Surface Sweeps April 1-7

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Like I mentioned before, I’ve started a new FB group all about getting/staying motivated. So far we have the categories: nutrition, exercise, sleep, and around the house. I’ve started up the Morning Person class again in an attempt to improve my sleep/morning habits, and I’ve started Tai Cheng again! (After over a month of taking a break…) I haven’t really done anything nutrition-wise yet, but I do want to try out Soylent. I know two people that are “eating” it, and it seems like it might be a viable option for Mr. T and me to try – at least for lunch at work. But, yeah – for the “around the house” portion, I’ve decided to do a Surface Sweep every day, and take before/after pictures to help motivate me. I won’t blog about it every day, because HELLO, TEDIOUS. But maybe once a week!

April 1, 2015

Surface Sweep 04/01/15 | The Wilson BuzzI finally cleaned up the clothes in my closet floor!! It all started going south when I did a couple loads of laundry. I took my little hamper bags out of the closet, thinking it would be easier to transport them to the laundry room that way. And it was! But I didn’t bring the bags BACK. So my clothes weren’t getting sorted, and I had a pretty hefty pile of them on the floor beside my hamper. The pile to the left in the first picture are all dirty. The pile in the top right are clean and a great showcase of my biggest procrastination problem with laundry. Putting it away. My GOD why is that so hard?!? I suck at it. Suuuuuuuck so hard at it. But! As I swear to do every time I do laundry and yet always fail, here I am again, swearing to never do this…again! The next time I do laundry, I will put it all away as soon as it comes out of the dryer! I WILL!!!!

April 2, 2015

Surface Sweep 04/02/15 | The Wilson Buzz

Surface Sweep 04/02/15 | The Wilson BuzzLast night I cleaned the bonus room! Or at least started on it. The cats have pretty much had free reign up there for the past two years, so short of a total remodel there is only so much we can do. It’s kind of gross, and I feel bad about that. :( I hate litter boxes. We’ve tried every box under the sun and Khat still manages to find a way to pee outside of it, while standing inside it. I love/hate that stupid cat. And you can’t even blame it on old age – she’s always been a litter box magician! This was a bit more intense than a “surface sweep”, but I have a couple of friends coming over tonight for a SLUMBER PARTY. I wanted to be able to get away from the dogs, because ew, boys. ;) I’ll just burn some incense and hope for the best.

April 3-5, 2015

Listen. I was busy this weekend, okay? On Saturday I did start cleaning out our reading nook closet, but all that resulted in was trashing the bonus room again. Plus I barely made a dent in the closet. >.> I didn’t get any pictures. The slumber party was a lot of fun, though!! We stayed up relatively late, considering how old and tired we all are. Sunday was filled with Easter stuff – lunch with Mr. T’s family, egg hunt at my sister’s house, lazy night reading/playing video games with Mr. T. We both took naps!! I plan on getting back on track today, though.

April 6, 2015

Surface Sweep 04/06/15 | The Wilson BuzzI didn’t really do much Monday. Sputnik and Vigo got in a fight Sunday night. Ironically (?) Sputnik – the big, scary pit – got hurt more than Vigo, so we took him to the vet. They had to sedate him to clean his wounds because he wouldn’t stop trying to lick the doctors! >.< It wasn’t anything major, he just had a few puncture wounds. Vigo got him a few times on his legs, and above his eye. He was still loopy when I got home from work. I spent a few hours sitting on the couch with all three dogs (who get along famously 99.9% of the time) since they hadn’t been getting enough attention lately. Of course, if you ask them they never get enough attention… Anyway, I hung out with them for a bit, then went upstairs to hang out with Mr. T, and then suddenly it was past 11:00 and I hadn’t taken a shower yet. I rushed to let the dogs out, and started straightening the sheets when I discovered Splinter had done…something…on the bed. It wasn’t poop or pee…it was like he’d eaten something. And thank GOD I decided to straighten the sheets, or I might not have noticed! And thank GOD Mr. T messes the sheets up so much that I have to straighten them!! And thank GOD we finally bought a mattress cover a few months ago. *shudder* So, anyway, I got to fulfill my “surface sweep” goal for yesterday by putting fresh sheets on the bed! I didn’t think about it until I was about to fall asleep, so there are no before/after pictures, but here’s one of me and a disgruntled Sputnik. Sorry my hair looks crazy, it was still wet from the shower. BUT I DID TAKE ONE.

April 7, 2015

Well crap. I meant to take pictures this morning, but totally forgot. I did some more work in the book nook closet yesterday. I found all my old CDs!

Surface Sweep 04/07/15 | The Wilson BuzzYeah – still not halfway into the closet, and I’ve totally trashed the bonus room in the process. So it goes… Maybe I can get it all finished tonight? At least get the closet cleaned OUT. Maybe not get all the crap that’s out of it put away. I’m not sure what to do with 90% of it. The reason it was in there is because we didn’t know what to do with it!!

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