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Just an FYI, I got Peter Pan® Simply Ground™ fo’ FREE through Influenster, in exchange for an honest review. If you want to give it a try, there is a limited supply of $1 off coupons you can download from the Peter Pan website.

I just had a sudden flashback.

My family used to camp at Harrison Bay every summer. Right about the time I really started to be able to form memories our family got too large and it was too complicated to try to organize trips like that, so we stopped. Which basically means there are pictures of me at Harrison Bay, but heck if I remember much about it. But! I’ve now had two sudden flashbacks. Yes, I had one in the middle of typing that last sentence. Because my brain is weird and irrational.

Memory #1: I stepped on a piece of glass and cut my foot pretty hardcore. You don’t care about that one so much. Memory #2: I saw my cousin eating peanut butter with a spoon. A SPOON. Straight out of the jar! Why I had never done that, I do not know. But it blew my fragile little mind. You probably don’t care about that too much, either. Do you eat peanut butter straight? I never really have. I’ll dip stuff in it, or make stuff with it. Anyway, not the point.

Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson BuzzSo the Simply Ground line from Peter Pan (I got honey-roasted) is new. It’s not quite creamy, but not quite crunchy, either. They say it’s easier to spread on bread (RHYMING), but I haven’t tested that statement. They also say the jar’s the right size/shape for dipping, and I did test that. It’s true! It’s a pretty shallow container, so you don’t have to worry about having to stick your hand down into the abyss. And it’s got a really wide top, so people with man hands can snack with ease. I also really dig the taste. I’ve been known to make peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Another good one – peanut butter and maple syrup. That tip’s on me. You’re welcome.

What’s that? You want a series of pictures documenting my first taste? WELL IF YOU INSIST.

Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson Buzz Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson Buzz
Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson Buzz Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson Buzz

I approve!

Like I said, I’m not big on eating peanut butter straight out of the jar – even though this was pretty tasty. I knew they said it was a good “snacking” PB, so I looked around Kroger for something easy to dip in it while at work.

Side note: Work snacks are the best snacks. A little blip of sunlight in an otherwise bleak day… ;) I’m being melodramatic because I’ve had a long week at work. TGIF, y’all. T.G.I.F.

Anyway, another flashback for you: a treat my mom would make that I haven’t had in AGES and now really wish I had fully prepped for was PB spread across graham crackers, with some mini marshmallows on top. Pop it in the microwave for a couple seconds and omg…heaven. I didn’t do all that (much regret now), but I did get some graham cracker “stix” from Kroger. AND I discovered another awesome feature of the container – tiny snack bowl!! Feel free to share that tip, Peter Pan. I’m quite proud of it.

Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson BuzzAnywho, Peter Pan® Simply Ground™ is delicious and you should try it.

Thanks, Influenster! Thanks Peter Pan!