Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1

Surprise! I decided that instead of finishing the half-bath or the bedroom I would rather start on another project entirely!! Why? Don’t ask silly questions like that! But really: When MR moved out the bastard left pretty much everything he owned. I probably complained about this at some point, but can’t be bothered to look it up. At first he said he was leaving a couple of things, then he said he could take it all, and then when I got home after he was supposedly moved out EVERYTHING WAS STILL HERE. I thought maybe he hadn’t actually moved out yet and sent him a text. He said he’d left a few things but figured we’d find a use for them. He seriously left everything except his clothes, from what I can tell. Dresser, shelves, MATTRESS, chair, night stands, body wash & shaving cream, toaster, coffee maker, hot plate…a ton of food in the freezer… Ugh.

Anyway, I actually like the dresser he left. OH MY GOD – I forgot to take a before picture. >.< Oh, okay – no worries. Mr. T overslept today and didn’t actually spray paint it like I asked him to. He’s been feeling sick so I won’t be upset about this. Even though it’s supposed to get up to 85 & sunny today and then rain tomorrow and be cold for the rest of the year week.

Anyway… I like that dresser and decided I wanted to put it in my closet, so we needed to take the dresser that was currently in there out. Then Mr. T wanted that in his closet, so we needed to move his current dresser out…you see where this is going. I had also ripped out the carpet in my closet because the multiple cat-pee incidents (seriously…so much rage) had pretty effectively ruined it. I was trying to decide what to do with that (I know, now!) and figured I should do it while there were no dressers in there. And since the dresser was out, and the floor was out, why not paint the walls, too? SO I DID.


Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1 | The Wilson Buzz Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1 | The Wilson Buzz

The walls were an off-white/beige mess and absolutely covered in scuff marks. I have no idea what the previous owner did in here, but it involved banging things against all the walls. You can’t see it in the pictures, but it was BAD. Also, the lighting sucks in here just like it does everywhere else in our house, so my closet looks super orange in the second picture.


Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1 | The Wilson Buzz Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1 | The Wilson Buzz Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1 | The Wilson Buzz

The most disheartening part of this whole experience is how exactly the same it looked from outside the closet. I haven’t painted the top half of the room yet for reasons, but you can barely tell a difference between it and the bottom half. It’s mainly because of the divide between the two due to the shelf – it’s much more apparent in the two pictures where I hadn’t painted the corners yet. Do you have any idea how satisfying it was to paint over those scuff marks! And the beige?! It was amazing. Part of that might have had to do with the overwhelming fumes, though. By the time I was done I was seriously feeling woozy. I only just now thought about how good of an idea it would have been to turn the bathroom vent on. >.< I blame the fumes on that oversite! I had the box fan going, but it couldn’t do much by way of circulation. I also didn’t think to open the window until after I’d finished painting. Let’s just call this an exercise in what NOT to do and move on, okay?


Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1 | The Wilson BuzzDo you know what sort of implement was used to attach these shelves to the walls? They’re fat like a screw, but don’t have any obvious way to remove them. Maybe some sort of nail? But again – no easy way to get them out. And there are approx. a BILLION of them holding the shelves up. That’s probably a good thing – I don’t want my shelves to fall down and kill me one night! Not that I sleep in my closet or anything. It could just as easily fall and kill me during the day. Or fall when I’m not in my closet, considering how much more likely that is… What was I talking about??

The room had obviously never been painted post-shelf-installation (which is probably why it had so many scuff marks). So I did what any good homeowner would do and became that person – the one you curse 10 years down the road. Oh yes – I did it:

Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1 | The Wilson BuzzI PAINTED OVER THEM. Suck it!! Tape is for LOSERS. Mwahahahahaha…


Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1 | The Wilson Buzz Surprise! Closet Renovation: Part 1 | The Wilson Buzz

Here it is finished! I painted the trim with the same paint I’d painted the walls, partially because I’m lazy but also because it’s just a white semi-gloss…why wouldn’t you paint the trim right along with it? I know most people use gloss, but wtf ever. I know this was kind of a boring post (and yet I’m passing 800 words as I type this sentence) but I have many more plans for this room. Because I couldn’t take the shelves down I had to modify my plans, but I still think it’s gonna be neat-o bandito. 8}

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