Resolutions 2016

Mr. T has mentioned a couple of things that he wants to accomplish in the coming year. I’ve got my 30 Before 30 list, but it’s kind of broad. I’m sure there are aspects of it I can focus on that are specific to 2016. So I figured we should make a resolutions post! And here we are. :)


  1. Prenatal Yoga Video – and don’t slack off!
  2. Get rid of the roommates – permanently. Wait…that sounded a bit ominous.
  3. Finish the nursery.
  4. Get LBW out of me!
  5. Take weekly/monthly photos of LBW to make a photo book.
  6. Get active with LBW…walks? biking?
  7. Read 50 books.
  8. Finish and order the family photo album for Year 5.
  9. Start and maintain the family photo album for Year 6.
  10. Learn to sew.
  11. Get into a cleaning routine.


  1.  Make improvements to the backyard.
  2. Save up $10k for Two-Tone.
  3. Finish reading nook.
  4. Upstairs flooring.
  5. Living room shelves.

Tell me how you REALLY feel: