Home Tour 2016

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It’s home tour time, beeches!!
Actually, it’s way past home tour time. But I got to it when I got to it, okay? I’ve kept cleaning, then getting messy, then cleaning, then getting messy. And the entire house has never been totally clean all at the same time since the moment right before we walked in with our boxes. We’ve also had roommates, so it’s been difficult to find time when I’m home alone, not to mention I’m not gonna film rooms that someone else is living in. I didn’t bother watching last year’s video before I start rolling. And I didn’t watch the video before I started uploading it to YouTube. God knows what all I said. I’m actually watching last year’s video as I wait for this one to upload, and keep thinking “Oh, right…I should’ve said something about that.” My bad. Oh, sweet past Sarah had so many plans. It’s crazy to see how much has changed in the past year! And how much hasn’t… I’m pretty amused by how much I apologized for the messy house, compared to what things look like now and I’m just like “whatevs” – God knows what it will look like NEXT year, when I’ve got a child!!

Anywho, here’s the video:

Home Tour 2015

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I did it! I made a home tour video! And our house was sooooo messy!! But I did it! I want to be real with you guys. 100% honesty is what you’ll get from me. YouTube, bless them, tried really hard to stabilize the video. The quality is crap ’cause I used my cell phone. I now know how awkward it is trying to talk to me, with my shifty eyes and inability to maintain eye contact. It’s 22 minutes long – I’m sorry. I don’t know how it happened. I only got totally distracted once, when Chairman knocked something over in a closet. omg, our house is so messy…