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That title doesn’t even kind of make sense, does it? TOO BAD.

This is the post where I ramble about shelves for a bit. You ready for this? TOO BAD.

(I was assuming your answer was “no”, fyi. And if it was yes, well I’m still rambling and not talking about shelves, so it kind of works for you, too! Victory!)

Right, so – anyway. Shelves. For the reading nook. That I am SO excited about. There really aren’t many pins on my Reading Nook Pinterest board, so I don’t know why I was surprised I didn’t have many shelf ideas saved, even though I’ve seen a million DIYs over the years. I’m just bad at thinking ahead, probably. Plus I see lots of really cool DIY things – I can’t pin them all!!

Corner Shelves! | deucecitieshenhouse.comThese were the only shelves I had pinned. And Mr. T doubted the sturdiness of them. But I faintly remembered a couple more sets of shelves that I had thought were pretty nifty. I just had to find them…


Renovated Living Room | Manhattan Nest I found this one, but it’s really just those cheap brackets fancied up with solid wood boards instead of the dinky pressed plywood or whatever the kits come with. Is it weird that I’m considering this for our living room, but want really sexy, fancy shelves for my tiny reading nook tucked away in a closet in our bonus room? Don’t question me!


The Pantry is Done! | Manhattan Nest This is just another sort of standard shelving system. Wall brackets with planks. It’s actually the same blog as the one above it. Manhattan Nest. I love that man. His blog is hilarious and informative. Two things I strive to be and yet fail at miserably. Again, not really what I have in mind for this room.


DIY Solid Wood Wall-to-Wall Shelves | Chris Loves Julia Awww, yisss… Now DAT IS WHAT I AM TALKIN’ A-BOUT! My only concern is that these are semi-pros with experience and tools and Mr. T and I are bumbling fools… So maybe something between this one and the previous ones? We’ll figure something out. Or think we have, suck it up, give up halfway, and cry about how awful our house is and we are as people. I need a drink already…

I think next on the agenda is going to Lowe’s and picking up some paint samples and lumber! Maybe just paint samples…we should probably paint before we install shelves, right?

Okay, I’ve thought about it a bit more, and I think the disconnect with shelves #2 and #3 are the colors in the rooms. The rooms are really bright and sleek, but if we stained the wood a darker tone and painted the walls a deep color…maybe some flat black brackets would be pretty sexy. Hmm…

Oh, and the title is supposed to be like “Smell you later” from Ace Ventura, in case that wasn’t clear.

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