Paint Yo’ Pet, Splinter

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I’m gonna be honest…this year went MUCH better than last year. Sorry, Vigo!!

Paint Yo' Pet, Splinter | The Wilson BuzzThere are still some things that bug me about it, but all-in-all…much better. lol! I am going to make Mr. T go in and paint in his teeth. I tried, and it just didn’t work out for me.

What’s that? You want to see my FULL collection?! Well alright then…

Paint Yo' Pet, Splinter | The Wilson Buzz#glorious

Paint Yo’ Pet

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So if you recall… Last year I attempted to paint Vigo as part of a fundraiser for Operation Education:

Paint Yo' Pet, Year Two | The Wilson BuzzSuddenly, somehow, it’s that time again. I almost missed it!! OpEd posted on Facebook today that the class was Sunday and I was like “Whaaaaa??” So I signed up before I could remember…and regret. Anyway, just like I promised last year, I’m gonna do this one:

Paint Yo' Pet, Year Two | The Wilson BuzzI’ll report back in sometime next week with the results. The horrible, horrible results.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where that masterpiece resides…

Paint Yo' Pet, Year Two | The Wilson BuzzIt’s safely tucked away in my closet, right beside Russell Brand, where no one will see them.

This is my nightmare…

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Sweet Mother Mary I am NOT an artist. God bless Mai for trying, and for insisting it doesn’t look bad. She’s the sweetest woman in the world. Because it’s a hot mess. My only saving grace is that my friend Jessica went with me. High five for the non-artists! *high-five* Anyway, Jessica didn’t have a picture planned out when she got there, so I rolled up my two options and mixed them up behind my back and had her pick. She got Helena Bonham Carter and I got Russell Brand. Four hours later and I have a strong desire to weep. 8P

It was a fun class, overall. I just wish I could paint. lol! We started out by covering our canvas in yellow, then sketching a rough outline in brown. Then you use a smaller brush to give a more detailed and specific outline in black. Fill in exaggerated shading going from black > black/brown > brown > brown/yellow > yellow > yellow/white > white. After that you’re supposed to mix paint with a glaze and brush over the shading…and that’s where things kind of fell apart. We had fallen behind so weren’t listening too carefully when she explained how the glazing worked and ended up using too much paint. Totally wiped out all my shading. >.<

We did our best, but we did not finish. Jessica vowed to finish hers, and I guess I’ll make Mr. T help me finish mine at some point. For now I’m leaving him in my car to hide my shame. I think the next time I try to paint something I’ll go for something a bit easier…

This is my nightmare... | The Wilson Buzz

This is my nightmare... | The Wilson Buzz

This is my nightmare... | The Wilson Buzz


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Do you remember when I painted Vigo? Well. If that experience wasn’t dreadful enough, I’ve decided to one-up myself! This time I’m not painting an animal – I’m painting a HUMAN! You guys…I can’t stress enough how big of a debacle this is going to be. Oh lordy lord…

The class is tonight, and I still haven’t decided who I’m going to paint. She recommended not trying to do yourself or a friend/family member. I don’t need to be written out of any more wills, anyway! There is an obvious choice, but maybe too obvious?? I’ve found a backup choice as well, but can’t really decide between the two of them.

Helena Bonham Carter Russell Brand

I’ll report back in with the final results sometime this weekend. The workshop is two two-hour sessions. We start tonight, 7:00-9:00 and finish tomorrow 10:00-12:00. God I hope mine doesn’t suck. :(