Stitch Fix, November 2014

Mr. T took these pictures in a hurry one morning because I kept putting off doing it and then needed to mail the stuff back before I had to pay for all of it. SORRY. My pitiful blog photography is a million times worse this post because I didn’t proof the images before sealing the return bag. How much time/effort do women put into blog photography?? Because “none” is what I do and my photos come out nowhere close to the quality of more professional bloggers. Frankly…I just don’t have time for that. Oy, I also forgot to take pictures of the paperwork. It’s all very similar to last month. Use your imagination. I think I’ll do an unboxing video next time!

Anywho, this month was both better and worse than last month. I liked all the clothes, but the jeans were too small and the tops were too expensive. Bah! I wouldn’t mind the price if the material felt…solid. The tops are always so flimsy it just seems like one dog paw (or a run through the washer) will rip a hole in them. And I’m not paying $60 for a sweater I’m scared to wash!!

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzThis is the scarf. It’s a bit too bulky to wear as part of an outfit, in my opinion, but I really like it with a coat. I am keeping it, because it’s snuggly warm and I like the fact that it has two different patterns on it, so it has some visual interest without going crazy with colors. I actually took this picture right before we headed out for Thanksgiving lunch with Mr. T’s family.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzSorry for the skirt – like I said, I was in a hurry to get ready to go to my hometown and needed to do a million things other than take pictures in clothes. I really liked this sweater, but it cost $50. Which is definitely going to be the lowest price, I’m afraid. If we weren’t dealing with Christmas and opening a business I might have considered it a bit more. But I just didn’t have the budget for that right now.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz

I really liked this top, too, but it was $60. If I’m not paying $50 for a shirt, I’m definitely not paying $60. I look friggen pregnant in that first picture…I have no idea what was going on there. Terrible posture, I guess. I wanted a shot of the back panel, but Mr. T didn’t tell me the tags were all hanging out, blocking the view. Again, really thin fabric and a really high price.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz

Ahhhh! It’s a comfy sweater!! I have yearned for a comfy sweater. Slightly too large, bulky and knit and oh so comfy… AND IT HAS ELBOW PATCHES. Again, had I seen the pictures ahead of time I would have worked harder to lose the hunch back while still expressing joy over the patches…but what can you do? And it looks silly with the skirt. I think it’ll be nice with a good pair of jeans. The biggest issue with this is the fact that it’s a bit too casual for work. Maybe on Jean Fridays I can get away with it… And it’s wool, so it’s dry clean only. So I can’t really wear it to work, but I’m scared to wear it at home in case I get it dirty. Oh, AND it was $70. Kept it anyway. It’s solid, and warm. And I’m definitely always going to wear a shirt under it, because I don’t want deodorant/sweat getting in the pits. So it’s more like a jacket than a shirt. AND IT HAS ELBOW PATCHES. I didn’t approach this one with any sort of logic in mind. It was comfy and perfect and I wanted it. So I paid $70 for it.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzSeriously – he took a picture while I was talking and thought that would be fine. Men… And they were skinny jeans, not that you can tell from this shot, since they fade into my skirt. I kind of regret not trying them on…but they were a 28 waist, which is what Mr. T wears. And I can NOT wear Mr. T’s pants. It doesn’t make any sense, because on my Style Profile I have 32 listed as my waist (the largest they go), and say I have wide hips. Oh, sorry, I am “curvy on my bottom half”. 8P I also say I have short legs, and these things were several inches too long. It was disappointing because they were a “decent” price for Stitch Fix, at $60, and I really need some new jeans.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzHere are the prices for this month. A girl at work ordered a box, so I got a $25 credit. That plus the $20 I’d already paid for a Styling Fee put my total at just under $60. Not bad! I guess I need to go jeans shopping… I really need more pants, and I can’t afford another Fix this year. I’ve already ordered one for January, and requested something bright and crazy for Mr. T’s shop opening!! I’ve done practical for two months, now I want something crazy. God, I hope it works out…

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Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzHappy Thanksgiving!

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    • Thanks! I’m pretty excited about it. Of course it warmed up right after Thanksgiving so I haven’t really worn it since…maybe as the temperatures drop this week I’ll get to use it again. I hate bundling up unless I have to – no matter how cute something is. lol!

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