P90X3: Week 1, Day 3

X3 Yoga and Carpal Tunnel

I always enjoy the yoga sessions of P90X workouts. They’re a bit more chaotic than usual yoga, but aren’t as high-impact as P90X usually is. Makes for a good mid-week “break”. Which is exactly why they set it up they way they did, I’m sure. 8P This did hurt my wrist quite a bit, though. When transitioning between moves they have you do an upward-facing dog, a pushup (or two), and a downward-facing dog. So it’s not really planking…but it’s a lot of weight on your wrists. One of my friends suggested making my hands into fists and keeping my wrists straight to help relieve some of the pain, and the coach on FB recommended getting those pushup whatchamadoogles…the handles that sit on the floor. I’ll try the fist thing first, since it’s free. :)

I did the Carpal Tunnel video for my yoga this morning. It really helped with my wrist, which was cool. But I think I’ll just do the hand stretches at work, instead of the full workout in the mornings. (The hand stretches start around the 13:30 mark and go for about 5 minutes.) Other than the very last one, you don’t really need to be seated on the floor to do them. It could serve as a nice morning and afternoon break to pause and stretch. I’d still rather have a more exercise-y sort of workout

Side note: Ended up working out with Mr. T again last night, since Wednesdays are his day off. Near the end of the video you do the whatever move where your feet end up back behind your head, with your stomach over your face. They moved on to something else, but I couldn’t see it due to my position. Mr. T, who had been facing the other way, could. So I asked him what they were doing and he said “They’re posing…like MERMAIDS!” in the most majestic voice I had ever heard. I glanced over at him. He had decided to work out in jeans (and no shirt) for some reason. So he’s on his back, resting on his elbows, with his torso raised up – chest out, head back (like a mermaid) and…it was beautiful. The combination of his hairy belly, his jeans, his pose, and the way he proclaimed the position was amazing. Just thought I’d share. ;)

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