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Dude! I don’t think this is a sponsored post, because I’m not being paid to post this…but I did get something for free in agreement to tell people about it. I’m a whore for granola bars, basically. Or meal replacement bars, I guess. Pretty much anything free. You give it to me, I’ll tell people about it. Also, I know it’s not Saturday, but I wanted to go ahead and post about it while I was thinking about it. So…pretend it’s Saturday.

I actually took “unboxing” videos!!

Fiber One Meal Bars | The Wilson BuzzHere is the box!

Fiber One Meal Bars | The Wilson BuzzAnd here is the open box!

Aaaaand…maybe I didn’t take any more pictures APPARENTLY. What the f, past me?? Anywho, I got two boxes of Fiber One Meal Bars – Chocolate Peanut Butter (“A classic combo of roasted peanuts plus creamy peanut butter and chocolate flavored chips”) and Strawberry Greek Yogurt (“Roasted almonds are complemented by strawberry flavored fruit pieces and a Greek yogurt coating”). There is also apparently a 3rd flavor: Dark Chocolate Almond (“Think delicious roasted almonds mixed with delectable dark chocolate flavored chips”), but I didn’t get a box of those. I can only imagine how delicious they are… Oh, I also got coupons. So if you want a coupon let me know. It’s $1 off, and the suggested retail price is $5.49. And you get five bars. So it’s like $1/bar. They’re meal replace bars, so it’s just over $1 for an entire meal!! Take THAT McDonald’s!!

Health-wise, they’ve got fiber (obviously) and protein. I ummm…I don’t really keep up with that sort of stuff, but I’m assuming that since they’re bragging about it on the cover of the box it must be good. 10g of protein, 9g of fiber, and waaaaay less sugar than those icky Special K bars (full disclosure: never had a Special K bar). In my 30 Before 30 list I said I wanted to cook more/eat healthier and exercise…well I’m still not exercising. But as part of my cook more/eat healthier bit I’ve been trying to eat breakfast every day. “They” say that’s important. These guys are great for that. I tried to eat one for lunch a couple times and got hungry pretty early on. But for breakfast they were great. Maybe if you paired one with a fruit or vegetables of some sort…

Taste-wise, they were pretty good. I liked the strawberry one better, and so did Mr. T. I really didn’t like the chocolate/peanut butter one as much as I thought I would. I loooooove Reese’s Cups. I guess these were too healthy for my junk food obsession. 8} But, yeah – super tasty little guys. If YOU would like to try one, they’re around with all the other bars/weight loss foodstuff, either in the pharmacy or nutrition section.

om nom nom

Fiber One Meal Bars | The Wilson Buzz

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