P90X3: Week 2, Day 1

Okay, so I never did go back in and do Days 6 & 7 for Week 1. Cue “Let it Go” and move on.

Accelerator and Bend & Stretch

So Week 2, Day 1 was exactly the same as Week 1, Day 1. Deal with it. After screwing around with a bunch of crap yoga videos (that was a bit harsh, I apologize) all week, I wanted to do one I knew would be a legit workout. So I did the Bend & Stretch one again. I was sore after doing the two workouts on Saturday, so the yoga was definitely beneficial. If you look at the schedule again you’ll see the first three weeks of P90X3 are the same. The perk there for you is that my posts will get shorter! ;)

We keep forgetting to take “before” pictures! Hopefully we do it before too long. I kind of feel different (sore), but don’t think I look all that different yet. Someone posted in the Beach Body Facebook group I joined a picture thing that said something along the lines of it takes 3 weeks for you to notice a difference, 6 weeks for close friends and family to notice a difference, and 12 weeks for the general public to notice. I guess that’s…comforting? And also depressing. And explains why I’ve never seen improvement! I usually give up after about two weeks. >.< Hopefully being part of that group will motivate me to follow through! That and my 30 Before 30 looming. I have a need to mark things off lists.

2 thoughts on “P90X3: Week 2, Day 1

  1. My parents keep telling me I look like I’ve lost weight while Fiance thinks I look the same (as much as he’s noticed) and I think I look bigger. Plus, I’ve never had any two scales give me anywhere close to the same reading on my weight. Who the hell really knows? I’ll just keep going and hope for the best. Maybe if I keep it up I’ll start to see it like you’ve described. Congrats on week 2!

    • I’ve always heard inches are better than pounds, anyway. But taking the time to measure yourself just sounds tedious. It’s much easier to hop on a scale. And since that’s a bad representation of overall improvement…I’m just gonna avoid all of it. 8D

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