P90X3: Week 1

So last week I announced that we were going to reboot our P90X3 experience. Theoretically we were on Week 3, but I don’t think I even made half the workouts of Week 3, and missed a couple from Week 2. Mr. T had already pretty much fallen off the wagon during Week 2, and when he got sick last week it was all over. He decided he was going to restart and that would totally jack with our planned rewards – we wouldn’t hit the monthly marks at the same time. So, REBOOT! And here are our new dates:

  • Day 30: Wednesday, December 3
    Spend the entire day in bed (exact day depending on vacation days)
  • Day 60: Friday, January 2
    Date night…maybe massages??
  • Day 90: Sunday, February 1
    Sex every day for a month – this now lines up perfectly!!

In that Beach Body Facebook group I joined someone jokingly suggested I give myself a gold star on a calendar every day I work out. They didn’t understand my love for marking things off lists or using whiteboards. We even have a little calendar desperately looking for a purpose!! Consider yourself purposed, calendar!!

P90X3: Week 1 | The Wilson BuzzLook at that glorious first mark, too…GLORIOUS. With exercise, there are no winners or losers – everyone is a winner!! But I’m definitely MORE of a winner than Mr. T at this point.

Day 1: Accelerator

I was definitely able to tell I’d been exercising – it was much easier this “Day 1” than it had been three weeks ago. :) I still don’t like the two moves where you have to scuttle around on the floor in the plank position. That puts too much pressure on my wrist, so I usually just alternate between plank and child’s pose, or just take a break and drink some water. 90% of a workout is better than no workout at all!!

There was no yoga on Tuesday morning because I worked from home (it’s election day!) and therefore slept in until the moment I had to get up and work. I look forward to doing yoga tomorrow, though!!

Before Pictures

P90X3: Week 1 | The Wilson Buzz P90X3: Week 1 | The Wilson Buzz

I hate my picture so much. I told Mr. T to take another one and he said “No! The before pictures are supposed to look bad! But he is TOTALLY sucking in his gut in his picture. And POSING. >.> I’m so upset. Ignore the clothes in the floor – I’ll finish my closet one day, I promise.

Day 2: The Warrior

In the three weeks that I was “doing” P90X3 previously, I only did this video the first week. lol! Neither of us remembered ever doing half the moves. I kind of hate it. 8P There’s a lot of getting up and down and my wrist is all no bueno about it. But whatever. It’s probably because I haven’t been doing it. I’ve found ways of making The Accelerator work for me, so I’m sure I’ll come up with something for this one over the next few weeks. I’m amazed at the woman’s Boston accent, though – it’s one of the thickest I’ve ever heard and I wish she talked more in the video. lol!

*ducks head in shame* Still no yoga today. I’m fighting a cold, or something. I slept in this morning and it was glorious! I love taking showers at night!!

Day 3: X-Yoga

You guys – I’m sick. It’s just a head cold (or maybe only allergies) but I’m miserable. I got home yesterday, ate dinner, and then passed out on the couch. I woke up long enough to drag myself to bed, and woke up for a minute or two when Mr. T got home, but I slept for a solid 10 hours last night. It. Was. GLORIOUS. But I didn’t do my P90X3 last night.

But! Since it was the yoga video, I did it this morning instead of doing one of the yoga videos I usually do! (Well, theoretically I usually do them…this week I haven’t been so on top of things. Which, I’ve been fighting sickness, so I think the extra sleep might be more beneficial. God, I wish I was still in bed.)

Day 4: CVX

I passed out at 8:30 last night. >.< I got hit with a time change, a head cold, and PMS all in one week – it’s destroyed me. I thought I’d be able to get up and do this one in the morning like I had the yoga yesterday but NOPE. Maybe if I’d gone to bed at 7:30 like I did on Wednesday? I’m super bummed I missed it, but I think CVX was one of the only workouts I followed through on the previous three weeks, so it’s not the end of the world. I will survive!!

Nope, no yoga. Just glorious, glorious sleep.

Day 5: Isometrix

Friday was crazy, okay? I got home, fed the animals, ran to The Square long enough to say hey to Liz and congratulate her on her trunk show, then I had to bolt over to Mai’s thing and attempt to paint Russell Brand. I’m really bummed I missed Isometrix because it’s one of my favorite videos so far. :( I had good intentions of trying to make it up Saturday, but…

Also, no yoga. Sorry!

Day 6: Agility X

I did do this one! On Sunday instead of Saturday, but I did it! And we were super late for church because of it. >.< I really hated it. The weird tape on the floor with the X’s? No clue where that came from. He said something about an instructional video?? I don’t know if we overlooked it or if the friend that lent us these DVDs just didn’t have it, but I don’t know what that was all about. Neither of us knew what we were doing half the time on this one, and I’m sure if you filmed it you could make millions. Somehow this was one neither of us did the entire first three weeks, and I can’t say I missed it… Probably won’t be trying too hard to keep my Saturday workouts from now on. ;) It looks like that video doesn’t come up that much, anyway. So maybe I can just do a different video on those days?

Yup, no yoga at all this week. Next week I’ll do better!! I do feel much more refreshed after my three days of sleeping. 8}

Day 7: Rest

Yeah, I didn’t really deserve a day of rest, but technically I didn’t rest on the actual Day 7 (Sunday) – I did Day 6! The days I rested were…Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And I legit did rest on those days! I slept so much!! lol >.< Ahhh, what a fail of a first week. Week 2 won’t know what hit it!!

Calendar Update

I lost that whiteboard marker. YES AFTER ONE DAY. So we haven’t updated our calendar. But…contrary to the start of the week, Mr. T is definitely winning more than I am. I don’t think he missed a day this week!! He would come home, half wake me up, work out, then take a shower. What a good man, that Mr. T. 8D

3 thoughts on “P90X3: Week 1

  1. Fiance and I have really got to kick it into gear with this jazz too, so we look presentable on our wedding day (for which we still have no concrete plans, I’m definitely not panicking!) but he only has the original hour a day workouts and that is just a bit much with his schedule. Boo. Congrats on remembering photos! You guys are going to kick butt!

    • I bought Jillian Michaels’ 20 Minute Shred to get in shape for my wedding…definitely didn’t follow through. >.< My dress was definitely snug on my hips the day of - mildly stressful!!

      • Ugh, I said “definitely” twice in that post. That word is DEFINITELY one of my “um” words. Oops!

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