new bed linens, curtains, and the lamps.

Some pins of note (click the image to see the actual pin):
Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
Since the dresser is a POS particle board dealio, maybe we could do something a bit more fun with it, to bring in some color. I like the idea of doing something more artistic than just painting it all one color, or following the lines of the drawers or something… We’ll see. I also REALLY hate painting. But it’s ugly. So maybe.

Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
I’m not sure how we can paint the actual lamp portion of Mama N’s old lamps… They have another bulb in the base that I guess can be used as a nightlight? I don’t think painting over those would be an issue, as long as we don’t actually use those lamps. And maybe they’d be fine even with them, depending on the bulbs/paint used? I’m not even sure what color I’d paint them…I’m leaning toward boring old white, just for neutrality (the only thing worse than painting something is repainting it later!), but I want to have fun with the shades! Maybe not *quite* as much fun as this person did? I’ll probably find some good bed linens and then look for fabric.

Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
Along those same lines, I think I want to replace the faux-wood blinds with some roller shades. I’m not sure how far I’m willing to go on the DIY train…I’ll probably just buy some blackout roller shades and then put fabric on them. I thought this would be a nice way to use the fabric on the lamps for another part of the room. And this pattern is closer to one I’d want to use, rather than the one in the lamp picture. My first thought was actually a geometric pattern, but I think that would be too hard to line up perfectly… Anyway, that’s thinking too far into the future at this point. First we find linens! I like new sheets…

Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
This is a pretty cute idea for curtains in a guest room! The actual site that I pinned lists 10 different DIY ideas for curtains, but I like these for this room specifically. Not sure if I’d actually get around to making them if I already had the roller shades – considering we’ve lived in the house over two years and still don’t have any curtains up you can tell they’re a bit of a low-priority for me. ;) But I like the idea of this!

Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
The last idea I had is apparently an unusual one, because I couldn’t find any sources for it on Pinterest. Maybe I just used the wrong search terms. Anyway – what about some sort of wall “art” guest book? I actually really like the idea of a gallery wall like this, now that I’ve seen it. Every guest can sign and date when they stay over, and even draw a little picture or write a note or something. :) Of course, with my friends it would probably end up being a billion penises…but in theory it’s cool, right?!