SleepBot, Week 1

So I’ve been using my new SleepBot app for about a week now.SleepBot 02/06/16 | The Wilson Buzz

Feb 6 – The first night I forgot to turn on the movement tracking. Oops.

SleepBot 02/07/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 7 – This was one of the first nights my acid reflux really hit me…as you can see from my note. lol! I’m not really sure if you can tell the difference between when I rolled flailed over and when I actually got up to pee. But you can see how many times I woke up…freaking pregnancy.

SleepBot 02/08/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 8 – I actually got a pretty decent night’s sleep! You can see every time I hit snooze there at the end, though. lol!

SleepBot 02/09/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 9 – I can’t remember if I bought the Tums on the 8 or the 9, but they made a huge difference. Look at that sleep!!

SleepBot 02/10/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 10 – This was nota good night. I took at nap around 7 which was a HUGE mistake. My reflux/heartburn got crazy bad – I ate about half my bottle of Tums that night with no relief. And then Chairman jumped up on the bed and put WET PAWS on my face. He may have gotten into the shower…but the only other source of water was the toilet, which I don’t flush at night because of how often I get up to pee. SO I COULD HAVE HAD PEE WATER ON MY FACE. That’s the area of excitement there in the middle. I also tried sleeping on the recliner, but didn’t doze off for very long…then I became very aware of the air vent blowing directly onto my face so I staggered back into the bedroom and got that hour or so of flatline sleep you see right at the end.

SleepBot 02/11/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 11 – I was very much exhausted yesterday thanks to my sleepless night the day before, so I passed out pretty hard.


So…yeah. I don’t really know what, if anything, I’m supposed to do with this data. And don’t worry – I won’t make a post like this every week. I bet it will get crazy exciting in April, though. lol!

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