Smoothie Review: Apple Cinnamon

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Smoothie Review | The Wilson Buzz

I’m definitely seeing the logic in preparing the ingredients for a smoothie ahead of time and then freezing them all together in a Ziplock baggie. I made Mr. T chop up the apples while I did everything else for this one. I hate chopping things up. 8P Since we planted grass (whoop, whoop) we have to walk the dogs instead of just turning them loose in the backyard. Better exercise, but more effort. It’s a lose/lose sort of situation. ;) Again, I doubled the original (linked above) so here is my recipe.

handful of almonds (you really think I’m going to count them out?)
2 red apples, chopped up
2 bananas
1.5 cups vanilla Greek yogurt
1 cup 2% milk because skim is gross
½ tsp cinnamon

Smoothie Review | The Wilson Buzz

I actually really liked this one. Mr. T said it was too thick, and lumpy. I probably could’ve run the blender a bit longer. He suggested adding in some apple juice or cider to thin it out some. You could definitely taste all the ingredients – apple, banana, cinnamon, and even the almonds. Maybe that’s just because I physically put all of them in the blender, I don’t know. So far this one’s the winner (at the time of writing this I’ve made 3, even though this is only my second review).

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