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I’ve had glasses since I was in the first grade. I didn’t start wearing my glasses until I was in the second grade. The first day I wore them to school I was called “four eyes” and I didn’t wear them again for another year. >.< From that point on I’ve always had glasses.

Once…maybe early high school, or late middle school…I tried hard contacts. I have astigmatism and at that point in time I think they recommended hard contacts. Let me tell you – that was rough. With hard lenses you have to put the contact directly on the pupil. I was so. bad. at it. I hated touch my eyes! Still do, actually. My sister makes fun of the way I put in/take out contacts. Apparently it’s really weird. WHATEVER. The hard contacts didn’t work out.

A few years late as technology improved I was able to try soft contacts and those really worked for me. I went contacts-only for a few years but then I finally got a pair of glasses I enjoyed wearing. It ended up being about 50/50 on if I was going to wear glasses or contacts. These days I wear glasses more than I don’t. I’m lazy, but I also stare at a computer all day. Apparently they’ve done studies and you don’t blink enough when you’re looking at a monitor. I know from personal experience that my contacts get super dried out by the end of the day, which makes me tired. I saw a commercial recently about a new type of contacts that should help with that…maybe I’ll look into that at some point.

But this post has nothing to do with contacts at all!! It’s alllll about glasses. Excluding this rather lengthy introduction.

Have you heard of Zenni Optical?? I bought my red glasses from them last year and even though they’re a bit too big for my face, I love them! I get all sorts of compliments about them, too. Guess what? They were only $6.95! Oh, look – I wrote about buying these glasses last October. #MAGIC

Anyway, they were dirt cheap. I got the frames for less than $7. I got clip-on sunglasses for less than $4. I got the most premium protective coating for less than $15. If I wasn’t blind as a dad-gum bat they would’ve been much cheaper, but I had to get the next-to-most-fancy lenses so they didn’t turn out looking like Coke bottles. They still weren’t too bad, only $34.95. Once you add in shipping, I paid $65.75 for a smashing pair of glasses.

They have a little “frame fit” app on the side of their website where you can “try on” frames before you buy them. I was bored and thought I’d give it a go. Sweet Mother Mary it was rough. I was like SURELY this isn’t accurate – these glasses can’t really look like this on my face, right?? So I “tried on” the red ones I already owned… Oy…

Saturday Product Placement | The Wilson Buzz Saturday Product Placement | The Wilson Buzz

I mean…yeah. If anything, it looks better, because my prescription doesn’t go all wonky with the perspective. Also I’m a bit sick so attempting to smile and look perky gave me kind of a crazed look… The point is – the fit is pretty accurate. Unfortunately. And THIS is why I don’t take front-facing pictures when I wear these glasses. Stupid blindness making my face look all weird and stuff.

Anywho, I found a few different ones I liked, although God knows what they’ll actually look like on my face. I posted them on a FB group I’m in that has like 3k women in it (that makes for some interesting times) and everyone that commented on it chose the same pair. Mr. T was taking a nap, but I needed to make a decision right then, because reasons, so I woke him up and asked him. He picked a different pair. Then I posted it on my FB wall and the first wave of people there all went with Mr. T’s pick! But a few people went with the other pair as well. I really couldn’t decide…

why not both?!What’s the point of having an HSA if you never use it! (We totally use it all the time, thanks to the chiropractor and now the dentist.) So I bought two pair of glasses! The frames I had picked out were both around $20, so I didn’t get any clip-on sunglasses, and I didn’t get the super fancy coating (but I did get the next level up from free so there is some protection). They were still only about $58 each, and with shipping my total was $117.80. I’m really looking forward to getting them!! Yay new things! 8D

And since I can’t keep you in suspense any longer, here are the pictures:

Saturday Product Placement | The Wilson Buzz Saturday Product Placement | The Wilson Buzz

Gah – I can’t get over how jacked up that straight shot of my face in my red glasses looks…is that what I look like when I’m talking to someone?!

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