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My theme for 2017 is ORGANIZATION. Every aspect of my life, but most specifically our home, needs a severe overhaul. I have begun planning a major home deep clean that will take a full year, focusing on specific rooms each month.

I have broken this down pretty carefully, in the hope that if I plan ahead I’ll be able to keep my focus for the entire year. I started with a Word document that listed which rooms would be worked on for which month(s), then I created a Word doc for each month, breaking down specific goals for each week, and finally I downloaded The Confident Mom Weekly Planner so I could have a day-by-day plan as well.

So, anyway, below is my monthly schedule. As I plan out my weekly goals I’ll link those as well. I doubt I’ll bother with the daily ones, because omg how much can a person really care? lol!

  1. January
    • Sarah’s Closet
    • Master Bathroom
  2. February
  3. March
    • Master Bedroom
  4. April
    • LBW’s Room
  5. May
    • Back Yard
  6. June
    • Front Yard
  7. July
  8. August
    • Living Room
  9. September
    • Downstairs Hallway, Half-Bath, and Laundry Room
  10. October
    • Entrance, Stairwell, and Upstairs Landing
  11. November
    • Kitchen
  12. December
    • Play Room (formerly the guest bedroom)

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