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I read a lot of blogs.

Most bloggers that I read are mommy bloggers.

They post a lot of really cool kid-related things.

I think “That would be fun! Oh, wait – I don’t have kids.”

But…by the time I do have kids, what if I’ve forgotten about it??

Needless to say, I have multiple kid-related boards on Pinterest. I have my main board, that grew so large I had to start splintering it off into smaller boards, to keep things organized. Now I have a board just for a nursery, bedrooms, books, clothes (mostly DIY stuff), crafts to do with older kids, pregnancy-related things, and even pregnancy announcements. It’s a little out of hand, I’ll admit. And I’ll probably do about as much of it as I do with the rest of my 70 some-odd boards. (none) But it’s fun to pretend!

No, I’m not pregnant. No, I’m not trying to get pregnant. I did come across these three cross-stitch patterns today, though, and it cause me to want to come here and confess to you my Pinterest obsession with my future children. I haven’t posted in awhile, so I thought this would be fun. Plus, at the rate I finish my cross-stitch patterns, I should probably start these now if I ever hope to have them finished by the time we have need of a nursery. If you clicky click on them, you’ll go to the Etsy page to purchase the PDF template.

Button Name

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Right-Oh. It’s been a day or two since I posted anything, much less about a crafty craft or something similar. Anywho, here is my inspiration:

Button Name | InspirationMy sister told me she was redoing my niece’s bedroom for her birthday (she turns 3 tomorrow). Her party was today and I finished this…about 30 minutes before the party started. BUT I FINISHED IT. A few things went wrong…the website the inspiration woman used no longer had a large selection of buttons, so I had to buy them from Amazon, which bumped up the price and lowered the amount. Turned out to be okay, because I didn’t have a random chunk of fence to use like she did, so ended up using a 1’x3′ burlap canvas from Hobby Lobby. But whatever. Nothing goes as planned.

I started off using Google Fonts…found a good fat one. “The Luckiest Guy” I think? Blew it up nice and big so it fit about one letter per page. Well, when I finally found the canvas it only fit about four pieces of paper on it, portrait orientation. My niece’s name has seven letters in it. When I shrank the font down I was afraid it would get a little muddled, and was too short, so I searched for a taller, skinner font.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzYeah…this is going to require far fewer buttons than I was thinking… Also, how the f are you supposed to get the outline of the letters onto the canvas? She cut them out, then traced them. That seemed ridiculous and time-consuming. So what I did just wing it. BLAM! It’s the Wilson way.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzAlso, decided to put a little birdie in the front. Tweet, tweet motherf*cker. Anywhoodles, this took for-freaking-ever. I had a friend helping me and it was still the most tedious thing ever. Well, I made the letters myself and he helped me glue them down. zomg that was the worst thing ever. At first we thought we could just Mod Podge around them without having to glue each button down individually. NOPE. The wiggle around. So we glued down each and every friggin button. At this point I was glad I couldn’t do the big fat letters.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzFinished!! The Mod Podge was super shiny, so I knew I was going to have to fill in all the background with it. Wooooo… But first we had to add in the stencils.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzDon’t let this picture fool you, Mr. T only painted the wing and the ribbon for the heart (you’ll see it later). I did most of the intense stenciling. #hardworkinglady 8P

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzHere is my niece reading each letter. With the help of the employee at the crazy bouncy house place my sister rented for the party.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzOkay, one more picture because she’s so gosh-darn cute!! 8} Anyway, here it is all finished:

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzPrettttttty cute, if I do say so myself. I do kind of hate the ‘M’, though. And a couple of buttons on the ‘Y’ moved while gluing and I didn’t notice until it was too late. I’ll probably never do this again, because HELLO, MONOTONY. But it was fun. Now I have approximately eleventy-billion pink and yellow buttons. Got any suggestions??

Note Card Calendar

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I just discovered Pinterest documents time passing in a bizarre way. “38 weeks ago” is redonk, Pinterest. By that point it’s time to say “9 months ago”, alright?

Anyway, here is a pin I saved THIRTY-EIGHT WEEKS AGO:

Note Card Calendar | The Wilson Buzz

It’s a note card calendar, so every day you write a single sentence about what you did that day. And then the next year you write below it, and so on. She made hers a bit more cutesy – buying vintage post cards, cutting the index cards in half, and using a date stamper. But whatever. I can barely fit stuff on a full note card (and I got the big ones!). So mine isn’t nearly as cute. WHATEVER.

Note Card Calendar | The Wilson Buzz

I started on my birthday, because I didn’t want to wait until January. 8} I just bought a note card container at Walmart that holds the large note cards. 4×6 maybe? Or 5×10? Let me get a ruler… 4×6 – let this be a lesson in not doubting yourself.

So anyway, I’ve managed to put something down for every day since July 21. I have missed several days in a row and had to just guess when I finally filled it in. At one point I went about 3 weeks – that was rough. I’ll also fudge it a bit. If two cool things happened on one day and nothing cool on the other, I’ll be a day off. In 5 years it won’t matter if I got the exact date. Things got more consistent when I brought it to work with me, so now it’s one of the first things I do in the morning. I used to take it home on the weekend so I wouldn’t miss a day, but then I went 3 weeks without writing, so…I leave it here now. And it’s fun to think about how awesome your weekend was while sitting in a cubicle first thing Monday morning, knowing you have five long days before another weekend. ;)

I do plan on doing more with it. Maybe have a significant photo from every month printed off, to split it up the way she did. I also want to write on the backs of them significant dates, like birthdays and anniversaries. But I haven’t done either of those yet.

I used to journal. Not every day, but consistently. My sister got me a journal when I was 13 and I started a new one every birthday up until I got married (so nearly 10 years!) and life got busy, I guess? I haven’t been able to keep one since. Which is a bummer, because my life was kind of boring pre-Mr. T… I’m just saying. I’ve also moved around a lot and am super disorganized. I just found one of my attempts in our attic, in a random box. I blame Mr. T on that one, though! Maybe I’ll try again in January. I really do miss it. I think I blog too much. After writing about my life here I feel like I’m repeating myself if I write about it again in a journal. Plus, writing things out by hand takes so much longer than typing. I seriously think “WHY ARE YOU MOVING SO SLOW, HAND – BRAIN IS LIKE FIVE SENTENCES AHEAD OF YOU!

Spray Paint Nature Art, cont’d

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Alright, just for you guys, because I love you sooooo much – I finished the last canvas tonight instead of packing for our trip. And now I’m writing this post instead of packing. And later I’ll probably take a nap instead of packing. JUST KIDDING. By the time I’m done with this post, Mr. T will be home and we’ll have to leave. So I must type fast. And stop rambling about unimportant things.

As I mentioned previously, I still needed to spray paint the hammered copper over the brown of my last canvas. The one that is different than all the other canvases. The one that gets picked last for dodge ball and eats lunch in the bathroom so he doesn’t have to feel so alone.

I was actually kind of excited about this one. I had a plan! I even put tape down to mimic a stalk, so it wouldn’t get lost like all the other ones. Here is a picture:Spray Paint Nature Art

I even put cute little seeds like they were floating away from it. I TRIED, guys. I TRIED. Even after the debacle from before….I triiiiiiiied.

Spray Paint Nature Art

Yeaaaaaah….. It was an uber fail. UBER FAIL. There was much weeping. BUT! I didn’t give up! Even after all this, I stayed strong! I broke the little guy up into bits, so he would lay totally flat on the canvas. And I tried, tried again. You could write a children’s book about all my trying, guys.  I’m a trooper!

Spray Paint Nature Art Spray Paint Nature Art

I took two pictures – pre and post spray paint. Yeah, I just went back over where it had been with the brown and then laid them all down on it and the spray painted it again with the copper. So that area ended up being a bit more coppery, but I DO NOT CARE. I’m done with this craft for all time. lol!

Anyway, here is the finished product:

Spray Paint Nature Art

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I wish I had put more of the loose ones closer to the bunch, because there is kind of a weird gap there. And the “stem” is far too dark. But whateva. I’m happy. After I get them all up in the gallery I’ll take a group shot, maybe. You know, for an art gallery we have terrible lighting. >.<

Spray Paint Nature Art

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How do you like that title? Pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.

Well, back in July I participated in something called The Pintester Movement. I attempted to cut bottles in half with yarn, acetone, and – most importantly – fire. Well it kind of worked:

Cutting Glass With FireBut it also kind of failed. And then that little cup thing sat on that table for a few…weeks? months?…and a cat knocked it off and it broke. I gave exactly zero f*cks, for the record.

I’ve mentioned before that the art gallery is depressingly bare this month. As in…there is no art in it. It’s our first attempt at a themed show, too, so that’s not promising. Since we’re doing “found object art” I thought “Hey! Now this is something I could do!” and immediately went to Pinterest to find something that would be cheap, easy, and I would be okay with either selling or keeping in my house. I found this:

Image from Pinterest

That sure is tiny, isn’t it? Anyway – the link is broken. I didn’t try to hard to find a source, though, because it seemed straightforward. Paint a canvas one color, put a plant on it, spray paint it another color. Okay, I definitely didn’t try hard. Here is a YouTube video. It took me like 2 seconds. The step I missed was pressing the leaves so they would lay flat. DUH!

So let’s just dive on in to this debacle, shall we?

Here are my canvases after the base coat of spray paint. I chose Hammered Copper and a basic brown. I decided to do one of them with inverted colors, just to spice things up a bit.

Spray Paint Nature Art

And then I proceeded to forget to take any more pictures. I also waited until it was nearly dark to start doing this. My next picture is after I’ve already painted the top. Which…you didn’t really miss much. I took some hedge clippers and hacked some branches off of various trees in our yard, and then held them down on the canvas with rocks.

Spray Paint Nature Art

So there were a couple things I definitely did wrong. #1: I didn’t press the leaves first. That, in hindsight, is a very important step. I truly regret not doing this. #2: I went over it with the brown too thoroughly. Less is more, they always say. Less. Is. More.

Here are the results:

Spray Paint Nature Art

 I think the biggest issue was the lack of stems. They weren’t flat against the canvas, so the spray paint got up underneath them. AND DON’T TELL ME THESE LOOK GOOD BECAUSE I COVERED THEM UP.

Yes, I started over. I spray painted back over these three with the copper spray paint. That was running out. And doesn’t cover brown very well. I had to buy another can. I have grown to hate this project.

Anyway, I tried to press the leaves, but I got impatient. This is due by Sunday and Mr. T and I are going out of town tonight. We won’t be back until late Sunday so I had no time. No time! I also still haven’t done the inverted copper-over-brown one, either. You’ll just have to come back sometime next week to see that one. If I were more clever I would think I did that on purpose to get people to read my blog. I did not. I’m just lazy.

So, yeah – here are the second attempts:

Spray Paint Nature Art Spray Paint Nature Art

(Notice the stem is still missing from the fat leaves one. Don’t get me started…) I don’t know if I like them any better than the first go around. The brown is lighter because I only did one pass. Like pretty much everything I’ve attempted to do from Pinterest, I finally just said “WHATEVER!” and called it done. I figure if they don’t sell we can hang them up in our Steampunk great room. That…doesn’t exist yet. But whatever.

I do have a question for you – one of my friends lent me a gold paint pen, because I was thinking about adding the stems that way. Do you think I should continue to mess with these, or just call them done and stop fiddling with them, making them worse??

Yard Work! Overview/Master Plan

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You guys. You. Guys. WE DID SO MUCH WORK IN THE BACKYARD THIS WEEKEND. God bless friends, amiright? (I’m trying really hard to come up with nicknames for these guys and I’m just failing…let me think on it some more and maybe it will come to me eventually.) I posted a status on Facebook requesting tools and they not only lent us all the tools known to man, they also spent all day helping us! I think I’m going to call them “Pher” And “Fer” since their names end in…..pher and fer. 8P So, yeah – Pher & Fer spent all day with us, doing miserable-type work. And Fer had been throwing up all night due to either mild food poisoning or a spiteful virus.

I really hate trying to post pictures in WordPress. They have this stupid “Add Media” thing, and then they do all this pseudo-HTML bull feces and it’s just gross. I have created a G+ photo album that should be open to the public. So go there if you want to see pictures. 8P

I don’t know if I have anything else to say about it. I’m ready for the yard to be done. D.O.N.E. done. I’m ready for a lot of our house to be done, actually. Especially the half-bath. >.< I’m going to buy a stencil roller today, I think. I’m hoping that works better than the paintbrush method I tried before. BUT I DIGRESS. This post is about the backyard. And you know what?? HAVE A PICTURE:

pile of debris from our backyard

Here is the massive pile of crap we have accumulated in the past couple months. It’s a combination of weeds, trees, and various other plants that we decided needed to die in the name of Progress!

How about a checklist of things we need to get done in the backyard?

  1. clear out gravel and stepping stones (we got enough of it to be satisfied)
  2. line fence with stepping stones (I’d guess we’re about 2/3 of the way there?)
  3. clear out unwanted plants (I’ll say…95% done with this one.)
  4. trim up the plants we have so they don’t look so cray
  5. create terracing/steps to make the incline less sucky and dumb
  6. build a fire pit
  7. cut down mother****ing Bradford Pear tree
  8. plant grass
  9. plant fruit tree(s)
  10. build pergola
  11. start a garden with raised flower beds
  12. build storage shed/“tree” house
  13. add personal touches to make it “ours” or some such milarky

Here is my Pinterest board, if you’re interested.

Oh, Mr. Darcy

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It took me a good many years to jump on the Pride and Prejudice bandwagon. I think I even saw the movie first. And not even the Colin Firth one. The Matthew Macfadyen one. I’ve never seen the Colin Firth one, actually. Actually, the only other film I’ve seen is Bride & Prejudice, the Bollywood interpretation. That one is fabulous, for the record. I love Bollywood!!

But, yeah. I got the Barnes & Noble “leatherbound classics” edition of seven Jane Austen novels (link) for Christmas a couple years ago. First – can we all rejoice in the beauty that is B&N leatherbound classics? We own at least 10-20 of those bad boys, and I want them all. All of them! They’re gorgeous books. GORGEOUS. That was the first time I ever read P&P but I loved it! I also read Sense and Sensibility and enjoyed it. I started on Mansfield Park and it was too much for me. That style of writing is difficult, the family is awful, and it’s obvious the cousins are going to fall in love which is just…ew. And it’s much longer than the other two. So I’ve taken a break from Jane Austen until I decide if I’m just going to skip over that one or suffer through it. Oh, side note – don’t waste your time with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. That book is just dreadful. Brilliant concept, terrible execution. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, on the other hand is glorious.

Holy smokes, I’m off topic. Are you surprised? THEN YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL.

The ladies from our small group at church had a “Pinterest Party” last weekend. We all brought recipes we’d found on Pinterest (I made frozen hot chocolate and peanut butter fruit dip and they were delicious.) and attempted to recreate this pin:

Canvas Quote | The Wilson Buzz

I’ve gone to Facebook and stolen all their pictures of their completed stuff. I got ones without faces in them, at least. Anyway, here are the final results:

Canvas Quote | The Wilson Buzz

She is an art teacher.

Canvas Quote | The Wilson Buzz

She prays this verse over her daughter every night.

Canvas Quote | The Wilson Buzz

Her husband got fancy in a word editor. 8P
This was everyone’s favorite by far.

Canvas Quote | The Wilson Buzz

This is going into a Dr. Seuss-themed nursery.

I’m  saving mine for last because everyone loves me the most. Anyway, the art teacher’s husband has a printer-type thing that creates vinyl stickers, so we gave her the text we wanted and she had him print it off. Everyone did it kind of differently, but basically you set it up how you want the letters to look, put stickers over it, then set it up how you want everything around the letters to look, and then peel the stickers off.

Everyone did basic painting, except for me. I MOD PODGED! Going back to my weird Pride and Prejudice rant that up until this point has made no sense in the context of this post… I made a Mr. Darcy quote. If you’ve read P&P, you’ll probably know exactly the one I used. Also, if you remember me mentioning P&P&Z…well, we had a copy of that book, which sucks. And the only copy of P&P we have is in my super sexy B&N leatherbound edition…so the pages I Mod Podged were from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. 8} I didn’t look too closely at which pages I pulled – I just got ones that had full text from top to bottom and no chapter numbers or blank space at the end of a chapter in them. I also used the picture where Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are standing in the middle of a cabbage patch full of zombies that are eating cabbage because they thought it was brains. That book is so weird. And don’t let those last two sentences make you think you want to read it, because – trust me – it sucks.

So, yeah. I Mod Podged the paper down, put stickers on it, painted over it yellow, and pulled the stickers off. Some things to do differently:

  1. Make sure you cover the paper completely with Mod Podge before putting the stickers down. They peel off super easy, as long as they’re not on non-Mod-Podged paper. There were a few that were directly on the paper, and it just peeled off with the sticker. Super lame.
  2. If you use a light color – like yellow – the letters are not going to show up once you peel the stickers off and expose the white paper. So then you’ll have to go back in with a tiny paintbrush and fill in the letters with black, cursing the day you were born.
  3. If you ignore #1 and #2, make sure you at least start early in the day. I started around 8:00. Left my friend’s house around 11:00 and it took me…maybe 30 min to get home? I was up until about 3:00 filling in the letters and doing my final layer of Mod Podge. Granted, I was also watching Orange is the New Black, so I might not have been super speedy.
ANYWAY, here is the final result:
Canvas Quote | The Wilson Buzz

Some might think I should’ve left it like this.
I don’t disagree…


Canvas Quote | The Wilson Buzz

with the yellow
There is an Instagram filter on this bad boy, but you get the idea.

It was fun. 8/10 – I would do it again. Only I’d be smarter about it.

Cutting Glass Bottles with FIRE

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Or: Someone help us all, Mrs. Wilson is lighting acetone on fire in the kitchen.

Alright – I’m attempting to participate in “The Pintester Movement” (round two). Cutting it close (ahahahaha – “cutting” because glass and fire and cutting with them, and then also cutting it close on time – ahahahaha)

I’m cutting it close on time, since this is due just a few hours from now, but I’m gonna try to get it posted and sent to her before the deadline. I think it’s around 8:00 or 9:00 tonight.

So, yeah… You basically take some sort of yarn or thread or whatever, soak it in acetone, wrap it around a cylinder of glass, set it on fire, don’t die, then dump it in ice water. The glass snaps in half and you suddenly have a strange, tiny drinking device that really serves no purpose, but hey – you got to play with fire.

In Madam Pintester’s attempt she made a vlog. And also failed pretty hard. But it’s okay, because she had pretty hair. Man I miss dying my hair!! So…I attempted to also shoot some videos. They’re still on my phone as of right now, but maybe by the end of this post they’ll be on YouTube and I’ll embed them. WE’LL SEE.

She doesn’t link back to the original pin in her post, but I know I’ve pinned something like this before…let me see if I can find it. Hmmm…this one will work! They cut the bottom off of them, but CLOSE ENOUGH. That’s the one I’ve been wanting to do, but I don’t drink wine. And I don’t pay extra for the fancy bottles of liquor. But I think I just might…because it would be so pretty!

Okay, here are my glass bottles and my bowl of ice. Everything’s gonna be going down over the nice, fire-proof sink. We haven’t lived in our house long enough for me to be okay with burning it down in the name of DIY. Maybe in a few months…

Cutting Glass Bottles With Fire

And waaaaaay over in the corner is my bowl with acetone in it. (It’s the little dish in front of the crock pot.) I apologize for the mess. Truth be known, I passed out on the couch around 8:30 and Mr. T woke me up at 9:00 to do this. I was grumpy and just wanted to go back to bed. So I wasn’t motivated to clean. SORRY.

Cutting Glass Bottles With Fire

Alright, here I am tying some yarn (it was 100% acrylic, Madam Pintester) around the bottle. I only wrapped it twice.

Cutting Glass Bottles With Fire

And here I am setting it on FIRE. FIIIIIRE!! Well, about to set it on fire, because the actual process is…ON VIDEO!!!! (Going to upload to YouTube, brb.)

Cutting Glass Bottles With Fire


So, yeah…it kind of worked! Except it didn’t. And then Mr. T pointed the camera at my boobs for awhile. At least YouTube rotated the video. It was sideways when I watched it on my computer pre-YouTube. omg, guys – I’m on YouTube!

Alright, Mr. T tried to use hemp. SPOILER ALERT – didn’t work. I’m not gonna post the video, because it didn’t even catch on fire a little bit.

Cutting Glass With Fire

So on my 2nd try we did a LOT of yarn!! It burned longer and hotter (maybe?) so we were hoping it’d work better. Oh, wait, no – on my 2nd try we did a lot of yarn, but didn’t burn it for too long, so I’m thinking the heat didn’t make it all the way to the glass.

Cutting Glass With Fire

The third time I tried it we let it burn for a long long time and it got super hot and…IT WORKED!! I mean, kind of. It’s a little sharp and uneven, but Mr. T is going to try to smooth it out with a dremel. And then I’ll probably take the wrapper off and spray paint it, because it’s all charred and gross.

Cutting Glass With Fire Cutting Glass With Fire

And now for some saaaaaad news! Midway through filming my 3rd attempt, my phone crapped out. Hard. I had about 9GB of images and videos on there. 9GB, you guys! So my phone ran out of memory, stuttered to a stop, spazzed out SUPER HARD and I almost never got into my galleries to purge all my images. They went all the way back to when I almost burned our rental down with a faulty toaster!! Luckily, I’ve been backing up all my images/videos to Dropbox since February, so I could delete from my phone without fear. Well, I did lose everything prior to February, so you missed out on a picture of some charred frozen waffles that got wedged in a toaster and caught on fire, but I didn’t notice it until the entire house was full of smoke because the firefighters were all “We’re not going to put a smoke detector in the kitchen, because you’ll take the batteries out the first time you burn dinner, right? *heyuck” So the smoke had to get all the way into our hallway before any alarms went off. BY THEN I COULD HAVE BEEN DEAD. You know, we still don’t have a new toaster? And now I really want some waffles…

What was the point of all this? Oh, right – cutting glass. Yeah, I did it. Go me.

DIY Crayon Art!

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Alright, I disappeared for a bit, but none of you noticed so shaddup.

I’m going to do it! I’m taking something I pinned forEVer ago, and I’m going to attempt it! Here are my supplies. See if you can figure it out:

DIY Crayon Art! | The Wilson BuzzCrayons, hot glue gun, and canvas. Hmmm…. WHAT COULD IT BE?! ;)

DIY Crayon Art! | The Wilson Buzz

8} *squee!! Yeah, it’s gotten super popular, but suck it. I’ll be that weird woman with the “That’s SO 2010’s” art hanging in my house, like the people that still have the crazy 70s flower wallpaper. But I! Don’t! Care! I LOVE IT! Sorry, I also really like that song.

Anyway – put crayons IN a hot glue gun! Brilliant! I’m not super clever/crafty myself, but I will darn sure steal other people’s clever ideas. So, yeah – got the supplies above. The people with the pretty rain one said they bought three boxes and used all the shades of blue. They had a coupon for Crayola, but I did not, so RoseArt it is. They said it they used less than 20 crayons for the whole thing. Here are all my blues:

DIY Crayon Art! | The Wilson Buzz

So pretty! I’m going to use this picture:

DIY Crayon Art! | The Wilson Buzz

So….wish me luck! I have no clue how this is going to work, but I bought a cheap-o glue gun at Hobby Lobby so I wouldn’t ruin our current cheap-o glue gun we bought at Walmart forever ago. 8}

I mean, hey – this kids did it:

DIY Crayon Art! | The Wilson Buzz

Although, the girls’ kind of suck, and I’m guessing the boy had help from his mom…it’s too perfect. Oh, oh, oh – if it goes well, I might try to get FANCY with it!!!

DIY Crayon Art! | The Wilson Buzz