I hurt my back over the weekend. I vaguely complained about it. In a rambling, nonsensical kind of way. I think I hurt it while I had a cold that started on NYE and lasted about a week. Mr. T got sick on Christmas and is still in worse shape than I am. I like to think I’m healthier than he is. ;) Anyway, my chiropractor said that this sort of thing can happen if you sleep with your arm above your head. Which I may have done, who can say? I was also sleeping on a stack of pillow to try to keep my airways free so I could breath throughout the night… Anyway, three of my ribs had shifted somehow and he had to pop them back into place. Woo!

I’m not sure if I’m having back problems because I sit so much now, or if I’m having back problems because of the chiropractor. I never had back problems before I went to the chiropractor, but I hadn’t been working for a full year prior to that, and had started having issues just before my first visit. I have cray cray scoliosis and I think sitting for 8 hours solid is bad for it. (Ya think?) I used to take the stairs with some women at work, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I need to get active!

Yesterday Mr. T and I went to Hastings. I wanted to pick up the fourth Paranormal Activity movie, but they were sold out. I did picked up a Pilates DVD, though. For more than it costs on Amazon, actually. But I didn’t have to pay S&H, so that’s a win, I guess? I just read the reviews and they say this isn’t good for beginners. Oops! I did take a Pilates course when I was at MTSU, so mayyyybe I can handle it? If not…I’ll make it work. Thank you, Tim Gunn. ;)

Fun story about the Hastings trip – on the way there we were listening to NPR (I’m an adult – it’s so gross). Sometimes it’s less than interesting, so we started chatting. During a lull in our conversation we hear “…he had always tried to beat her, but she was too quick for him…” After a short delay we – at the exact same time, I kid you not – both went “Ooohhhhh….” because it finally registered that they were covering a story about two siblings who are in the running for the winter Olympics. That’s not important to this story. But we also went to Long John Silver’s.

I’m thinking that by working out I’ll strengthen my back muscles (OH IS THAT HOW EXERCISE WORKS?!?) and will be less likely to hurt my back. The constant shifting from the chiropractor is weakening it. This is all conjecture on my part. I keep meaning to discuss it with the chiropractor but always forget when I’m in his office. I do love him, though. It’s so satisfying to hear that sweet, sweet crack of my spine. Especially when it’s from a legit pain. Like my shoulder yesterday and today. Instant satisfaction.

I know a lot of people distrust chiropractors, but those people have never been to a chiropractor. The office manager at work hurt her back somehow last week. She could barely move on Friday. She is still in pain, because she went to a regular doctor and is taking pain pills for it. She wouldn’t even consider a chiropractor. I’m like…look lady…getting your back cracked is the tits, and everyone should do it. I’ve partaken of the chiro-kool-aide and I’m never going back!!

Anyway, I think Pilates is a good low-impact way to start exercising. It’s something I’m familiar with (barely) and can do from home. Also, this DVD has five 10-minute workouts that you can alternate, so I can use it several times a week without getting bored with it. I hope… Now I just need to track my Pilates mat down!! I’m going to start it this weekend, after Mr. T leaves for his Portland road trip. I’m so not okay with him leaving me for an entire week. So not okay with it!

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