Oh what a day…

Well yesterday was a trip.

I woke up at 4:30 thanks to 3rd trimester insomnia. Got on Facebook and found out that David Bowie had passed away. He’s one of Mr. T’s biggest idols, so that kind of hit us hard. Not as hard as Bill Murray’s death one day will, but still.

Then I got to work and was basically called incompetent by two separate people, one of whom I consider a “friend” – as much of one as you can call a work friend, anyway. But that has encouraged me to work on clearing my life of negativity. Life is hard, people. I enjoy complaining as much as the next person, but there are some people in the world that seem to really enjoy being miserable. I need less of that right now.

And then – as if to prove them right in regards to the incompetency of our IT department…some stuff happened that I won’t go into because of The Separation of Work and Private Life mandate that I hold so dear. But it’s been ongoing for over 24 hours now. #awesome

Finally – icing on the cake – we put Khat to sleep yesterday evening. While we were there Mr. T and I came to the realization that we’ve never actually witnessed a pet’s death before, euthanasia or otherwise. On our way home he looked at me and said “We’re slowly becoming adults, aren’t we?” and then I cried even harder. lol! But seriously – putting an animal down sucks. I look forward to a solid decade passing before I have to even consider doing it again – please and thank you.

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