Alright, alright, alright – don’t judge me, okay. This is a happy post! One full of joy and optimism!!

The main reason I cut back on posting about my P90X3 journey is because the first three weeks you do the same workouts in the same order. After the initial post of each one, there wasn’t much to talk about. So I thought I’d just post once a week at the end. Well…the other pretty significant reason that I cut back is because I got sloppy on keeping to the schedule. I did great the first week, alright the second, and missed a good chunk of the third. :( But! Mr. T did worse!! He pretty much fizzled out on Week 2 and never got momentum back before getting sick this past week.

This morning, while lying in bed debating on if I had time to get up and do the workout for Friday (I didn’t – curse you, Snooze!) I thought “Let’s just start over.” Mr. T had pretty much already decided that’s what he was going to have to do, anyway. So, yeah – we’re rebooting P90X3!! I want us both to finish at the same time, because our rewards coincide with certain dates. The dates are wrong now, anyway, but I feel like we should both hit them at the same time. Of course, if he falls behind again I’m gonna leave him in the dust – ’cause ain’t NOBODY got time for that! And of course I’ll never be the slacker. Of course!

The best news about all of this is….we have another chance to take “before” pictures!! And I’ll be in marginally better shape than I would’ve been if we’d actually done it three weeks ago!! Huzzah!

Oh, hey – unrelated, but I just found out this blog has been in the wrong timezone since forever.

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