I’ve missed you so much, little blog. I wish I could write in you every day, but alas I’m a lazy boob and don’t.

We started P90X tonight, Mr. and I. I would say 90% of it was one or both of us saying “No human being can actually do that, right??” and the other 10% was “I’m totally doing it!” while not actually doing it correctly. A for effort? I am curious, though – they’re all “If you can’t do this now, don’t worry…in a week you’ll be a champ!” or whatever they say…but I for real am incapable of even pretending to try on some of this. Like…how does me flopping around on the ground in any way prepare my body to one day do a “dive bomber push up”??

Also, I had no idea how P90X worked. I knew it was intense, and took a lot of time. I also knew they said to have a pull-up bar and lots of weights. But let’s get real – am I really capable of doing pull-ups? Really? And I have a set of 3lbs weights, thankyouverymuch. GOOD ENOUGH. But, upon opening the glorious box I discovered an entire binder of DVDs, two books, and a stack of workbook pages. Possibly more things that I’ve forgotten. I was like…wtf are we supposed to do??

Side note – this book is RIDDLED with typos. Like…at one point they actually used a ‘(‘ instead of an ‘l’!!¬†Who does that?? But whatever. I skimmed through it until I found the “Week 1” workout. Day 1 was something like shoulders and arms (I forget exactly – there are 12 DVDs for crying out loud) followed by abs. So I put in the first DVD….oh hay. We need about 10 things to do this? We weren’t even wearing tennis shoes. Mr. T was in cargo shorts. I was in sweat pants. We were barefoot, in our bedroom, with two dogs watching us. We eventually found our weights and stretchy band that came with a Pilates DVD, just because if we didn’t get those we would have pretty much¬†been doing NOTHING for the first….hour?….of our workout.

That’s right – it was a freaking hour. Of push-ups and pull-ups. I don’t know if you know me, but I’m not one for lots of pushing and pulling up my body. I thought there would be a single hour-long DVD and a small portion of it would involve pushing and/or pulling up. Not that there would be 5,000 DVDs and one of them would be dedicated solely to pushing and pulling up.

Then we got to the ab one. I’m all about some abs. Have you seen this DVD, though? For real. Dude on there isn’t a real person – you know the one I’m talking about. God didn’t intend for humans to have abs like that. Oh, and speaking of the people on the videos – I’m 99.9% sure everyone in the first DVD was on uppers. Especially that chick. There was something about their eyes…it was kind of freaky. Anyway – those abs! It’s not natural!! And the first 2 or 3 or freaking ALL of them use your legs way more than your abs, IMHO. It was rough. Blech.

But we did it! We got through all of it! We definitely didn’t get as much of a workout as the people IN the video, but if you compared our workouts yesterday to our workouts today…Mr. T and I grew by leaps and bounds compared to them. So suck it, robot humans with your spit-in-the-face-of-God abs. We exercised! I’m curious to see if I’m actually sore tomorrow…I can’t emphasis enough how little we actually did during this workout. lol

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  1. Matt and I are (sporadically) also do P90x, and it does get easier. We can attempt to motivate each other! The only supplies we use are yoga mats, weights, and resistance bands, because you can arrange to do most stuff with just that. We also have yoga blocks but that’s because we have a separate yoga class on Thursdays (don’t be impressed, we’ve only gone once in 2 months), and you don’t need them. The worksheets are just so you can track the number of reps you do, and you won’t use them for everyday. And I only use 5 pound weights. Depending on the exercises, you’ll see some of the video people go lighter too. I LOVE TONY! I think he’s hilarious, even if unnaturally fit.

    Have you done Plyometrics yet? You’ll die.

    • We did the first week and haven’t done it since. It’s too time-consuming for our schedules. Still on the quest for a good workout.

      • That’s been our main struggle too. We can power through the physical stuff. An hour a day didn’t seem like too much, but it really consumes more of the day than I want to devote to that. I’ve unofficially decided I’m just going to find a yoga class I can attend every other day or so. Yogis always seem like they’re in great shape.

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