Spring Cleaning, Part the First

Some things mentioned in this post I purchased with coupons I received as a participant in a BzzAgent campaign. I don’t get paid to discuss them, but my post here helps me get more free stuff, so I can do more reviews like this one. Unless they hate this review, which is entirely likely. I tend to ramble and be incoherent. Much like right now. Moving on!

You guys. You. Guys. I got my eyebrows waxed today. The woman (she’s quite lovely – I do so enjoy my hair salon) was all “It’s been awhile since you got this done, isn’t it?” Yes, yes it has. But there is something so satisfying in having bushman eyebrows and then suddenly having beautifully sculpted ones, don’t you think? If I were to always maintain them, wouldn’t it lose its excitement? That’s what I tell myself, anyway. What does this have to do with spring cleaning? Well, I have that same outlook on my house. I like to wait until it appears that all hope is lost and then do a massive scrub down. Usually right before people come over.

I imagine I’m not the only one. And Kroger knows this. They teamed up with BzzAgent for a “spring cleaning” promotion where they sent out some pretty sweet coupons for various cleaning products. You got me, guys – I’ll clean my house, alright? BzzAgent is so awesome they also sent me a coupon for some Glade Wax Melts and I don’t even have to post about that!! But I’m going to, because I bought them when I bought everything else and they’re in the picture I’m about to post. So.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson BuzzI got all sorts of goodies. Carpet cleaner, because freaking Vigo is trying to ruin my life – I won’t go into any details, mmkay; trash bags; Ziplock bags; wax melts; paper towels (not pictured); and laundry scents, which I didn’t actually get a discount for. I just really like them. I make my own detergent, but I missed all the fun scents. Kroger also had this special going on where you get 4x the fuel points on certain “spring cleaning” purchases. So that was pretty awesome. Love me some fuel points.

Anyway, I’m going to do some deep cleaning ’round these parts. Starting today, in my kitchen. And I’m going to be 100% honest with all of you. 100%. Are you ready for my shame?? Here are some “before” pictures.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz
Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz

Now you’ve seen my shame. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “Oh, God – do you really LIVE LIKE THIS?” that I turned on my Scentsy (containing a Glade Wax Melt – don’t tell either company) and sat down to write a blog post instead of starting cleaning. Ah, well – procrastination time has come to an end. Now I must crank up my “happy” playlist and werk it.

*whew! I did it!! It’s so nice in here now. Just…don’t look in the living room, okay? Everything I did:

  1. Put away clean dishes and wash the dirty. I have some homemade dish detergent for the dishwasher, but use Dawn for any hand washing.
  2. Clean off and wipe down the counters. Again, I have a combination of home made and store bought cleaners. I use the Kroger brand sanitizing wipes sometimes, but I also use a home made cleaner that is a vinegar/water mixture.
  3. Clean out the dog crates and wash their blankets. I have home made laundry detergent and use vinegar for fabric softener.
  4. Cleaned off/wiped down the table and little island thing.
  5. Swept the floors.

Anyway, that’s not super interesting, but now my kitchen is cleaaaaaaan and I am happy. So thank you, Kroger and BzzAgent for guilt-tripping me into spring cleaning. Next Saturday I’ll clean the living room!! Fingers crossed we keep the kitchen clean until then.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz
Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning, Part the First

  1. Glad my kitchen isn’t the only one that has more than 5 items on the counter tops! And I frequently have that OH GOD! Do I really LIVE LIKE THIS! feeling… Oh well. C’est la vie…

    • It was worse when we had more roommates! But I’d rather live in barely-controlled chaos than a pristine mausoleum… And it’s so satisfying to go from wrecked to clean!

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