Sarah’s Closet & The Master Bathroom

Since these are both pretty small rooms I decided to combine them into one month.


  • Closet:
    • Completely empty the closet – of everything.
      • Gather all of my clothing items from throughout the house, including shoes, jewelry, jackets, etc.
      • Carry it all up into the guest bedroom so it can be spread out without getting in the way.
    • Clean the now-empty closet.
      • Dust, wipe surfaces, sweep, etc.
  • Bathroom:
    • Thoroughly scrub toilet, top to bottom, inside and out.
    • Mr. T Project: Repair toilet leak.


  • Closet:
    • Quick & Dirty Sort, act on impulse – don’t overthink!
      • Love! Clothes that I wear often.
      • Like? I might not wear them often, but feel like I should keep them.
      • Donate. I don’t wear it, I don’t want it, it needs to go.
    • Bag up donate clothes.
      • Immediately bag up any “donate” clothes, so it’s easier to actually get them out of the house.
  • Bathroom:
    • Soak the shower head in vinegar to clear out hard water clogs.
    • Spray down shower and tub with Scrubbing Bubbles to clear away grossness.
    • Mr. T Project: Finish and paint the new shower doors and step.


  • Closet:
    • Take a slower pass over all the Like/Love items.
      • Try everything on!!
      • Ask myself: “Would I buy this today?”
      • Immediately bag up anything I don’t want to keep.
    • Donate!
      • Get the donate clothes out of the house and into a donate bin ASAP!
  • Bathroom:
    • Clean the sinks.
    • Remove everything from the counter and wash all containers in the dishwasher. Discard anything we don’t use.
    • Mr. T Project: Finish and paint the new shower doors and step.


  • Closet:
    • Refill closet.
      • Reorganize the layout and be very thoughtful about where things are placed.
      • When hanging clothes up, be sure to put all the hangers up backwards. When the clothes are worn and washed, hang them up facing forward and at the end of the year donate anything that hasn’t been worn – no matter what.
  • Bathroom:
    • Empty the cabinets, discard any items that we don’t use.
    • When the room is totally empty of everything (including art on the walls!), do a full surface clean:
      • Spray all surfaces with a multi-purpose cleaner.
      • Run a hot shower for approx 5-10 minutes to build up steam.
      • Let the room sit (door closed) for approx 20 minutes.
      • Wipe down all surfaces, including the walls, with a rag.
    • Wash the bathroom rugs along with all the towels.

So, yeah – that’s the plan for January 2017! Wish me luck!!

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