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I first began this journey back in April 2013. Somewhere I blogged about it on my old site, but I’ve slacked off pretty hardcore on crossing posts over and am too lazy to go look for it. So whatever. I did some research and played around with ratios and for the most part this has been working out pretty great for me. It’s definitely not an exact science, and I have no clue if it will work for you, but here is my method:


The shampoo is just baking soda and water. I’ve discovered if I don’t use enough baking soda my hair get super oily. I don’t measure, I just try to have more than half of my ketchup squirter is baking soda. If I use less, I just have to use more when it comes time to wash my hair. So then I have to make more sooner and that’s just bleh. Someone on Facebook said they tried this and it dried their hair out. Maybe they used too much baking soda? It also depends on your personal chemistry. I read at least one “recipe” that the person made a paste, so it was almost totally baking soda. At any rate, you really just need this directly on your roots.


The conditioner is just apple cider vinegar (ACV). This I do measure – my spray bottle is 1 cup, so I do 1/2 cup ACV and 1/2 cup water. It stinks, but dries scentless. I have a mohawk, so I flip my hair onto one side, spray the tips, then flip it to the other and spray again. Not sure why it matters, but that’s how I do it. Again, there are a million different ways to do this – some people spray it, some people dip it. I just picked the easiest methods for me. And you only need to put it on the tips of your hair.

Fudging It

Yeah…I don’t do this all the time. I do do it 99% of the time! But I end up using store-bought shampoo/conditioner about once a month, for various reasons. Either I’ve run out of one, or both, of my DIY options, or my hair has gotten too oily. But really, the most important thing anyone can do if they have dry hair is shampoo¬†less. Get this – you don’t have to wash your hair every day! Try every other day. Or wash two days, rest one. I never had dry hair growing up, even though I washed it every day. But once I started bleaching and dying my hair every few months, it got super dried out. I would shampoo it maybe once a week, but conditioned it more often. I also had to wash it in super cold water and that was the lame. But now that my hair is back to normal I still skip a day every now and then without my hair getting super oily.





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  1. Get this, Mom would have my sister and I wash our hair TWICE each shower, because it was so “oily.” Yeah. And, my parents didn’t use conditioner – at all – last I checked. And I wondered why my hair was so dry and unruly when younger….

    Now, I wash every other day with a 50/50 mixture of BS/water, and about 50/50 of the ACV/water mixture for conditioner. It has worked great for me. Cheap, easy, effective. If my hair feels a little dry, I use a fingertip of argan oil rubbed directly into my scalp, plus a beanie for about 10 minutes to shape my bangs. It isn’t scentless, apparently. Even dry, the ACV will smell a little- but not enough for most people, just the sensitive nose.

    However, when I switched to BS/ACV, I washed every day for about a month, to figure out the correct mixture and help my hair get used to it.

    No regrets, I am not going back to regular shampoo/conditioner if I can help it. Haven’t used the store-bought stuff since March-ish when I started.

    • Hm, interesting – I’ve never smelled it after I got out of the shower. But most of the time I rinse after I spray my hair down. Do you leave yours in? I guess no one smells my hair but Mr. T, anyway. I feel like if he smelled it he would complain, though – the one day he got in the shower right after me he made a huge deal about the smell.

      But, yeah – this is probably my most successful DIY cleaner. I’m probably going to go back to store-bought body wash. It’s too much work for too little benefit. Like…I guess it’s cheaper, but takes forever to make and I end up using more each shower because it doesn’t create as many suds as normal body wash.

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