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So…we’re about to have roommates again. Well, roommate. Okay, sort of roommates. But really just roommate. Mr. T’s apprentice is going to live with us while her husband goes to school out of state. But he’ll also be here sometimes. So roommate(s). That’s kind of made things wonky with the spare bedroom. We don’t really have the time/money to do any of the reno that I was wanting to do before she/they move in. Plus she/they might not want it that way, anyway, and could be here for up to a year or so… And just like that, nix the spare bedroom plans. Well, postpone them. We’re still going to move the furniture out of the future-nursery. I’d really like to sand/repaint the bed frame, at least. But who knows if we’ll have the time.

What does that have to do with the reading nook? Wouldn’t we all like to know…

Basically we can’t do anything without doing 5,000 other things. So we can’t just clean out the guest room – we have to clean up in the bonus room, too. Well, we didn’t get either 100% clean, but I did get the reading nook cleaned out!! If you recall, I started this back in April. Can you believe May is over already?? Gah! Well I finished cleaning it out today! *happy dance*


Reading Nook: Cleanup | The Wilson Buzz Reading Nook: Cleanup | The Wilson Buzz Reading Nook: Cleanup | The Wilson Buzz

Ah, blissful blank slatedness…

I didn’t get a good shot of all the books, and am far too lazy to get up and take one now. So sorry. But they’re stacked two deep and fill the entire back wall. I’m curious to see how much space they’ll actually take up once we have super sexy wood shelves in here. They aren’t stacked very high, because these shelves are quite high and I am quite short.

Reading Nook: Cleanup | The Wilson Buzz

See? Difficult.

But it’s cleaned out! I guess the next thing to do would be get some paint samples and start planning how to build the shelves. SO EXCITING.

Oh, and one last thing…

Reading Nook: Cleanup | The Wilson BuzzThe chair doesn’t fit.

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