Surface Sweep May 4

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So I kind of suck at doing a Surface Sweep every day. MY BAD. I did good for a week! Which is about right, for my commitment and focus. 8P But like I said yesterday, I’M BACK ON TRACK. I’M MOTIVATED. I actually followed through, too! I went home yesterday and cleaned up the backyard!! There are no before pictures because eff you, it was bad and I didn’t think about it.

Picture time!

Our yard is definitely way more green than when we first moved in! Too bad it’s almost all weeds… :\ We’ve thrown grass seed out more than once, so some of it is grass. But it’s mostly weeds. But it’s green!! I’m not too worried about it right now, because I want to add terracing to the lawn, anyway, which will involve digging it all up and all sorts of stuff. One day…

Surface Sweep May 4 | The Wilson Buzz

We want to cut out a chunk of that left bush and put a “tree” house between the two shrubs against the back fence. I think it will be #supercool. And also filled with wasp nests. Weeee!

Surface Sweep May 4 | The Wilson Buzz

I think the ice storm really did a number on some of our plants, too. That or we just don’t know how to maintain them – which is true. The rose bush had a lot of dead branches on it I had to clip off. Hopefully the rest of it will survive. And the honeysuckle looks totally dead. I couldn’t find the stronger clippers to cut it down off the fence.

Surface Sweep May 4 | The Wilson Buzz

The plumb trees are doing great, though! I really hope they make it… The dogwood out front is still going strong as well. Hooray for baby trees!

Surface Sweep May 4 | The Wilson Buzz

These guys, on the other hand… I don’t know if we were supposed to clip them down for winter or what. There is some new growth. Basically we just don’t know what we’re doing. I need friends with a ladder and chainsaw to come hack the tops out, maybe. See if they grow back. We also need a stump grinder to get rid of the leftover Bradford pear that keeps sprouting back up, as well as the pine tree stump out front and a bush that I had to cut down to make room for the plumb trees.

Surface Sweep May 4 | The Wilson Buzz

So, yeah. MOTIVATION. PROGRESS. Surely I can do this!! At least for a week!! lol

My next goal is to get glass in the coffee/end tables in the living room. I’d also like to paint them black, AND finish my macrame door hanging. But, easiest thing to do, and most useful, would be getting the glass. I CAN DO THIS.

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