P90X3: Week 2, Days 2-7

Ugh, sorry I haven’t been posting! As I mentioned before, P90X3 follows the same schedule for three weeks, then has a transition week, then three weeks of a new schedule, and so on. So this week was exactly like last week – including my inconsistency. 8D I did better keeping up with the P90X3 than I did yoga, but I did miss the X3 Yoga and Agility X workouts. I’ve missed Agility both weeks!! I will never be agile. >.< And of course we haven’t taken any not-so-before-anymore pictures.

I meant to do the agility one yesterday (Saturday was cray-cray busy) but ended up occupying myself with other activities. Get your mind out of the gutter! Look for a post under “home improvement” a bit later for more info on my Sunday project. 8} Ugh – that reminds me… I was supposed to do something for that Style Cure this weekend. Oh God – there are TWO more activities I’m supposed to do!! #HopelesslyBehind

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