Paint Yo’ Pet, Vigo

Guh. Just…..guh. I’m going to leave all the painting to Mr. T from now on. Anyway, I decided on Vigo. As a reminder, here is the inspiration picture:

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzEnded up that no one went with me. So I was all alone in my misery. I tried real hard, y’all. Real freaking hard. On the whole, I think I did about average. There were a couple that were worse, a couple that were better, but on average we all sucked pretty evenly. I was really hoping it would be more of a paint-by-number experience, so when I walked in to find this…I was notably disappointed:

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzI realized this wouldn’t be as easy as I was hoping. But what can you do? I also discovered that the source photo was really dark. Oh, lovely. Finally, it registered in my brain that Vigo is freaking brindle. So many disasters waiting to happen.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzThis was the last moment I was satisfied with my painting. “What a fun background!” I thought. Bleeeeech.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzOkay, bear with me. It does get better than this. Aren’t those eyes fun, though?? 8} I should have just left it like this, actually.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzI was pretty much done at this point. I mean…it’s not terrible, but I know too many legit artists to be able to pretend like it’s anything other than poo.

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzI messed with his eyes a little. I think that’s the only difference between the previous one and this one. Man…I had so much trouble with his eyes. If I ever do paint again, I think I’ll do super abstract. Geometric shapes. Something that doesn’t have to look like something else. Like my dog. But I’m glad I did it. They raised almost $900 for OpEd, so that’s really cool.

Blech…I’m not sure if I’ll ever do it again. But if I do…I gotta do this one:

Paint Yo' Pet | The Wilson BuzzIt would be a matching set!! 8D

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