FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots

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So a Hot Spot is basically a spot in your house where junk accumulates. For this first attempt at diffusing a “hot spot” she suggests setting a timer for two minutes, getting as much done as you can in those two minutes, then stopping.

I decided to clear off our coffee table:

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots | The Wilson BuzzThis whole things sounds a lot like the “surface sweeps” that we do for January Cure. As a matter of fact, I think I cleaned off our coffee table last year during the cure. lol! The only distraction I had this go around was deciding to fill a glass with water. That really ate into my time, I think… FlyLady says to do it all in TWO minutes – Apartment Therapy gave me three!! Neither time limit resulted in success.

Coffee table after two minutes:

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots | The Wilson BuzzI mean…it’s better? But my attention span mixed with our ability to really clutter a space up really inhibits my ability to clean a space in under five minutes. So I switched over from Timer to Stopwatch on my phone and finished – including cleaning it off with Windex!

Coffee table after an additional 6.5 minutes:

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots | The Wilson BuzzNow isn’t that nice?


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Note: This is a post I started on Thursday, December 31 and I never hit “Publish” – I just kept adding to it all weekend. So it’s gotten kind of long and unwieldy – not to mention it was barely interesting to begin with! But I’ve dedicated three days to it, darnit, so I’m going to publish it. Feel free to not read it. ;)

I wish I had some sort of…competency…with being responsible, and could blog regularly, rather than 500 posts in one week and then silence for 3 months. But it is what it is, and if I try to save a post for later it will never get done, so you’re just gonna get posts when I write them, and you gotta be okay with that.

Anyway, this is a post I’m using as an excuse to take a break in cleaning so I can brag about how much I’ve accomplished. I’ve had to stop myself a few times from going too far. I’m trying to stick to the items that were planned out in The Confident Mom calendar. Like she said to clean one shelf in the fridge. I cleaned one and was like “omg, that’s so nice – I should do the entire thing!!” But then I had to remind myself that I’ve got a dozen other small things to do, and if I spend an hour on the fridge that’s six little things that will fall through the cracks.

Dec 31

By 10:00 I had:

  • started our sheets in the wash
  • swept/mopped the living room
  • gathered up *most of* the Christmas decorations in preparation for packing them up
  • taken out the recycling
  • paid our ADT bill
  • made some sweet tea (this totally belongs on this list, stfu)
  • unloaded about half the dishes in the dishwasher

Now I’m gonna eat breakfast and take my vitamins.

Holy crap, it’s already 2:00?! I have accomplished less than I had hoped, but I got some stuff done:

  • dried the sheets and made the bed
  • started a load of towels
  • wiped down our back door and cleaned the windows
  • found a recipe for homemade laundry detergent (haven’t had to make any for 3 years, so I forgot how)
  • finished unloading the dishwasher and put the dishes from the sink back into it
  • spent an unGODLY amount of time getting our new Pack-n-Play assembled and set up in the bedroom


Progress! | The Wilson Buzz1: I had to pause to admire how tightly packed this whole mess was. Because that will NEVER happen again.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz2: When I initially pulled it out, I thought “Oh, this won’t be so bad, after all!”

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz3: Aaaaand then I unrolled everything. Oh.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz4: The initial frame was crazy easy! I’ve had a little bit of experience setting these up with my sister’s kids. I was feeling pretty positive at this point.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz5: When your kids are still really little you can add in this mesh bit to raise the mattress up. That way you don’t have to bend down so far to get them in/out.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz6: See? I was still feeling pretty optimistic at this point. I was so naive…

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz Progress! | The Wilson Buzz

7. It legit took about an hour to get from the first picture to the second – no joke. omg, this was the worst thing ever. It was freaking impossible. I’ve never been so frustrated. But! I assembled it! I am wonder woman! Raising a child will be easy after this!! ;)

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz Progress! | The Wilson Buzz

8. Sweet, sweet victory. Never has anything been so satisfying. Yes, the bar is set pretty low. I enjoy the simple things in life. Don’t question it. The picture on the left is the “napper” and the right is the “changer”. It’s super easy to flip between the two. So even though it was a beast to put together, I admire the engineering that went into it.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz9. FINISHED! I guess they can look at and/or play with the little hangy stars? Or they just include those so parents can end on a high note. lol!

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz10. And then I moved it into the bedroom. Not sure if it will sit there for the next three months or if we’ll pack it up and wait to assemble it once it gets closer to time. Hopefully LBW actually sleeps in the stupid thing, after all this. >.>

Jan 1

It’s noon! Since I last checked in I have:

  • finished the load of towels
  • started a load of sheets
  • did another load of dishes
  • got dressed and went to Walmart, omgeeze
  • made homemade laundry detergent
    • 1 box borax
    • 1 box washing soda
    • 1 box baking soda
    • 3 bars fels-naptha laundry soap – grated
  • deep-cleaned the sink!

And more importantly, we hung out with friends and had a faaaaaantastic New Year’s Eve. We went out to eat dinner, then played Exploding Kittens and Uno. We actually managed to (barely) stay awake until midnight!! And then immediately went to bed.

Happy New Year! | The Wilson BuzzHappy New Year!

Anyway, back to cleaning, I guess…

By the time we left the house around…6:00?…I had gotten a few more things done:

  • unloaded dishwasher
  • folded towels and sheets – put them away
  • wiped down the fronts of fridge, dishwasher, and stove
  • cleaned off/wiped down the kitchen counters
  • swept/tidied living room

But, yeah – we were going to catch the 7:15pm showing of The Hateful Eight at the movie theater in Franklin, because they were showing it in 70MM. We got there about 30 minutes early, but they were already sold out. Oops. So – unexpected all-night date night!! We went to Tin Roof 2 for dinner:

Tin Roof 2 | The Wilson BuzzAnd then we bought tickets to see Sisters at 8:20:

Deadpool | The Wilson BuzzAnd then we got to see The Hateful Eight at 11:15pm:

Deadpool | The Wilson BuzzOkay, so those pictures have nothing to do with the movies we saw. But we’re really freaking excited about the Deadpool movie coming out in February. And this is just further proof that Mr. T is better at getting his picture taken. Anyway, we got home after 3:00am last night/this morning and then I slept until about 10:30am.

Jan 2

So the FlyLady Day 2 is to “get dressed to lace-up shoes” first thing. Ha! Ahahahahaha! Ha! No.

Progress! |The Wilson BuzzI have shoes on?!

So I sat down on the couch to check in on my The Confident Mom calendar and update this never-ending post… And then the cats came downstairs. We have to keep them locked up most of the time because Khat doesn’t use litter boxes anymore. :( Our entire upstairs smells like urine. Soon we’ll be ripping up the carpet and replacing it with “hardwood” flooring – either laminate or vinyl. And at some point I’m going to have to put my sweet girl to sleep. She’s got arthritis, diabetes, and a severe litterbox aversion. We try to keep Chairman with her, so she’s not totally alone, but then he starts to get stir-crazy from being locked up away from people…it’s a mess. So, long depressing story long…we’re going to have to put her to sleep soon. :(

With all that being said, she came downstairs and climbed up in my lap:
Khat | The Wilson BuzzHow can I not spend time with her?! So now I’m playing The Lego Movie game for PS3 and it’s nearly 2:00pm. #dealwithit

Aaaaand, I got back on track around 4:30. >.< Between then and bedtime, I was able to:

  • schedule an appointment to look at a car tomorrow
  • clean out the freezer
  • run a load of my laundry
  • run a load of Todd’s laundry
  • sweep the living room
  • cook dinner
  • sweep/mop the kitchen floor
  • stay on top of dirty dishes

Oh, and spend lots of time on FB, watch several episodes of several TV shows on Netflix, and buy a stroller/car seat combo off our registry!


FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink

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I did it. I cleaned the stupid sink. We didn’t have any bleach, so I thought I’d get some at Kroger, but either I couldn’t find it or they don’t sell it. I also got kind of angrily/nicely chastised for leaving my cart unattended. But that’s neither here nor there. So I didn’t really follow the exact directions.


FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzHere is how things began. I did at least do all the dishes before I took this picture. So I’ve got that going for me.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThe first thing I did was spray everything down with Scrubbing Bubbles. Then I scrubbed those bubbles. I scrubbed them real good.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzCan you see a difference? I could irl, but I’m not sure the pictures really show a difference.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThen I sprinkled a bunch of Bar Keeper’s Friend all over the place and scrubbed that around. I may have used way too much, not really sure. It took ages to get it all washed away. But it was pretty shiny and nice when it was done.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzSee? (Really – I’m asking. Is there any difference? I can’t tell. I mean I could tell when I was doing it, but in these pictures…I’m just not sure. Tell me you can see a difference. TELL ME.)

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThe cherry on the freaking top of the cake, though, is this AWESOME new in-sink drying rack I bought. No more drying dishes on the counter, using up valuable counter space!! And no  more two sinks to fill with dirty dishes, allowing us to go FAR too long between running the dishwasher. It’s a new era, baby. NO LOOKING BACK.

Clean(ish) Bathroom!

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I did it. I cleaned the bathroom. Mostly. I still need to sweep/mop. But for real. Look at the before pictures…it was rough. We had a desk lamp in our sink for…way longer than I’m willing to admit.

before after
Clean(ish) Bathroom! | The Wilson Buzz Clean(ish) Bathroom! | The Wilson Buzz
Clean(ish) Bathroom! | The Wilson Buzz Clean(ish) Bathroom! | The Wilson Buzz
Clean(ish) Bathroom! | The Wilson Buzz Clean(ish) Bathroom! | The Wilson Buzz

So, yeah. It’s better. I doubt our house will ever be some sort of magazine-worthy piece of art, but whatever. We can use both our sinks and see the floor. I call it a win! Looking at them now, I had already done some cleaning before taking my “before” pictures, because the floor is far too clean in those pictures. lol!

It’s 8:30am on Thursday, December 31 and I am feeling relatively motivated. Let’s get all the things I was supposed to do the past few days done!

Failing Kind of Hard, Per Usual

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So I mentioned I had Big Plans to get back on track with keeping the house clean in the coming year. New baby and all that.

Well. I have not been able to mark very many things off my calendar. The very first FlyLady challenge was to clean your sink? Hasn’t happened. She has annoyed the piss out of me with relentless emails, though! Seriously – it’s probably close to 10 a day. And all but 1 or 2 are testimonials that try to sell you her products. REALLY annoying. I’ve decided I’m not going to do any of her daily email challenges until I get through the 31 baby steps, which I have yet to start on – remember the unshiny sink? I think it will be best to start on January 1. Well, that’s what I decided after I never did the first one, and so now according to my calendar I should be on Day 4… And I am even more convinced this is for SAHMs. It’s impossible to do all this. Impossible, I say! I’ve set myself up for failure, I have.

I was supposed to start this new life on Sunday, but a couple of friends came over and we all ate pizza and watched Aladdin, which is SO much more fun than cleaning. I was able to plan my weekly menu and buy groceries, though! Then Monday some more friends from out of town came over and bunch of us went out to eat Mexican food, then they hung out at our house until after 10:00. Mr. T went with them to watch Star Wars and I went to bed. Last night I did actually get something accomplished! The bathroom is like 99% clean!! My goal was to get the bathroom clean before I did my 2016 Home Tour, and I’m almost there! It will probably be much shorter this year, as we have roommates in the two upstairs bedrooms so I’m not going to go in them at all. It’s one thing to overshare about my own life – I won’t drag innocents into it. ;)

I’m looking over all this stuff that I was supposed to do the past few days, and I’m like…man. I really should’ve done that. >.< Maybe I can catch up tomorrow and Friday. They’re my last two days off until maternity leave!! Which is a terrifying thought, by the way. Three months! That’s all. Just three months. At what point do you feel ready for a child? Don’t answer that. I know the answer is “Never, really. But you’ll do fine.” And if your answer is anything other than that, I don’t want to hear it, anyway.

Oh, and I signed up for Apartment Therapy’s January Cure again this year. Because it’s not like I’m not failing at enough already. Let’s add one more thing to the list!!

Big Plans, Per Usual

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I’ve been working on a New Year’s Resolutions post, but I need to consult with Mr. T on his list before I publish. I also keep adding to mine…the thing I just added was setting up a cleaning routine. I was scrolling through old blog posts and saw so many times over the past year that I had cleaned a room, and how nice it always looked, and I was like…dang, girl maintain that shizz. Then I remembered that my sister had requested I find some sort of home cleaning guide that lasted the entire year, rather just a one-off thing that only lasts for about a month and focuses on one room/project. So I began my quest. It lasted like 10 minutes. I posted in a FB group I’m in and was directed toward two separate (and free!) resources: FlyLady and The Confident Mom.

Apparently FlyLady emails you approximately a BILLION TIMES every day (seriously, I signed up this morning and have already gotten…like 3-4 emails) and reminds you to do things. I think this is a service more for women who are home all day. But she has a 31 Days of Baby Steps thing to help you get started on a routine. So I’m going to start on those next week. No, not today – it’s freaking Christmas Eve Eve and I’ve got better stuff to do, yo. Like not clean. Her big first thing that is super important and you have to maintain daily is keeping your sink shiny. Ho boy. Our sink is my cleaning kryptonite. HOW DID SHE KNOW?! But! I will do my best!!

The Confident Mom has a Weekly Household Planner (that is customizable!) to help you stay on track. I went through the next two weeks and tweaked her schedule a bit, which included adding reminders to do a FlyLady Baby Step every day! I’m not looking forward to having children, though, for real. She had dishes/laundry listed under Daily Tasks, which is nutso. I wonder how many kids she has?? And it’s another one that seems like it’s kind of for women that are home all day. I’m sure I can tweak it as the year progresses, too. And God knows what will happen to me come April when I HAVE A CHILD HOLY CRAP WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH A CHILD?!

And I just remembered that last year I did a Home Tour. If I can get the rest of the trash from Thanxmas 2015 cleaned up in the next week or so, I should be shooting another one soon. It was cool to see the obvious ways our house has changed over the year. Well, the bad changes are less cool than the good ones… lol! But I’m excited to overshare with you soon!!

Surface Sweeps April 1-7

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Like I mentioned before, I’ve started a new FB group all about getting/staying motivated. So far we have the categories: nutrition, exercise, sleep, and around the house. I’ve started up the Morning Person class again in an attempt to improve my sleep/morning habits, and I’ve started Tai Cheng again! (After over a month of taking a break…) I haven’t really done anything nutrition-wise yet, but I do want to try out Soylent. I know two people that are “eating” it, and it seems like it might be a viable option for Mr. T and me to try – at least for lunch at work. But, yeah – for the “around the house” portion, I’ve decided to do a Surface Sweep every day, and take before/after pictures to help motivate me. I won’t blog about it every day, because HELLO, TEDIOUS. But maybe once a week!

April 1, 2015

Surface Sweep 04/01/15 | The Wilson BuzzI finally cleaned up the clothes in my closet floor!! It all started going south when I did a couple loads of laundry. I took my little hamper bags out of the closet, thinking it would be easier to transport them to the laundry room that way. And it was! But I didn’t bring the bags BACK. So my clothes weren’t getting sorted, and I had a pretty hefty pile of them on the floor beside my hamper. The pile to the left in the first picture are all dirty. The pile in the top right are clean and a great showcase of my biggest procrastination problem with laundry. Putting it away. My GOD why is that so hard?!? I suck at it. Suuuuuuuck so hard at it. But! As I swear to do every time I do laundry and yet always fail, here I am again, swearing to never do this…again! The next time I do laundry, I will put it all away as soon as it comes out of the dryer! I WILL!!!!

April 2, 2015

Surface Sweep 04/02/15 | The Wilson Buzz

Surface Sweep 04/02/15 | The Wilson BuzzLast night I cleaned the bonus room! Or at least started on it. The cats have pretty much had free reign up there for the past two years, so short of a total remodel there is only so much we can do. It’s kind of gross, and I feel bad about that. :( I hate litter boxes. We’ve tried every box under the sun and Khat still manages to find a way to pee outside of it, while standing inside it. I love/hate that stupid cat. And you can’t even blame it on old age – she’s always been a litter box magician! This was a bit more intense than a “surface sweep”, but I have a couple of friends coming over tonight for a SLUMBER PARTY. I wanted to be able to get away from the dogs, because ew, boys. ;) I’ll just burn some incense and hope for the best.

April 3-5, 2015

Listen. I was busy this weekend, okay? On Saturday I did start cleaning out our reading nook closet, but all that resulted in was trashing the bonus room again. Plus I barely made a dent in the closet. >.> I didn’t get any pictures. The slumber party was a lot of fun, though!! We stayed up relatively late, considering how old and tired we all are. Sunday was filled with Easter stuff – lunch with Mr. T’s family, egg hunt at my sister’s house, lazy night reading/playing video games with Mr. T. We both took naps!! I plan on getting back on track today, though.

April 6, 2015

Surface Sweep 04/06/15 | The Wilson BuzzI didn’t really do much Monday. Sputnik and Vigo got in a fight Sunday night. Ironically (?) Sputnik – the big, scary pit – got hurt more than Vigo, so we took him to the vet. They had to sedate him to clean his wounds because he wouldn’t stop trying to lick the doctors! >.< It wasn’t anything major, he just had a few puncture wounds. Vigo got him a few times on his legs, and above his eye. He was still loopy when I got home from work. I spent a few hours sitting on the couch with all three dogs (who get along famously 99.9% of the time) since they hadn’t been getting enough attention lately. Of course, if you ask them they never get enough attention… Anyway, I hung out with them for a bit, then went upstairs to hang out with Mr. T, and then suddenly it was past 11:00 and I hadn’t taken a shower yet. I rushed to let the dogs out, and started straightening the sheets when I discovered Splinter had done…something…on the bed. It wasn’t poop or pee…it was like he’d eaten something. And thank GOD I decided to straighten the sheets, or I might not have noticed! And thank GOD Mr. T messes the sheets up so much that I have to straighten them!! And thank GOD we finally bought a mattress cover a few months ago. *shudder* So, anyway, I got to fulfill my “surface sweep” goal for yesterday by putting fresh sheets on the bed! I didn’t think about it until I was about to fall asleep, so there are no before/after pictures, but here’s one of me and a disgruntled Sputnik. Sorry my hair looks crazy, it was still wet from the shower. BUT I DID TAKE ONE.

April 7, 2015

Well crap. I meant to take pictures this morning, but totally forgot. I did some more work in the book nook closet yesterday. I found all my old CDs!

Surface Sweep 04/07/15 | The Wilson BuzzYeah – still not halfway into the closet, and I’ve totally trashed the bonus room in the process. So it goes… Maybe I can get it all finished tonight? At least get the closet cleaned OUT. Maybe not get all the crap that’s out of it put away. I’m not sure what to do with 90% of it. The reason it was in there is because we didn’t know what to do with it!!

You and me baby….

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….ain’t nothing but mammals.

I had the sudden realization that that title might imply I’m pregnant. I’m not. I don’t know why I’m so hyper-aware of baby innuendos. Maybe because everyone in the world is getting knocked up? Baby announcements have gotten so gosh darn clever? I mean, seriously, why does every announcement have to be some elaborate thing?? Which…I totally want to do it, too, so I can’t judge too harshly. OR CAN I?

Anyway, I’m not pregnant – that song was playing on my “happy” playlist when I started this post. Now it’s “Stupid Hoe” by Nicki Minaj, so… Timing is everything, amiright? I think I already have a blog post titled “Stupid Hoe” actually. *searches* Huh, maybe not. What on earth am I even talking about right now?? I don’t really have a goal with this post, I just really wanted to write one. I don’t want to ramble about my stupid 30 Before 30 list again, either.

We’re fostering again! This lovely lady is Karizma. She has heartworms, poor girl. She’s starting treatment next Monday, so she’ll be on crate-arrest for a month or so before she’s up for adoption. We’re fostering through Operation Education, the same group that rescued Vigo. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it on here, but we fostered a doberman through them a few weeks ago. His name was Urkel and he was absolutely precious. Karizma is pretty sweet, too, but Urkel was a bit older so way more chill. She’s just a puppy, though – she can’t help it.

Karizma | The Wilson Buzz

I have a cleaning schedule for our house. I’m going to finish our bedroom!! So far things are going abysmally, of course. I had chores broken down into weeks. First a week to get the living room totally put together and cleaned. Then the kitchen. Last week was supposed to be our bathroom (and my closet). This week, our bedroom. And next week would be spent finishing all the projects we’d started in the bedroom. I got the living room up to about 95%, the kitchen to maybe 60%, aaaaand…mostly I’ve been playing The Sims. lol!

Wednesday was Mr. T’s day off, so he got the living room back into the 95% clean range (we suck at keeping our chaos in check) and did a lot in the kitchen. I would say it’s at…85% now? But I worry about his cleaning style. He tends to use the “out of sight, out of mind” method of cleaning. (He put the bag of cat food on the top shelf of our pantry instead of taking it upstairs and refilling the cat food containers…) So finding things after he cleans is always an adventure. But honestly…when it looks clean…I really don’t care. I haven’t touched the bathroom. Not even a little bit. I made Mr. T vacuum his face hair out of the tub (don’t even ask) but that’s about it. My closet smells like piss thanks to the stupid animals thinking it’s their own private bathroom. #rage

I’m done with this post.

Holy Sheet!

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The kitchen is still clean! I don’t know why it makes me so happy, but it does. I really really really hope we can keep it like this for always. I’ve been working on a cleaning schedule for each room. I think I’m going to implement them as I go through my spring cleaning brouhaha. Here’s a screenshot of the kitchen one. The formatting is a bit weird because of the way Excel displays the print preview. I’m also using different fonts on my work computer that I don’t have installed here on my laptop. Not that I do anything non-work-related at work…

Kitchen Cleaning Schedule | The Wilson BuzzBut that’s not really what this post is about. I don’t really have a focus for this post, actually, I’m just trying to get in the habit again. Lucky you.

I had a dream a few nights ago that it was some holiday time, or something. My whole family was together at my parents’ house. For some reason I was also roommates with this girl from my hometown. I’m not sure where or why, though, because she has a son and was really sad to be away from him. Anyway, I got together with her and another girl from my hometown to hang out. But I woke up wrecked in my parents’ yard. I was like “Well crap, I got drunk and drove home. Thank God I made it all the way here before I wrecked!!” (Side note: I NEVER drink and drive. And you shouldn’t, either.) So then I had to go inside and clean myself up, figure out how to explain this to my family without telling them I’d been drinking. I called those girls when I was inside, to try to figure out what had happened. They told me that not only had I gotten wasted, I’d also taken a TON of pills. I freaked out and immediately gagged myself to throw them up. And I just threw up tons of pills. They hadn’t even begun to dissolve. And you know how after you throw up there’s still some left in your mouth, so you have to spit? Well I spit. Only I spit in real life. All over my pillow, and the sheets.

Unrelated: I bought new sheets today at Target!! I also bought a welcome mat for our front door, some magnets that are suuuuuuper cute, a dress, a drying rack for clothes, a mat to put on the dryer so I can iron things (IRON! THINGS!), and a new controller for our PS3. Trust me, my life is very exciting. And since you were begging me, here is a picture of our bed with the new sheets on it. I actually bought two sets. You don’t get to see the others. Mainly because I’m lazy. DEAL WITH IT.

Holy Sheet! | The Wilson BuzzFun story. I washed these sheets first, right? And then threw the other sheets in to wash with our old winter fleece sheets. These got dry, and I put them on the bed. As I was straightening out the flat sheet I realized it had a gash in it. And then another one. And another one. “wtf??” I thought maybe our dryer had attacked, but then I found the bag that they came in. It has a huge gash in it. Sooo…something sliced them before I even bought them. Mr. T is going to exchange them tomorrow.

Holy Sheet! | The Wilson BuzzAt least we have our old bed upstairs. I’ll be sleeping there tonight.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First

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Some things mentioned in this post I purchased with coupons I received as a participant in a BzzAgent campaign. I don’t get paid to discuss them, but my post here helps me get more free stuff, so I can do more reviews like this one. Unless they hate this review, which is entirely likely. I tend to ramble and be incoherent. Much like right now. Moving on!

You guys. You. Guys. I got my eyebrows waxed today. The woman (she’s quite lovely – I do so enjoy my hair salon) was all “It’s been awhile since you got this done, isn’t it?” Yes, yes it has. But there is something so satisfying in having bushman eyebrows and then suddenly having beautifully sculpted ones, don’t you think? If I were to always maintain them, wouldn’t it lose its excitement? That’s what I tell myself, anyway. What does this have to do with spring cleaning? Well, I have that same outlook on my house. I like to wait until it appears that all hope is lost and then do a massive scrub down. Usually right before people come over.

I imagine I’m not the only one. And Kroger knows this. They teamed up with BzzAgent for a “spring cleaning” promotion where they sent out some pretty sweet coupons for various cleaning products. You got me, guys – I’ll clean my house, alright? BzzAgent is so awesome they also sent me a coupon for some Glade Wax Melts and I don’t even have to post about that!! But I’m going to, because I bought them when I bought everything else and they’re in the picture I’m about to post. So.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson BuzzI got all sorts of goodies. Carpet cleaner, because freaking Vigo is trying to ruin my life – I won’t go into any details, mmkay; trash bags; Ziplock bags; wax melts; paper towels (not pictured); and laundry scents, which I didn’t actually get a discount for. I just really like them. I make my own detergent, but I missed all the fun scents. Kroger also had this special going on where you get 4x the fuel points on certain “spring cleaning” purchases. So that was pretty awesome. Love me some fuel points.

Anyway, I’m going to do some deep cleaning ’round these parts. Starting today, in my kitchen. And I’m going to be 100% honest with all of you. 100%. Are you ready for my shame?? Here are some “before” pictures.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz
Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz

Now you’ve seen my shame. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “Oh, God – do you really LIVE LIKE THIS?” that I turned on my Scentsy (containing a Glade Wax Melt – don’t tell either company) and sat down to write a blog post instead of starting cleaning. Ah, well – procrastination time has come to an end. Now I must crank up my “happy” playlist and werk it.

*whew! I did it!! It’s so nice in here now. Just…don’t look in the living room, okay? Everything I did:

  1. Put away clean dishes and wash the dirty. I have some homemade dish detergent for the dishwasher, but use Dawn for any hand washing.
  2. Clean off and wipe down the counters. Again, I have a combination of home made and store bought cleaners. I use the Kroger brand sanitizing wipes sometimes, but I also use a home made cleaner that is a vinegar/water mixture.
  3. Clean out the dog crates and wash their blankets. I have home made laundry detergent and use vinegar for fabric softener.
  4. Cleaned off/wiped down the table and little island thing.
  5. Swept the floors.

Anyway, that’s not super interesting, but now my kitchen is cleaaaaaaan and I am happy. So thank you, Kroger and BzzAgent for guilt-tripping me into spring cleaning. Next Saturday I’ll clean the living room!! Fingers crossed we keep the kitchen clean until then.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz
Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz