Saturday Product Placement

It’s been a day or two since I did this, eh? I’m not getting any sort of compensation for this post, just wanted to share a life-changing product with you guys. Well, you ladies. The guys probably won’t care one way or another. Actually, guys will probably want to avoid this post. (It’s about PMS.)


Doesn’t that look weird? And it’s bigger than I thought it would be (that’s what she said). I got the “1” – it’s for women under 30 that haven’t had kids. I’m guessing the “2” is even bigger and that is terrifying.

But let me back up. wtf is a DivaCup?? It’s brilliant is what it is. It’s made of silicone and reusable. You can leave it in for up to 12 hours, so I can put it in before work and clean it out when I get home from work, then it’s good until the next morning. I bought it over a month ago, but my last period started while I was traveling for work and I didn’t want to deal with a new regime while dealing with so many other things. But honestly it would’ve been fine. Maybe. I don’t think I would do it, even knowing what I know now. Too many hours in public restrooms and planes.

My period started Friday. Coincidentally Friday was the start of my sister’s three-day girls’ weekend celebrating her 35th birthday. So I spent all weekend hiking, swimming, dressing up, and being out and about with a group of ladies. Not to mention I got hit hard with allergies. Nasal spray, y’all. That should be another Saturday Product Placement post all on its own. Anyway – I used the DivaCup all weekend and it was amazing. I had some emergency pads and tampons but didn’t touch them.

Can I tell you how liberating it is to hike on your period and not need to worry about carrying a bag for tampons? CAN I? Oh yes I can. It was liberating. I don’t think I can use italics for emphasis enough in this post. brilliant ~ amazing ~ liberating I had one minor incident where I didn’t get the cup in juuuust the right spot, but thankfully caught it before we left the cabins. Thanks to my allergies I coughed and went “oh no” then rushed to the bathroom to fix it.

Anyway, using the DivaCup… It’s a bit intimidating at first. Like I said, it’s pretty big. You kind of fold it up and shove it in there, then wiggle it around to make sure it’s open (or it leaks, like what happened to me) and then you’re good to go for 12 hours! Less if you have a heavy period, which I don’t. I definitely suggest using a private bathroom with a sink any time you change it out. It gets a bit messy. Which is kind of gross, but whatever. It’s not any worse than a pad or tampon – it’s actually better, in my opinion. Pads are so, so gross. And tampons are barely better. I haaaated the way tampons felt coming out, especially if it was near the end of my period and they didn’t…fill up? Blech. I just had a shiver thinking about it.

Using the bathroom with it in was weird, too. It squished my pee channel (that’s the technical term) so my pee came out slower and it took longer to empty my bladder. Pooping felt weird due to all the pushing…it would move around quite a bit. But the same thing happened with tampons, so whatever. omg this is so much tmi. I’m sorry! One more thing: you have to push quite a bit to get it out. At least I did. It disappeared up in me…kind of freaked me out at first – I thought it was up too far but I don’t think it really was. I mean, it worked the way it was supposed to so I think it was in the right spot.

No more spoilers! I want you to experience the joy of the DivaCup on your own. Trust me – it’s totally worth it. I read a few hilarious accounts of DivaCup disasters online and they seemed to scare a few people away. I’m glad they didn’t scare me. Even if I do have a bad experience or two down the road, overall I know this is so, so much better than any of the other options I’ve tried. Hooray!

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    • They have disposable ones that are a bit cheaper that you can pick up maybe at Walmart. But I didn’t have any issues with this one. Other than that one time.

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