Pilates, Update #1 – Plus Some Rambles


I’ve actually gotten up and done Pilates every morning this week!! Trust me, you’re not as surprised as I am. If it makes you feel better, I’ve barely exerted myself. 8P

Like I said before, it’s split up into five ten-minute workouts. Stretching, full-body, arms, core, and legs. Monday I just did the stretching. Tuesday I did arms followed by stretching. Wednesday I just did stretching. Thursday I *attempted* legs. And this morning I just did stretching. There is a direct relation between my bedtime the night before and the amount of working out I did in the morning. I really enjoy the stretching (obviously), but it doesn’t really cause me to exert myself – which is probably why I like it. But the reviews were right…this is definitely a more advanced Pilates than I’m capable of. >.< I did okay on the arms, but the leg workout – Geeze, Louise. I didn’t have the balance or the strength to do a few of those moves. I’m kind of terrified to try the full-body, but I had full intentions of doing the core workout this morning. Before I stayed up until midnight reading…

I was talking to Exum about my Goodreads goal to read 100 books this year, and how I’m picking quantity over quality at this point and downloading every free smutty book (only because those are usually the ones that are free) I can get my hands on to rack up my numbers, and then the last half of the year actually read some good books that take a week or two to finish. He made a joke about how he was surprised that it took me more than four hours to read anything, and I started thinking “Hm, I have read a lot of books so far this year, considering it’s still January.” So I went to Goodreads to investigate, and have read 15 books in 17 days. Go me!

Thanks to Exum my desktop is up and running again. But considering it was the wireless adapter that caused its little melt-down, I’m not too keen on plugging that back in. So my gaming has been put on hold for a bit…I may just take the desktop downstairs and hook it up via Ethernet. I really want to get back into Arkham Asylum. I’ve also been wanting to pick up Minecraft again, even though I always suck at it and lose interest before I make anything interesting. And MC sent me a game that I want to try out. But…there are only so many free hours in my day, and TV/books tend to get priority over gaming. Oh! Little Hippo also gave Mr. T and me a game for the PS3 for Christmas. Lego Marvel Superheroes I started on that, but didn’t get very far, and didn’t post about it. My b.

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