Pet Peeve #1

Okay, I have dogs. Dogs are….excitable. Not all dogs, I know. But a lot of dogs. My dogs especially. When you walk in our house they bark, they jump on you, they go cray. They also do this if you leave the house. And sometimes for no reason at all while you’re in the house. We’re working on it. But it will never not happen – I’m sorry. I try. I yell at them to get down, and tell people not to let them (Vigo especially) jump up on them to get pets. I definitely don’t mind if someone tells them to get down themselves. I’d actually prefer it, so I don’t have to yell at them from across the room. It’s a way of saying “Oh, I see you don’t allow your pets to do this, I will no encourage the bad behavior.”

But…. But.

Do NOT come into MY house and yell at my dogs for being dogs. If you don’t like dogs, or don’t like my dogs specifically, that is your prerogative. I can no longer trust you, of course, because come on – who doesn’t like dogs? Weirdos, that’s who. But don’t act like it’s your house and the dogs are inconveniencing you. You’ve entered their domain, and you do NOT have the right to scold them for existing near you. I’m not great around kids, mmkay? But when I go over to someone’s house and they have children, I know I’m going to have to interact with said children, and that I’ll need to be polite about it. I know dogs aren’t people, but that doesn’t give you the right to treat them like some sort of scourge upon the earth.

If I know you don’t like dogs, I won’t invite you to the dog park, and I won’t bring my dogs to your house. But if you end up in my house for some reason, I’m not going to keep them locked away just to appease you. Sorry. But not really “sorry”, honestly. The kind of “sorry” that really means “Suck it.” So, uh…suck it.

Splinter and Vigo in their natural habitat.

 If you can’t have at least this level of interaction with dogs, don’t even think about coming in my house. It will not be fun for you. JUST SAYIN’.

5 thoughts on “Pet Peeve #1

  1. …. im so coming to your house and yelling art your dogs so hard…. but forreals though i hate when you have told people you dont want them jumping on people and the next time you see them they just ask to be jumped on.. its mostly my little brother cause he is a weirdo.. but it is also a pet peeve of mine

    • lol! Exactly. Or when you tell the dog to get down and the person says “Oh, no – it’s okay.” Which, I guess they could think maybe I usually let the dogs jump on me and I’m just trying to be polite. So I don’t get too upset about that one. Or I try not to.

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