Nursery – Planning

Now that LBW is officially known, I can officially start working on planning the nursery! There isn’t much I can do until we clear out the roommate(s), but there are a few things I can probably start on…

Firstly, here is my Pinterest board. If you couldn’t piece it together, the colors are yellow & gray, and the theme is giraffes & rainclouds. I want three walls to be gray, and one wall to be yellow. That’s the one where the crib will go. I want Mr. T to paint a mural on that wall of three giraffes looking down into the crib. I think. I know where I want the rocking chair and book slings to go. We’re going to have a changing table, only because my sister has one she’s giving us. Sure, a dresser is more practical, but the changing table is free. She’s also giving us a crib and rocking chair. I’m not 100% sure on when all that will happen, but since we don’t really have anywhere to store anything…no rush! I know I want to build some shelves. (Or have Mr. T build some shelves.) And I want a corner net to store stuffed animals in. Other than that, it’s just small art projects that I guess I really could start on sooner…even if the room is occupied. And I actually have started on one! I’m hoping to finish it today.

So…some of my art projects.

I’m really hoping to get at least one of these patterns for Christmas:

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz
Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz
Nursery - Planning | The Wilson BuzzWant to take bets on if I’ll even get one finished before LBW makes an appearance? I can’t imagine I’ll get three done…but maybe! >.<

This is the project I’ve already started on. It’s framed pages from a children’s book. And it got expensive fast. Freaking frames, man…they ain’t cheap! Look for a blog post about this one soon.

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz

I’m not going to link a ton of images, because it gets really tedious and who knows which projects I’ll actually start/complete?? You can check out the board. I try to keep it updated by deleting things I’ve lost interest in. There are lots of random cloud things. Several different mobiles…no clue which one(s) we’ll go with. LBW might have lots of things to stare up at. lol! Several prints to purchase or attempt to recreate, oh and I want to try to make something like this for the ultrasound picture:

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson BuzzSo many plans…so little time. There are only 113 days until my due date! That’s 3 months, 22 days. 16 weeks, 1 day. 80 weekdays. (Thank you, Wolfram Alpha.) If you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotten quite nervous and now need to go poop.

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