We have a new dog! Kind of. She’s only a foster. BUT SHE IS SO CUTE! She is a mini Vigo. In almost every way. The previous owners rescued her from PAWS so they aren’t sure what breed she is exactly, but they’re guessing Australian Cattle Dog/Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell Terrier. She looks like Vigo snuck into a Dachshund’s crate. So, anyway – we named her Leeloo and I lurve her. We’re in trouble. Vigo loves her. They play all the time. This is why I got Vigo in the first place! Except he’s supposed to be playing with Splinter… >.<


Say it with me now: “D’awww….”

Now, I thought we had the perfect arrangement. Exum was going to take her and love her and be her best fran for all times. But his meanie mean face roommate said no. :( YES I BLAME HIM FOR ALL THE THINGS! I would love for someone I know in M’boro to adopt her so Vigo can still play with her. But you guys…it’s going to be so hard to give her up. Mr. T is so not okay with this. This is exactly why I don’t foster. I get too attached!

I’ve eaten dinner and lost my train of thought. I just want to go to bed now. So I’m a-gonna go now. PEACE.

6 thoughts on “Oopsies

  1. You’re so in trouble. You remember all the puppy pics I’d post? You’ve been there, but it’s gonna get way worse. But it’s so amazing to teach them and love them and see them get into a forever home that will love them just as much (we hope!). Also, Exum’s roommate should be booted out. Leeloo is the new roommie!

  2. I realized I wouldn’t be committed and have enough time for a pet; however, I will agree to help out with it when I can, as Exum is going to take her anyways.

    She also may be the cutest thing ever. D’awww.

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