Still Here

I’m still here, guys! I haven’t written in ages and for that I’m sorry. There is a lot going on. Maybe eventually I’ll write about all of it, or maybe I won’t. I get lazy. Deal with it. I did start a family “yearbook”, though! I’m really excited about it, and hope it’s something I can actually stick with and maintain for years to come. I think it will be way easier than trying to make photo albums or scrapbooks that require printing off pictures and buying physical things. This way I can upload pictures to Shutterfly as I think about it, and create pages superfast. Plus, once the books exist I don’t have to worry about pictures falling out or anything like that. The pages might fall out, or get torn out, or something like that, but the same could happen to anything else. And if it gets destroyed I can order a duplicate from Shutterfly! As long as they NEVER go out of business… I’ve already got 8 pages and we’re only a month into the year. Oops… ;) Here are a couple sneak peeks (that might totally change by the time I print it, but whatever). Oh, and you can totally click to embiggen if you need to.

Still Here | The Wilson Buzz

Still Here | The Wilson Buzz

I just noticed there’s a big ‘X’ on Sputnik in the bottom corner picture. Sorry about that. It of course won’t be in the actual book, it was just a screenshot fail on my part. DISREGARD.

Shutterfly has approximately a billion options when it comes to making books. But in the same way that I would get overwhelmed trying to scrapbook, trying to go super cutesy and creative would kill my motivation and I’d never finish. So I went with a simple white theme, and chose one font to use as headers and another to user as text. And this way you can focus on the pictures and not the flashy decorations. Right? Right?

I knew it.

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