Spare Bedroom Colors

Because I’m incapable of finishing anything, I’m going to ignore my Morning Person assignments and continue to push off the last 2-3 January Cure projects and talk about the spare bedroom!!

Let’s discuss colors.

The walls are yellow. And I don’t want to paint. So they’re staying yellow. I want the furniture to be versatile, so I’m painting it white. And by “the furniture” I really just mean the bed. Everything else is cheap crap that was either bought at Walmart ages ago or given to us for free. I posted a colors question on Facebook (thankfully as many people follow me there as here, so no one saw it) and I was WAY off on the bedspread color. For some reason I thought we’d bought purple. We did not. We bought gray. I can’t find a picture of it. But now I kind of wish we’d gotten purple… *slap – snap out of it!

Spare Bedroom - Colors | The Wilson BuzzIt was night, we don’t have good lighting, and I used my phone to take the picture. But there’s the wall color.

I’ve now moved on to thinking about sheets. And colors. The question is…what colors/patterns do I want to use? As I’ve mentioned before, I want to use the same fabric make a roller curtain and cover the shades on our lamps. I also want to get new sheets that sort of follow the color scheme. Would it be easier to get the sheets and then find the fabric, or should I do it the other way around? Decisions, decisions…

I’m thinking pale green, and maybe a deep purple. Now that I accidentally thought our bedspread was purple the idea has been growing on me. Oh, magic! I went to Benjamin Moore to find a purple and got this color palette!

What do you think? I’m honestly not even sure how close to our bedroom yellow that swatch actually is, but whatever. You get the idea. Purple, green, and yellow. Yay, or nay? And should I find sheets or fabric first? Where would I even go to look for either? #mama

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