Really Vague Smoothie Recipe

This week is “nutrition week” in my Morning Person class. Our first assignment was all about smoothies. It shamed me a bit, and I decided to modify my standard smoothie recipe slightly to try to make it a bit more healthy. And because I’ve been waking up early, I was able to take pictures!!

Like I said, this “recipe” is going to be a bit vague. It makes two smoothies.

Firstly, you add all your “dry” ingredients:

  • frozen berries
  • frozen spinach
  • fresh bananas
  • almonds
  • black chia seeds
  • vanilla yogurt

As far as measurements go… I just eyeball it. I’d guess twice as many berries as you do spinach, just to help mask the flavor. I put two bananas for two smoothies. Handful of almonds…I just pour chia seeds until it seems like a decent amount. >.< And several spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt.

Really Vague Smoothie Recipe | The Wilson Buzz

Mr. T doesn’t like very thick smoothies. He says he doesn’t want to chew his beverages. So I always include a generous helping of various 100% juices. Today it was all orange juice, because we had a bit left in the container and I just bought a fresh gallon at the grocery store. I’ll usually mix it with: pineapple, prune, grape, apple, cran-apple, cran-grape, grape/peach, etc. Just make sure you get 100% juice and not a “juice cocktail” or you get high fructose corn syrup and other crud mixed in.

Really Vague Smoothie Recipe | The Wilson Buzz

Blend until delicious. This blender was a wedding present to my parents. So it’s nearly 40 years old. Still works. The fancy blender WE got for our wedding five years ago is already busted. See the silver mixer in back? Also my parents’ from their wedding. The fancy mixer Mom bought to replace it? Straight. Busted. #TheyJustDontMakeThemLikeTheyUsedTo

Really Vague Smoothie Recipe | The Wilson Buzz

And finally…poured into the glass. Since I don’t measure, the levels on the glasses vary wildly. Sometimes it works out perfectly, sometimes there isn’t quite enough for two full glasses, and sometimes I have to drink a few gulps to get it to fit in both glasses. I use disposable cups for Mr. T. It hurts my soul, but we were running out of cups/glasses, because he never brings them back. And if he does he forgets to rinse them out, so all the seeds are glued to the sides. I straight up had to throw one plastic cup away, because it was like cement. Disposable it is.

Really Vague Smoothie Recipe | The Wilson Buzz

A few things to note:

Before this “morning person” class, I didn’t include spinach and I used strawberries instead of mixed berries. So it’s a bit more purple/green than usual. It was thicker, too, but that might be because I used a bit more yogurt than usual (trying to finish out the container). It definitely had a more…earthy…flavor than I’m used to. I’m not sure how Mr. T will feel about it, but with my “Be Different” mantra rattling around in my head, I’m going to fake it until I make it! Soon it’ll be super delicious, I’m sure.

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