Running with Scissors

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*whew… This book was a trip. I vaguely remember seeing the movie at KUC Theater when I was in college… It had to have been my freshman year. I just remember thinking “Well that was strange.” I had no idea how much more effed up the BOOK would be!! There are VERY graphic sex scenes – rape scenes. One is straight-up rape, both (were there only two? I forget – and don’t need to be reminded) were statutory. Dude gets involved in a fairly long/serious relationship with a 33-year-old when he’s barely a teenager. There’s another abusive/statutory rape relationship mentioned, but very little detail is given. It’s dark, dark humor. On Goodreads I mentioned that I partially hoped it was true because the things the author claims happened to him…well if he’s lying that’s a pretty messed-up thing to do to real people. But at the same time some seriously messed up things happened!! On more than one occasion I wanted to gather up my nonexistent children and hold them very, very tightly. So is it weird then that I gave it four stars? I’m not sure. I did enjoy it…but it made me profoundly sad inside.

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