Spare Bedroom – Ideas

Obviously the first thing I should decide is some sort of color scheme. The walls are yellow, and I have zero desire to paint them any time soon. I have enough unfinished paint projects, thankyouverymuch. I would like for it to be bright and cheery, but also kind of neutral so the pieces can be reused throughout the house later, or easily sold in a yard sale once we’re done with them. Maybe blues or greens? Even though that’s what I’ve used on my last two (unfinished) projects… Of course, then I could use leftover paint without buying more!

What we currently have to use, furniture-wise (I don’t plan on making any purchases for this…we don’t have a lot of guests):

  • our old bed frame, which was painted green back when we lived on East Street and could definitely use a fresh coat of paint…maybe white?
  • two end tables/night stands and some matching shelves that I bought at Walmart ages ago…they’re cheap, but have held up pretty well. Some of the paper has peeled up thanks to spilled liquids…maybe it could be glued down and painted?
  • an old dresser that used to be in Mr. T’s room – again, pretty cheaply made, but maybe could be painted to match everything else.
  • a couple of old lamps Mama N gave us

Anyway, you know I hate actually working on projects. It’s much more fun to plan and then feel dissatisfied at the state of our house, all the while not actually doing anything to improve our lives! *high five* So here is my Pinterest board of some pretty simple ideas for the space. Like I said, the room is currently a sort of blah yellow color. I think I want to keep the furniture white, except maybe the dresser, and bring in more color with new bed linens, curtains, and the lamps.

Some pins of note (click the image to see the actual pin):
Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
Since the dresser is a POS particle board dealio, maybe we could do something a bit more fun with it, to bring in some color. I like the idea of doing something more artistic than just painting it all one color, or following the lines of the drawers or something… We’ll see. I also REALLY hate painting. But it’s ugly. So maybe.

Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
I’m not sure how we can paint the actual lamp portion of Mama N’s old lamps… They have another bulb in the base that I guess can be used as a nightlight? I don’t think painting over those would be an issue, as long as we don’t actually use those lamps. And maybe they’d be fine even with them, depending on the bulbs/paint used? I’m not even sure what color I’d paint them…I’m leaning toward boring old white, just for neutrality (the only thing worse than painting something is repainting it later!), but I want to have fun with the shades! Maybe not *quite* as much fun as this person did? I’ll probably find some good bed linens and then look for fabric.

Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
Along those same lines, I think I want to replace the faux-wood blinds with some roller shades. I’m not sure how far I’m willing to go on the DIY train…I’ll probably just buy some blackout roller shades and then put fabric on them. I thought this would be a nice way to use the fabric on the lamps for another part of the room. And this pattern is closer to one I’d want to use, rather than the one in the lamp picture. My first thought was actually a geometric pattern, but I think that would be too hard to line up perfectly… Anyway, that’s thinking too far into the future at this point. First we find linens! I like new sheets…

Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
This is a pretty cute idea for curtains in a guest room! The actual site that I pinned lists 10 different DIY ideas for curtains, but I like these for this room specifically. Not sure if I’d actually get around to making them if I already had the roller shades – considering we’ve lived in the house over two years and still don’t have any curtains up you can tell they’re a bit of a low-priority for me. ;) But I like the idea of this!

Spare Bedroom - Ideas | The Wilson Buzz
The last idea I had is apparently an unusual one, because I couldn’t find any sources for it on Pinterest. Maybe I just used the wrong search terms. Anyway – what about some sort of wall “art” guest book? I actually really like the idea of a gallery wall like this, now that I’ve seen it. Every guest can sign and date when they stay over, and even draw a little picture or write a note or something. :) Of course, with my friends it would probably end up being a billion penises…but in theory it’s cool, right?!

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