Pet Peeve #2

Listen up, bloggers. I use an RSS feed reader (is that the proper term?) to read blogs. I follow a lot of blogs and websites. I currently have over 600 unread items in my Feedly right now.

I get if you’re trying to make a living off of your blog, and the biggest source of income comes from ads on your site, so you want people to actually go to your site, see an ad, and click on it. (I’m assuming that’s how this works? Do you get $$ for people just reading your blog? Would this magic money thing know if someone read it in a reader as opposed to on the actual site?) I don’t blame you! I think it would be really really cool to make a living off of blogging. I don’t think that will ever happen. I enjoy steady paychecks and insurance too much. 8P

Anyway, my point is – if you’re a person like me, just piddling around with a personal blog that has a nonexistent following and isn’t making any money whatsoever – don’t have it set so only a “preview” of your post shows up in a reader. Ain’t. Nobody. Got. Time. For. Dat. I added all the bloggers that did the Pintester Movement 2.0 to my reader around the time 3.0 happened. I just started going through them to see how they all were, and three in a row were just 2-3 sentences followed by the “… read more” link to take me to their blog. Yeah, not going to happen. You very well could have become a favorite blog of mine, but NOPE. I removed you without even reading the first post. So sorry.

If I ever do this, direct me to this post and punch me in the boob, mmkay?

2 thoughts on “Pet Peeve #2

  1. I have no idea if mine does this or not. I assume You have fallen in like with my blog and read it obsessively, there for have no problem with mine what so ever. But just in case…I don’t want this to be happening. I know I don’t have an RSS at the time. I just haven’t gotten around to figuring it out yet.

    I will investigate and see what mine does in that situation. Thanks for the heads up. It’s all about making things as simple as possible for your readers, amirite?

    • I have yours set up in my Feedly – I think it does full posts. Or, like you said, I wouldn’t be reading it. ;) I have mine on my Feedly, too, so I know what it looks like. It totally jacks up images and captions, but it does that with all the blogs.

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