2015 Selfies, January

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January 1 2015 Selfies, Jan 1 | The Wilson Buzz Mr. T and I totally forgot about the ball dropping and the HAPPY NEW YEAR! kiss…he came over and kissed me around 12:05. When I woke up the next morning I saw all the people that had posted their NYE selfies on FB and was like *womp womp* so I took one while Mr. T was still asleep. This spawned a FB rumor that I had murdered him and was playing an elaborate social media Weekend at Bernie’s sort of prank. One that he had fun with for several days after…
January 2 2015 Selfies, Jan 2 | The Wilson Buzz I bought Mr. T Portal 2 for the PS3 a week or so after Christmas. I actually got on Amazon with the express purpose of buying him Into the Woods (the Broadway version, not the new movie) – which I did buy him! But I was feeling all gifty, so I searched around for another thing I could get him, and finally settled on Portal 2. They don’t have Portal for consoles, which is a darn shame, ’cause I really think you should play that one before you play the second, to really appreciate GLaDOS. But he’s anti-mouse-and-keyboard gameplay and I’m too lazy to figure out how to get a PS3 controller to work with our PC.
January 3 2015 Selfies, Jan 3 | The Wilson Buzz Here is Mr. T fueling the Weekend at Bernie’s rumors. We were going to Lowe’s to price-check some supplies he needed for Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor. Have I mentioned how proud I am of him for opening his own shop?! So proud. And so, so terrified.
January 4 2015 Selfies, Jan 4 | The Wilson Buzz I don’t have much to say about this one… Mr. T was eating chips, and we were in our bathrobes. We’re super classy like that.
January 5 2015 Selfies, Jan 5 | The Wilson Buzz First day back at work (for me), at the start of the loooooong stretch between the end-of-the-year holidays and Memorial Day. I for real have to take a random Friday off somewhere in March just to prevent myself from losing my mind. Anyway, we also started P90X3 up again, and this was right after our first workout.
January 6 2015 Selfies, Jan 6 | The Wilson Buzz Heh – the shirts that were irrelevant before we even got them. They’re from TeeFury and were designed the one day The Interview was banned. Mine says “I wanted to see a dumb movie…but all I got was this lousy t-shirt” and Mr. T’s is “Censored for your protection by our beloved and respected leader. (I for one, welcome our new, benevolent North Korean overlord.)”
January 7 2015 Selfies, Jan 7 | The Wilson Buzz Ugh. This was when the temperature dropped down to way inappropriate temperatures. I was in my Christmas jam jams, I think we were both in robes, AND we each had a blanket (and hat, if you didn’t notice). It actually got pretty snuggly and warm, eventually. I’m glad we only have brief moments of awful winter weather here in Tennessee.
January 8 2015 Selfies, Jan 8 | The Wilson Buzz Mr. T was out late working to get Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor ready, so he took a selfie of me while I was sleeping. I’m soooo glad I’m not all crazed with drool coming out of my mouth!
January 9 2015 Selfies, Jan 9 | The Wilson Buzz Why. So. SERIOUS? I think we were playing Portal 2 co-op when I took this one. No clue why we went the dramatic route. It’s hard to not end up with the same picture 365 times when you’re trying to take a selfie every day. (Oh, did you not realize that’s what was happening? So naive…) And we aren’t even 10 days in yet!!
January 10 2015 Selfies, Jan 10 | The Wilson Buzz We *almost* forgot to take a picture on this day. I managed to snap one right before we went to bed. As you can tell, we were le tired. F*cking kangaroos… Nothing more to report here. It kind of looks like I’m about to throw up.
January 11 2015 Selfies, Jan 11 | The Wilson Buzz Here we are, at church, making coffee. I went with a b/w photo here to give us a touch of class. Oh, we so classy.
January 12 2015 Selfies, Jan 12 | The Wilson Buzz When I got to work on Jan 13 I was in a panic because I realized we had forgotten to take a picture on the 12th! Thankfully I had accidentally taken two pictures on the 11th so as long as I don’t tell anyone, no one will know we missed a day! Hooray! Wait, what?
January 13 2015 Selfies, Jan 13 | The Wilson Buzz We took this picture on the 16th, when we realized we’d missed our January 13 selfie.
January 14 2015 Selfies, Jan 14 | The Wilson Buzz I was about to pass out on the couch, and Mr. T was watching 22 Jump Street. (Great movie, btw.) I was like “OH CRAP – SELFIE!” so we took this one, and then I passed out. We live such thrilling lives…
January 15 2015 Selfies, Jan 15 | The Wilson Buzz We also took THIS picture on the 16th, when we realized we’d forgotten to take the January 15 selfie!!
January 16 2015 Selfies, Jan 16 | The Wilson Buzz Aaaaaand here we are on the 16th, all caught up! Mr. T kept posing our giraffe pillow behind his head, even though I kept telling him it would get cropped out in Instagram. Mr. T had taken a nap on the couch while I desperately
January 17 2015 Selfies, Jan 17 | The Wilson Buzz We almost immediately fell off the bandwagon again. Things were crazy hectic leading up to the opening of Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor (my baby’s a small business owner now!) so Mr. T was working late nights and crashing hard when he got home. I technically took this the morning of the 18th. #technicality
January 18 2015 Selfies, Jan 18 | The Wilson Buzz Mr. T took a much-needed day off from Two-Tone and we went to The Pottery Place!! <3
January 19 Okay, so the 19th and 20th were crazy hectic, and instead of taking more “catch-up” pictures, I’m just gonna say “We didn’t have time, okay?”
January 20 We didn’t have time, okay? Mr. T worked until 3:00 or 4:00 every night/morning getting Two-Tone ready, so we barely saw each other. I’m so glad we’re over that hump!!
January 21 2015 Selfies, Jan 21 | The Wilson Buzz This was the last looooong night of working to get the shop ready! I went and tried to help until around 11:00, and finally admitted I was just slowing everything down. :) I’m so proud of my husband!!!
January 22 2015 Selfies, Jan 22 | The Wilson Buzz Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor is OFFICIALLY OPEN!!! We took this picture right before I got this tattoo. 8} I named him Tommy Two-Tone and he’s awesome.
January 23 2015 Selfies, Jan 23 | The Wilson Buzz The days and pictures totally aren’t lining up anymore. >.< I took this on Sunday, even though I have it put on a Friday. Things happen, okay?! I keep forgetting to take pictures! This is a post of lies!!! But we took this at Chili’s, right before we went on our Sunday date to The Pottery Place. I <3 The Pottery Place…so, so hard.
January 24 2015 Selfies, Jan 24 | The Wilson Buzz Took this picture on a Monday, when Mr. T woke up the same time I did! But I have it here on a Saturday because I forgot to take a picture on Saturday!! I’m a liar!! Santa isn’t real, no matter what I’ve told you, kids!!
January 25 2015 Selfies, Jan 25 | The Wilson Buzz French. Toast. Crunch. God bless you, General Mills, for bringing back this hero from the 90s. *dance party*
January 26 2015 Selfies, Jan 26 | The Wilson Buzz Took this bad boy right before we passed out on the couch. I’ve declared no pets in the bedroom, which is probably going to mean a lot of guilt sleeping in the couch in order to let the dogs spend more time out of their crates.
January 27
January 28
January 29
January 30
January 31

Okay, let’s not talk about the last few days of the month… It’s now February and I’m gonna strive to do better!!

Thanksgiving for Two

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So…Thanksgiving this year… I have Thursday and Friday off, Mr. T only has Thursday off. My family is getting together on Saturday to do Thanksgiving. No clue about Mr. T’s family. If they aren’t doing anything on Thanksgiving day…I’d still like to have a Thanksgiving dinner!

I stumbled across this article from BuzzFeed: 24 Perfect Thanksgiving Recipes For Two. They aren’t all my cup of tea, but there are some potential winners in there…

Herb Roasted Turkey Thighs

Thanksgiving for Two | The Wilson Buzz

Buttermilk Biscuits with Maple & Sea Salt

Thanksgiving for Two | The Wilson Buzz

Creamy Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Thanksgiving for Two | The Wilson Buzz

To keep things simple I’d probably just do canned green beans. Mr. T has his favorite brand that nothing else ever comes close to besting, anyway, so that will make my life easier. I don’t think we’d need anything else. When there are a lot of people bringing a lot of different foods I tend to get little tastes of lots of things…when it’s just two people eating I hate to make a lot because so much gets wasted. I hate leftovers. I’ll eat them! But I don’t have to like it. 8P

Oh, and dessert… Honestly, I’d say frozen cobbler and ice cream. Easy peasy, AND delicious!

Checking In

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Golly gee wiz it’s been a day or two, hasn’t it?

My brother and his wife are having a baby today! Well, his wife is having a baby. I’m sure he’s behaving like the average baby daddy and freaking out. She’s had a pretty miserable pregnancy…she had to deal with extreme nausea that never went away the entire 9 months. She had to quit her nanny job because she couldn’t leave the house. After all the difficulties they had getting pregnant, I’m sure that was a total bummer. Her due date was Monday (July 14), but at their last checkup the doctors discovered the baby was getting ready to come out and her body was like “Naw, I got noooo plans on having this baby any time soon.” so they had to schedule a c-section for today. It’s currently 9:45, so it should all go down sometime in the next hour. I’m so excited for them!! I’m really hoping/praying that Niki is one chill baby, too. She has so far not been very cooperative.

For the record, Mr. T and I are NOT pregnant. While every female I know is either in the process of creating new life, trying to create new life, or raising tiny spawn, I am thoroughly enjoying not doing any of that. So in case I ever post something somewhere that might make you think “Oh, hey – Mrs. Wilson is knocked up!” let this be the post that you think back on where I’m saying “Nope. Not at all.” When/if I do get pregnant, I will announce it in such a way that there is no doubt as to the validity of the statement. Note: This is not that announcement.

I just made a new set of pages where you can view all the snippets from books I’ve highlighted on my Kindle. Exciting, I know. Try to not get too overwhelmed with joy. Apparently as I get sucked into a book/series I highlight less, and the stuff that I do highlight is usually bizarre and might not make sense anymore. Sorry, not sorry.

My birthday’s a little over a week away! I’m going to be 26, you guys. Twenty. Six. I just crossed the halfway point between 20 and 30. That is a bit terrifying, I think. I need to go back over my “30 Before 30” checklist to see where I stand… Mr. T will be 28 in three weeks! And our marriage will be 4 the week after that. My, my, my how time flies. My niece turned 3 in February, her little brother turned 1 in December, and apparently her older brother is now 12 (happened in September?). Insanity!

I’ve started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum again. I need to blog about that. I just need to blog again. I’ll never be a world-famous blogger if I don’t post more!! ;) I bought a Humble Bundle that came with a handful of games. And I think I bought another one…so I have a lot of games that need to be played. Not to mention The Sims 4 is being released September 2!! That’s 53 days away. I am so embarrassingly excited about that. I deleted all my Sims 3 games in preparation. Dude, there’s no going back. Don’t pretend there is. I tried to install The Sims on my laptop once and omg it was awful. Forget the fact that I spent HOURS playing that game in high school. Hours. As I did with the following two iterations. It’s been a hot minute since I played The Sims, though. Adulthood caught up with me. My free time is pulled in 500 different directions – when I actually have any, that is. Dogs, family, friends, the art gallery….busy, busy. So we’ll see if the obsession will be revived.

Anyway, I need to get back to 100% focused on work. Just wanted to pop in and say “Holla!” Cross your fingers that I’m going to be posting more from now on! Or cross your fingers that I don’t, I guess, if you hate me.


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I’ve missed you so much, little blog. I wish I could write in you every day, but alas I’m a lazy boob and don’t.

We started P90X tonight, Mr. and I. I would say 90% of it was one or both of us saying “No human being can actually do that, right??” and the other 10% was “I’m totally doing it!” while not actually doing it correctly. A for effort? I am curious, though – they’re all “If you can’t do this now, don’t worry…in a week you’ll be a champ!” or whatever they say…but I for real am incapable of even pretending to try on some of this. Like…how does me flopping around on the ground in any way prepare my body to one day do a “dive bomber push up”??

Also, I had no idea how P90X worked. I knew it was intense, and took a lot of time. I also knew they said to have a pull-up bar and lots of weights. But let’s get real – am I really capable of doing pull-ups? Really? And I have a set of 3lbs weights, thankyouverymuch. GOOD ENOUGH. But, upon opening the glorious box I discovered an entire binder of DVDs, two books, and a stack of workbook pages. Possibly more things that I’ve forgotten. I was like…wtf are we supposed to do??

Side note – this book is RIDDLED with typos. Like…at one point they actually used a ‘(‘ instead of an ‘l’!! Who does that?? But whatever. I skimmed through it until I found the “Week 1” workout. Day 1 was something like shoulders and arms (I forget exactly – there are 12 DVDs for crying out loud) followed by abs. So I put in the first DVD….oh hay. We need about 10 things to do this? We weren’t even wearing tennis shoes. Mr. T was in cargo shorts. I was in sweat pants. We were barefoot, in our bedroom, with two dogs watching us. We eventually found our weights and stretchy band that came with a Pilates DVD, just because if we didn’t get those we would have pretty much been doing NOTHING for the first….hour?….of our workout.

That’s right – it was a freaking hour. Of push-ups and pull-ups. I don’t know if you know me, but I’m not one for lots of pushing and pulling up my body. I thought there would be a single hour-long DVD and a small portion of it would involve pushing and/or pulling up. Not that there would be 5,000 DVDs and one of them would be dedicated solely to pushing and pulling up.

Then we got to the ab one. I’m all about some abs. Have you seen this DVD, though? For real. Dude on there isn’t a real person – you know the one I’m talking about. God didn’t intend for humans to have abs like that. Oh, and speaking of the people on the videos – I’m 99.9% sure everyone in the first DVD was on uppers. Especially that chick. There was something about their eyes…it was kind of freaky. Anyway – those abs! It’s not natural!! And the first 2 or 3 or freaking ALL of them use your legs way more than your abs, IMHO. It was rough. Blech.

But we did it! We got through all of it! We definitely didn’t get as much of a workout as the people IN the video, but if you compared our workouts yesterday to our workouts today…Mr. T and I grew by leaps and bounds compared to them. So suck it, robot humans with your spit-in-the-face-of-God abs. We exercised! I’m curious to see if I’m actually sore tomorrow…I can’t emphasis enough how little we actually did during this workout. lol

Front Yard

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Note: I started this…awhile ago. And only just now finished it. So if tenses get weird, I’m sorry. Kind of.

It finally happened!

My parents came up yesterday to see my nephew in a play. He’s Tom Sawyer! They said it was quite good – Mr. T and I are going to see it tomorrow afternoon. If I remember I’ll report back in. They stayed with us last night, and we woke up early this morning and did some yard work. THE PINE TREE IN OUR FRONT YARD IS NO MORE.

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzThat is the most beautiful pile of dead nature I’ve ever seen. 8}

I can now see out our front windows, too! And even though it’s very overcast and blah today, the living room is so. much. BRIGHTER. I’m super stoked!!

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzI really wish I had taken a “before” picture of this. :\ Just know that this is amazing.

As Dad pointed out, this wasn’t a tree so much as it was an incredibly overgrown shrub. It didn’t have one “trunk” and instead had three large trunks with several more spindly ones branching out every which way. It was a hot mess. And it is no more. I can’t wait to see our living room once the sun shows up again!!

The poor dogs were stressed out all morning. There were new people, strange noises, and all sorts of bizarre things happening. They’re mostly recovered now, if you were worried.

Front Yard | The Wilson Buzz Front Yard | The Wilson Buzz

Further proof that my husband is almost exactly similar to my father…just look at what our neighbors were witnessing bright and early Saturday morning:

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzFirst there was Mr. T – Dad had cut most of the low-hanging branches but Mr. T wanted to be manly and lop off a couple of trunks (see how not tree-like this thing was??) with his ax. Because testosterone. He wasn’t to be bothered with putting legit pants on, though. And then….and then….

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzApparently Mom forgot to remind Dad to pack his protective eye-wear. This is all we had. He rocked it, though. And just like that:

Front Yard | The Wilson BuzzBye, bye, tree! I really wish I had some “before” pictures! I know I took some at one point, but I must have decided I was going to take new ones when we finally got around to cutting it down…and then when we were cutting it down I was all “Oh I already have some.” So…whatever. Imagine a giant pine tree/bush/thing where that stump is. It was almost as tall as our house. And fugly.

Front Yard | The Wilson Buzz

Paint Yo’ Pet

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So Vigo is a rescue dog. He was pulled from a shelter when he was only a few weeks old by a group called Operation Education. He was listed as a pit bull. >.< I mean….mayyyyybe he has a smidge of pit bull in him. Maybe. He’s a little too square in the face to be a full-on whippet, and he has the “durr” personality of Miss C’s pit bull. But no. Just…no.

Anyway, all that to say OpEd is having a fundraiser at Painting with a Twist where you submit a photo of your pet, they draw an outline for you, and then you go in and they somehow teach you how to paint well enough that you can recreate it artistically and be all “Yes, dahling – I painted that mahself!” Or something. It’s kind of pricey at $55, but half of that goes back to OpEd so I think I’m going to do it. If I can find someone to go with me. I figure that even if I suck it up I’ll just make Mr. T fix it. 8}

Now for some pictures:

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzThis is the one I really want to do (minus my hand), but there can only be one animal per painting. *pout

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzKhat is the oldest, so she should get top priority. But I don’t have a lot of pictures of her. This one is decent enough, I guess. But am I going to commit to four paintings?? Do I love my animals so much that I would do that?

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzSplinter is the next oldest. This is a picture from pretty early on, but it’s a cute one! I think I had food. He’s usually not this attentive, or still.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzAnother fabulous Splinter picture. I’m not sure why his left ear is always off doing its own thing.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzI’m least interested in a Chairman painting, because he is Mr. T’s cat and I’m not a cat person. But he is quite pretty.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzDem eyes.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzVigo is our newest, but since it’s an OpEd fundraiser, I thought it would be fitting to paint my OpEd dog. The only time he’s still is when he’s being awkward, though. So no pretty pictures of this guy. But that wouldn’t be the truth. Gotta paint the truth!

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzThis is from the same trip to the dog park as the Splinter one above. Couple of goofballs. And no, I don’t take pictures while I’m driving. Never.

Which one should I paint? And will you come with me?

Pilates, Update #1 – Plus Some Rambles

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I’ve actually gotten up and done Pilates every morning this week!! Trust me, you’re not as surprised as I am. If it makes you feel better, I’ve barely exerted myself. 8P

Like I said before, it’s split up into five ten-minute workouts. Stretching, full-body, arms, core, and legs. Monday I just did the stretching. Tuesday I did arms followed by stretching. Wednesday I just did stretching. Thursday I *attempted* legs. And this morning I just did stretching. There is a direct relation between my bedtime the night before and the amount of working out I did in the morning. I really enjoy the stretching (obviously), but it doesn’t really cause me to exert myself – which is probably why I like it. But the reviews were right…this is definitely a more advanced Pilates than I’m capable of. >.< I did okay on the arms, but the leg workout – Geeze, Louise. I didn’t have the balance or the strength to do a few of those moves. I’m kind of terrified to try the full-body, but I had full intentions of doing the core workout this morning. Before I stayed up until midnight reading…

I was talking to Exum about my Goodreads goal to read 100 books this year, and how I’m picking quantity over quality at this point and downloading every free smutty book (only because those are usually the ones that are free) I can get my hands on to rack up my numbers, and then the last half of the year actually read some good books that take a week or two to finish. He made a joke about how he was surprised that it took me more than four hours to read anything, and I started thinking “Hm, I have read a lot of books so far this year, considering it’s still January.” So I went to Goodreads to investigate, and have read 15 books in 17 days. Go me!

Thanks to Exum my desktop is up and running again. But considering it was the wireless adapter that caused its little melt-down, I’m not too keen on plugging that back in. So my gaming has been put on hold for a bit…I may just take the desktop downstairs and hook it up via Ethernet. I really want to get back into Arkham Asylum. I’ve also been wanting to pick up Minecraft again, even though I always suck at it and lose interest before I make anything interesting. And MC sent me a game that I want to try out. But…there are only so many free hours in my day, and TV/books tend to get priority over gaming. Oh! Little Hippo also gave Mr. T and me a game for the PS3 for Christmas. Lego Marvel Superheroes I started on that, but didn’t get very far, and didn’t post about it. My b.