Planning Pages for 2017: Organization

I’ve started typing up the planning pages for my 2017 Organization schedule, but subscribers don’t get emails on page posts, so now I’m making a blog post, too!!

Here is the main page. You can also access it in the navigation bar. I have the January and February & March pages set up as well. These are also accessible through the navigation bar, and from the main page. I’m debating on if I’ll do weekly and/or monthly updates as well, to keep you notified on my progress (but mainly to hold myself accountable). Just like my yearly home tours, these posts are probably going to be way too honest. If you can’t be honest with strangers on the Internet, though, who can you be honest with?!

I’m super excited to get this project started, and am hopeful that I can transform my life in the coming months!! Considering 2017 is literally less than two weeks away, we don’t have long to find out!

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