First Nursery Craft

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So, yeah…we’ve had a roommate in our nursery the past few months. >.< We’re so bad at not taking on roommates!! The good news is both of our roommates will be totally gone by the time LBW gets here – I’m pretty sure no one wants to live in a house with a newborn that isn’t their own (I’m sure there are plenty that don’t even want to live with their own!) so I think we’ll be good for at least a little while post-birth. ;) The only downside (well, other than not getting to walk around without pants on) to having a roommate in the nursery is that I couldn’t really do much to “nursery” it up. Which is fine. Our bank account appreciates it.

Of course, I still managed to come up with a project I could work on, and spend an ungodly amount of money on – frames are not cheap, people!! It all started with this pin:

First Nursery Craft (source) | The Wilson BuzzThe blog post is actually instructions for making that bench, which is a lovely and nice bench. But I shan’t be making that bench. My (hopefully finalized) 30 before 30 list now includes #28: Make something…challenging… but still. Not this bench. What I thought was neat was the framed children’s book! Isn’t that neat?! SO NEAT. Even if you don’t think it’s neat, pretend you do to humor the pregnant lady. We’re a sensitive lot.

Our nursery is Giraffes & Rain Clouds, in case you didn’t know. So I wanted a book that involved giraffes. Honestly…I have no fond memories of a favorite children’s book that incorporated giraffes in any meaningful way. But I found this book on Amazon and bought two copies, sight-unseen. I for real never even read the flipping book until I got the package. lol! It’s The Chandeliers, by Vincent X. Kirsch. Don’t let me know if it ends up being some sort of Nazi propaganda piece or something. It’s a pretty cute book, and I do like the illustrations. Plus there are tons of giraffes in it, which was basically my only requirement.

It’s a book about a family of giraffes that perform, except for the youngest. So he’s all sad because he’s not involved. BUT THEN – something tragic happens to each family member (MURRRRRRDER (not really)) and the little guy steps in to save the day. So at the end of the performance he gets to take a bow, too! So sweet! Or at least sweet enough. Whatever. It’s giraffes. PICTURE TIME.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz1. You need two books. Unless the book you chose only has content on one side of the page for some crazy reason. Somehow this occurred to me before I started the project – one of the few times I’ve actually planned ahead successfully for a project. Go me!

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz2. I used an exact-o knife to cut each page out. I attempted to cut in straight lines. I often failed. I have no regrets. I did just notice that in the source they included the cover and title page for their book. I did not. My book was like 32 pages long. That is a lot of frick-fracking frames. I won’t tell you how much money I spent, other than to say too much. >.>

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz3. Of course the page won’t fit perfectly into the frames. I don’t know the original people did it. Witchcraft, most likely. I can never get frames to fit anything exactly, it seems. The pages were the right hight to fit in these frames, but too skinny.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz4. So…the first frames that I saw were the silver ones. But they didn’t have 32 silver frames. So I had to get some black frames, too. After I got home, opened a pack of silver frames, and put page #1 in (so, past the point of returning them) I went “WHY DIDN’T I JUST BUY ALL BLACK FRAMES?!” I was way too smug about remembering to buy two books. I switched things up after this picture. I put all the silver frames in the middle and outlined them with black. It worked out perfectly, thank goodness.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz5. Here’s what they’ll vaguely look like once it’s all finished!! I just set the paper on top of the frame (you can kind of see how I sorted the black/silver ones) to get a feel for how it would flow. Not too bad, imho. Of course, I did have to go back to Michael’s to buy some cardstock so I could put black borders on the sides. Boo, hiss for extra steps. >.> Note the measuring tape – I made sure they would fit width-wise on the wall in the nursery where I want to hang them. Redemption for the frame debacle?

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz6. Listen. Think for like 2 seconds before you start cutting paper. Seriously. Take 2 seconds. Because the frame is 11″ tall, right? And the cardstock is 12×12″ square. So you just gotta lop off the top inch. Then, if you want an inch of black on each side of every page, you can cut twelve 1″ strips (that are now 11″ tall). I didn’t screw anything up, thankfully, but I did strugglebus it at the beginning.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz7. Okay, so. I was using the black for two purposes. The first was to expand the width so it would fill the frame. The second was to hide how uneven my cuts were on those pages. So my (ingenious, if I do say so myself) idea was to use one of the pages that came in a frame to help with the layout. I put the two black strips down first (face down), then eyeballed it to put the page in the middle of them (again face down). It does get a bit confusing on which side of the page to use. This required all my concentration. Probably because I don’t have much concentration…

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz8. Ta-da! Bee-yoo-tee-ful. Now repeat Steps 6 & 7 until you’ve lost all sense of time and space and kind of hate giraffes – the Chandelier family in particular.

Oh, and as to what’s going under the frames (I know you were very curious), I’m going to make these to store books!

First Nursery Craft (source) | The Wilson BuzzI’m not going to use that fabric, though. Her bedroom was cowboys or Wild West or something… I’m not going that route at all. At. All. :) But! Isn’t that neat?! (Remember the whole “I’m pregnant and agree with me” comments from the top of this post.) It’s so neat!! 8D

Anyway, I’ve been working on this post since November, apparently. I’m sick of seeing it in my “drafts” list. So I’m just gonna go ahead and post it. I’ll post an update once we get the pages hung. They’ve been stacked on some shelves in our living room since mid-December.

Nursery Colors!

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So there are only 70 days until my due date (thanks, Wolfram Alpha). If you consider my due date March 31, that is. I get a few extra days if we go with the initial due date of April 4. But I guess a kid can come like 3-4 weeks early and it’s nbd. You’re pretty much ready to go around 37 weeks. This is terrifying to me. January is practically over. Then we have February – JUST THE SHORTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR – and after that we’re officially in The Month. Basically I could go into labor at any point in March, right? Is that what we’re saying? AT ANY POINT IN MARCH? I have a baby shower planned for March 6. I think that’s still in the “safe” window, at least. I had thought about doing it on the 13th. But I could have a baby on the 13th, couldn’t I? COULDN’T I?!

Anyway, all that to say I think it’s time we start on the nursery. 8P Mr. T started ripping the carpet up in the bonus room. Which, unfortunately (but not surprisingly) revealed some sub floor damage. What exactly that means…I dunno. But there you go. We need to fix that, I guess. How? Ugh. Call the landlord!! We also need to finish ripping up that carpet. And organizing all the junk in that room. Then – and THEN – we can move Anthony in there. *cue the music* Then it’s nursery time… *cut the music*

I made Mr. T meet me at Home Depot last night so we could pick up paint swatches. I briefly explained to you what I want to do paint-wise. Mr. T thought it was a solid plan. But maybe he just wanted to get dinner so he’d agree to anything. Either way we have a plan. I was super excited, so I snapped a picture of the swatches as soon as I got home. But it was nighttime, our living room doesn’t have the best lighting, and I was using my phone. So the colors came out kind of janky. WHOOPS.

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson BuzzAgain, the colors will be mainly gray & yellow, with some brown spots in the yellow. Giraffes, and all that. ;) The gray wall will have some type of mural on it. If you want to get a better feel for the colors, they are:

Screenshots from the websites:

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz

I think it’ll look nice, don’t you?

And now that we have the colors picked out, I can take my swatches to Hobby Lobby and start picking out fabric!! I have so many things I want to sew…after I learn how to sew…

I did see some fabric while I was walking around the ol’ HL last week. I even snapped a few pictures!

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz

The green doesn’t match our color scheme, but I think it’s super adorable. Maybe I could use it to sew something else I have pinned for future babies. I have two boards for that – clothes, and not clothes. ;) I don’t really know what fabric works best for what application, or any other aspect of sewing. So I need a lot of help.

Baby Check-In

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LBW is still percolating. ;) Every day I think “This is is…this is as big as I can get…” and then the next day I’m just a little bit bigger. I’m at 29 weeks! Which means at most I’ve got mayyyybe 10-12 weeks left. That’s all. That’s it. That’s…nothing. No time. Excuse me, I need to go lie down. *hyperventilating*

But really, I’m (mostly) fine. I feel like we’ve done little to no preparation for this Great Life Event, but other than that, things are going great! I think everything will come together, eventually. I’d prefer for most of it to come together before LBW arrives, but eventually all will be finished. Even if “finished” just means I’m dead. ;) Mr. T and our roommate…I don’t remember what nickname I gave him, so I’m just gonna call him Anthony. Which is his name. Whoa. Anyway, they are supposedly going to start ripping the carpet in the bonus room up today. Fingers crossed there isn’t extensive sub-floor damage, because if there isn’t we’re going to move Anthony in there. He can live the rest of his days (with us – he’s not dying) with Chairman. *meow*

THEN WE CAN START ON THE NURSERY. What exactly we’ll be doing…I’m not sure. Painting the walls? I have An Idea for that. It involves a lot of effort on Mr. T’s part, and for that I apologize. He just shouldn’t be so awesome at arting, is all. ;) Some of it I can do. I don’t think I’ll get no/low VOC paint for all the walls, though, because that shizz is expensive. Wait, I’m not explaining well. So. I want to paint three of the walls yellow, and one wall gray (as a reminder, the theme is giraffes & rain clouds and the colors are yellow and gray). The gray wall is where the crib will be. I want Mr. T to paint a mural on that wall. Something to do with, you guessed it, giraffes and rain clouds. ;) And then on the three yellow walls I want to paint giraffe spots on the lower half. Kind of like this, but without going all the way up the wall. I also don’t want a hard cut off, I want it to kind of be organic. So, yeah. I think I could be not-anal enough to do the spots myself. Maybe. So if Mr. T and Anthony – if that is his real name (it is) – paint the base coats, and we let it ventilate well while drying, I can go in later with low/no VOC paint and do the spots. omg, I can’t wait to start. <3

I also want to rearrange the living room so we’ve got room to bring the desk in. Then I can theoretically finish sanding/refinishing it. Then we can set it up in the bedroom, I can take the sewing machine I got for Christmas out of its box and I can learn to sew! Then I can make curtains and crap like that for the nursery!! What an exciting time to be alive!!! *hyperventilates again*

Anyway, I didn’t really plan on saying all that. I’m just really excited. All I wanted to do was post this picture:

Bump Photos, Weeks 21-29 | The Wilson BuzzLook at how much more room there was in my little rectangle back at Week 21, compared to Week 29! Nutso, man…nutso. And my boobs look HUGE at Week 25. I’m not really sure what that’s all about. I kind of look like a shapeless blob at Week 29. Ah, well.

Nursery – Planning

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Now that LBW is officially known, I can officially start working on planning the nursery! There isn’t much I can do until we clear out the roommate(s), but there are a few things I can probably start on…

Firstly, here is my Pinterest board. If you couldn’t piece it together, the colors are yellow & gray, and the theme is giraffes & rainclouds. I want three walls to be gray, and one wall to be yellow. That’s the one where the crib will go. I want Mr. T to paint a mural on that wall of three giraffes looking down into the crib. I think. I know where I want the rocking chair and book slings to go. We’re going to have a changing table, only because my sister has one she’s giving us. Sure, a dresser is more practical, but the changing table is free. She’s also giving us a crib and rocking chair. I’m not 100% sure on when all that will happen, but since we don’t really have anywhere to store anything…no rush! I know I want to build some shelves. (Or have Mr. T build some shelves.) And I want a corner net to store stuffed animals in. Other than that, it’s just small art projects that I guess I really could start on sooner…even if the room is occupied. And I actually have started on one! I’m hoping to finish it today.

So…some of my art projects.

I’m really hoping to get at least one of these patterns for Christmas:

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz
Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz
Nursery - Planning | The Wilson BuzzWant to take bets on if I’ll even get one finished before LBW makes an appearance? I can’t imagine I’ll get three done…but maybe! >.<

This is the project I’ve already started on. It’s framed pages from a children’s book. And it got expensive fast. Freaking frames, man…they ain’t cheap! Look for a blog post about this one soon.

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz

I’m not going to link a ton of images, because it gets really tedious and who knows which projects I’ll actually start/complete?? You can check out the board. I try to keep it updated by deleting things I’ve lost interest in. There are lots of random cloud things. Several different mobiles…no clue which one(s) we’ll go with. LBW might have lots of things to stare up at. lol! Several prints to purchase or attempt to recreate, oh and I want to try to make something like this for the ultrasound picture:

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson BuzzSo many plans…so little time. There are only 113 days until my due date! That’s 3 months, 22 days. 16 weeks, 1 day. 80 weekdays. (Thank you, Wolfram Alpha.) If you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotten quite nervous and now need to go poop.