Paint Yo’ Pet

So Vigo is a rescue dog. He was pulled from a shelter when he was only a few weeks old by a group called Operation Education. He was listed as a pit bull. >.< I mean….mayyyyybe he has a smidge of pit bull in him. Maybe. He’s a little too square in the face to be a full-on whippet, and he has the “durr” personality of Miss C’s pit bull. But no. Just…no.

Anyway, all that to say OpEd is having a fundraiser at Painting with a Twist¬†where you submit a photo of your pet, they draw an outline for you, and then you go in and they somehow teach you how to paint well enough that you can recreate it artistically and be all “Yes, dahling – I painted that mahself!” Or something. It’s kind of pricey at $55, but half of that goes back to OpEd so I think I’m going to do it. If I can find someone to go with me. I figure that even if I suck it up I’ll just make Mr. T fix it. 8}

Now for some pictures:

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzThis is the one I really want to do (minus my hand), but there can only be one animal per painting. *pout

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzKhat is the oldest, so she should get top priority. But I don’t have a lot of pictures of her. This one is decent enough, I guess. But am I going to commit to four paintings?? Do I love my animals so much that I would do that?

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzSplinter is the next oldest. This is a picture from pretty early on, but it’s a cute one! I think I had food. He’s usually not this attentive, or still.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzAnother fabulous Splinter picture. I’m not sure why his left ear is always off doing its own thing.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzI’m least interested in a Chairman painting, because he is Mr. T’s cat and I’m not a cat person. But he is quite pretty.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzDem eyes.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzVigo is our newest, but since it’s an OpEd fundraiser, I thought it would be fitting to paint my OpEd dog. The only time he’s still is when he’s being awkward, though. So no pretty pictures of this guy. But that wouldn’t be the truth. Gotta paint the truth!

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzThis is from the same trip to the dog park as the Splinter one above. Couple of goofballs. And no, I don’t take pictures while I’m driving. Never.

Which one should I paint? And will you come with me?

4 thoughts on “Paint Yo’ Pet

    • Oh you don’t have to do that! I don’t want you to pay $55 to paint one of my pets, and I don’t want to pay $110, either. But if you want to go get you a kitten…. ;)

      • I wish it was a little cheaper. :\ Usually their classes are, but half goes to OpEd. I’m glad they’re getting $$, but they would probably get more money overall if they charged a little less for the tickets and more people could participate.

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